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Sex With My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hai, I am Selvaa and I would like to share my experiences with one of my aunty. This incident happened during my stay at my aunts house. Let me share the first one. I was staying with my mother’s sister house and doing my college. My uncle (mother’s brother) is staying in Chennai.

He already had one daughter and my aunt has just come back after given birth to a boy. My uncle is having a factory at Chennai and he generally make his trip to factory atleast 10 days in a month. all the needs. Let me tell you, my aunt has a very solid fig with lot of flesh. I happen to see her breast so many time and even after noticing me she never scolded me. There are three rooms in the house and she always occupies the master bed room (since there is a toilet attached). I stay in any one of the rooms. One day, after I retured from the college, my aunt told me that, there is a blockage in the main toilet and asked me to bring the plumber. I tried my level best to bring the plumber but since it was already late, no one is interested to turn-up and assured to come on next day morning. We completed the dinner and my aunt told me that ” Selvaa, you can use the toilet in my bed room at any time and I will keep the door unlocked”. I said OK. At mid night I got the urge of using the toilet and I just opened the door little bit and slowly, since the new kid may be sleeping and this should not be the disturbance. It was bit dark initially and I just took some time to see the things.

When I could see the things I was of bit shock since my aunty is almost nude with only a small towel in her hip and sitting in the bed, she is fingering her cunt. I don’t know what to do and by that time, she turned and saw me. When she turned the towel in her body also fell and she was fully nude now. I just could not control the shock and immediately closed my eyes with my hand. Within few seconds, I can hear my aunt voice, ” Selvaa, don’t worry. Come and sit in the bed. relax”. I don’t know what to do and just obeyed the instructions with closing my eyes. She continued, ” Why are you closing you eyes? Am I not looking good?”. I don’t know what to say and do, but still closing the eyes slowly I replied, Aunty , sorry, I came for toilet. She removed my hands from my eyes and because of the unexpected jerk I just fell on her and she immediately hung me and rolled in the bed. I was wearing a shorts and T-shirt.

She has taken me into her lap and kissed me. I am in the process of recovering from the shock. While kissing me, my penis started expanding and bulging. She noticed and immediately put her hand on my shorts and lowered my shorts along with underwear at the same time and touched my rod. She exclaimed,”Selvaa, your stuff is a solid one and I like it”. I slowly put my hand on her breast. She asked,”Selvaa, is this your first experience?”, I said yes. She again asked,”Have you masturbate and What you think while you do so?”. I said, I just imagine of your breast and do that. So you are interested on my breast, come on play with that. You can drink the milk also and it is available. I slowly put my mouth on that and started sucking, Wow, what a wonderful experience. I can see her enjoying with the sound and co-operation. After sucking for some time I changed to the another breast and did the same. When I am doing with the second breast, she put my hands on her cunt and I massaged and she is trying to roll up my foreskin on my rod. My rod is very strong now. I asked her about my uncle and she said, “Selvaa, he is good in the initial stage of our marriage.

We enjoyed a lot of sex. But after first kid, whenever, we had sex, he could not satisty me, since, he could not penetrate deep, and he cums fast. He won’t spend time for foreplay. I am frustrated and I hope you will satisfy me and I will teach what you should do. I said.”Fine aunty, now you tell me what I should do? She smiled and said, “Selvaa, you are fast learner. Now you undress yourself fully and slowly kiss me from my head to toe. I undressed and started kissing in her forehead, eyes, nose and lips (quite some time), neck, by holding the breasts on both my hands kissed in between place of the breast, naval, hips, the hairy cunt, thigh, legs. Then she turned back and I kissed her back. While kissing her boobs, she turned and put my head in to her cunt. “Selvaa, have a close look and be familier”.

I have seen first time very close in my life and with my hand moved throughout the slit. Now, she was laying on her back, widened her legs and allowed me to see that full. Since the light is not enough, I asked her whether we can switch on the light and with a smile she said yes go ahead. I am seeing the cunt in the light. There are lot of hairs and I again put my fingure in the starting of the slit and found a bulging. When I asked what is that, she said, that is the good sensitive area for the ladies and you can simulate. I simuated the same by touching, rotating and finally kissing. I heard lot of sounds from my aunty and some times, she closed her eyes and enjoying. Still further down, I found a strage thing. A piece of skin just hanging. I touched that and could feel the reaction from my aunt.

She said, “Selvaa, just touch this skin with you tongue. I touched that with tongue and she sounded differently..then I catch that with my lips and like that..pleeeese.. I continued. While doing so, I felt bit of wetness and I asked her. this is the first orgasm I got now and this is common. She asked me to show my rod. She touched and shown me,”See you also got little bit of wetness on your tip. this is common and good sign of healthy sex. She said, Selvaa, I am really feeling in need of your rod inside my cunt, please insert. I tried two three times and could not find the right place.. she smiled and guided my rod into her cunt.. and said,”Push, ya..push, strongly..yes..while doing she expanded her leg and my entire rod inside her cunt. She huged me and asked me to do too & fro motion. She brought her legs behind me and locked with her and I have to really do the exercise of push-ups. I started strocking and I was enjoying the whole experience. Selvaa, please stroke fast and kiss my breast..

I did, Selvaa, HHHHHHaaaaaa, Still….. don’t take out, guide, guide…yes like that only… fast…fast…no fast…Selvaa, I am cuming…you jerk fast..ya…am comming……suddenly my rod released the cum and with lot of happiness I fell on her breast. From that we had sex to the fullest during this time. Any unsatisfied females, widows, unmarried girls of any age in chennai can contact me for satisfaction at

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