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Sex With My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello everybody, I am rajesh from chennai. I am a regular reader of desipapa stories and now I want to share my own experience with my aunt .first I will describe about myself. I am 20 years old and now doing my ug degree . I am slim and fair. My aunt ( I used to call my neihbours wife as aunt) lives near my house and her husband and me are very good friends. I will be in their house in my leisure hours and her husband and myself talk about various subjects including sex. My aunt was 28 and had a very good stucture her boobs were very big like melons . her hip was very wide and she was a little stout but had a good structure.

This happened a year ago when her husband had to go to mumbai for some office work. He told me stay in her house during the night time as she and their child were alone. Their child was only nine months old. First I refused to but he compled me atlast I agreed to stay there. When I went there in the evening after her husband had gone she received me with a smile and gave me a cup of coffee. When I was drinking it the cup slipped from my hand and droped on the floor.i asked her sorry and she said not to worry for that and took a cloth to clean the floor. When she bent to the floor I saw her two boobs but I cant get the full view of it but I took my eyes of it as she is my friends wife . After we finshed our lunch we talked for some about various topics but she asked about my sex experience. I told her that I am a virgin and I hesitated to talk more about the topic and went to bed to sleep. She breastfeed her baby near my bed and went to sleep . when I was sleeping I was disturbed by a hand on my cock .suddenly I opened my eyes and what I saw I could not believe .she was near me and her hand was inside my shorts and playing with my cock and my bushes.

I managed to take her hand but she pushed me back to the bed and came over me.she placed her lips on mine and gave a tight kiss ,my cock was in full hard and her boobs were dashing to my chest I thought I will come at that moment. She opend my lips and entered her tounge in my mouth and twisted it to my tounge.i cant control so I responded her I sucked her mouth and her saliva which were very sweet at that moment. After a 15 min deep kiss she took her lips from mine and removed my shirt and licked my chest and my neck and then she removed my shorts and my underwareand now I was completely naked in front of her. She took my 6 inch cock in her hand and stroked it.I could feel the pleasure till now. She took it in her mouth and licked my precum and twisted her tounge on the head of my cock. At that time I was hands with her on her hairs and neck . when I was to cum I took my tool from her mouth but she refused to and licked every drop of my cum.

And she told me to remove her night gown and I made it now she was in her black bra and her yellow panties. She was beautiful in that inner garments. She helped me to remove her bra and I was shocked to see her big boobs fully I took one of it in my mouth and sucked it and tasted the sweet milk coming from it. Wow what a taste it is and my other hand were squzing her other breast. I drank all the milk from her breast and she was very enjoying the every moment. She was moaning and pressing my head towards her breast. And I licked her navel and then went to her panties she lifted her hipps to help me to remove her panties . I through her panties away and could get the full view of her hairy pussy she spreaded her thighs wide and I fingured her cunt .she was making strange sounds like ahh..,come on ,do it wild, pleaseeeee.and she got wild and asked me to lick her pussy but I refused as it is wet. But she pushed my head towards her pussy and placed my mouth on her pussy walls and pressed . I could not breath so I had to lick it she seperated her pussy lips with her hands and I licked her fresh juicescoming from it. She pressed my head harder to lick fastand she moand and saud ah, lick it dear, make me come on ur face, do it ,more ah,…..

And she came in my mouth I licked every drop of it it was delicious. Then I cannot control my dick again got harder and came on her and spreaded her thighs and entered my dich in her hot pussy but I cannot find the right hole she laughed at me and guided my dick in to her pussy and I pumped her we both became wild and her hipps were along my motion . atlast we both came and I was tired and we hugged each other tightly.we also tried several positions in the same night and went to the climax. For two weeks we were both like husband and wife and enjoyed a lot. And from that day when ever wew got chance wa make love.

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