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Sex With My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi to all the Desipapa readers,I am a daily visiter of this site and story section is the best part of this site.I have read many stories on this section so i decided to share my true incident with u all.Frist i tell about me i am 18 yrs old with average built boby and 6’0 feet of hight. This incident happend 6 mounths ago when my aunty visited our home she was a friend of my mother and was 32 yrs old with a very tight ass and nice breast i always use to see her ass when ever i got a chance.Now coming towards the incident once my my family has to go to my grandmother’s house because she was ill i stayed behind because i have to manage my friends internet club.

At 11’0 clock i came home and kasur aunty served me dinner she was wearing a white shalwar kameez and her black bra was clearly visible after serving me dinner she went to her room but she made me hot i can’t forget seeing her bra clearly so i deceided(aj to ar ya par)i will have sex with her tonight so i went in her room she was in the bathroom i take a peek because the door was not locked her body was fully coverd with soap that site was enough for me i removed my clothes and went in the bathroom she was astonished to see me she asked me”what r u doing” i replied”i am going to fuck u” and i grab her and strated kissing her.She pushed me back & slaped me but i did’nt care and grabed her again because I was out of mind and again start kissing her & i put my hand on her mouth so she did not screem and take her in my room and tied her in my arms and take her on the bed .

I told her that I love to fuck u and if u don’t agree It is not good for ur future she said” if some body came to know what will happened” I told her that no body will know and I said ” her in requesting manner plz aunty agree with me or I will do some thing bad by saying that she will become afraid because we both r alone in house after an hour of convincing she agreed I don’t belive my ear that she really agreed to do sex with me. I stepped back and take a look at her body she was really looking great to me i jumped on her and free her and then our action starts I see her two big boobs and grab one it was so soft I start playing with his boob and she is also start to like this after that kiss her boobs and strated sucking her boobs and she started moaning like aaaaaaaaaa…………….yes suck them harder,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…mnnnn…….yes really start to liking it and so as I she was moaning …..oh…..yes……haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ur greatttttt suck me hard don’t stop Her maoning made me really hot as lava.After ten mins of sucking her boobs i sperate her legs a jucie was coming out of her pussy.I then inserted my two fingers in her pussy it was really hot and then i started two and fro motion of of my finger she strated monaning Like this AAAAAAAAAAAAA……..YAAAAAAAA.OOOOOOOOOO…..then i increase speed she was trying to match my finger movement by swing her hips she was very load but i don’t care and after 5 mins she cum she was breathing heavily she took my full erect 5and a half feet dick in her hands and kissed it and then strated to lick it to make it wet her mouth was hot.

When my dick was fully wet with her saliva then i inserted it in her pussy she gave me a small moan her pussy was quiet tight 1st i pushed slowly & then with a hard push i was in her.Frist i strated low and after then i was like a rocket i was increasing my speed and she was saying YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………FASTER AUNT FUCKER………….. I increase me speed she got crazy and moaning oohhhhhhhhhhhhYAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………..YES…Her moaning was making me more hot and i was going on more faster and after 10 mins i was about to cum so as aunty kasur i said”aunty i am about to cum”she said”cum inside me plzzz”and then i cum inside her and she aslo cum.Both of us where breathing heavily my cock was still in her pussy i was on her. Then she started kissing me and i was responing her kisses i said” thankyou because of you i was in heaven”she said”her husband is more in bussiness then in to her and she did not have sex for 6 months.After that she stand up and went in to the bathroom i followed her and i kissed her on her back.I took her under the shower and open it the water was making her body wet and my cock was back in his erect state i said to her”kasur aunty i am going to fuck u in ur asshole”she said”dont just say it do it” then i took a bottle of oil and coverd my cock with it and the i took my cook towards the enters of her asshole and then i fucked her under the shower in her asshole in standing postion.In the shower i fuck her twice and then after that day till now i am still fucking her and once she aslo bring her friend age near 28 and how i have sex with her that i will narrate later. Any women,girl,aunty,bhabhi age between 18-35 can contact me to have a safe sex relationship in lahore.

Friends can mail me and give there toughts on my true incident. Thanxs For ur time FRIENDS. Mail me at

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