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Sex With My Anni Bhabie

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hai its kumar once again for u desi reader. I hope every one liked my previous stories. Actually the story which i am going to tell u is not mine its my freind Rajus experience with his anni Radhika. I will tell u how he managed to fuck his sister in law.

I am writing this story thinking that i am raju. From now imagine that i am raju. I will tell my experience to u all. I am raju 23 yrs now this happened when i was 21. I have a brother and a elder sister both of them are married. My brother Karthik is a Manager of a MNC in banglore. And we are living in Chennai. My brother used to come of saturday night by 10 PM and start to banglore on monday morning 5:30 AM. And we are staying in a flat in chennai. Me, my father and my mother is dead, and my anni used to be in home and my sister suba used to visit us very often. When i was 20 yr of age i experienced my first sex with amudha (kumar’s lover and bed partner) with the help of kumar and learned a lot about how to give maximum pleasure to a women.

I used to read a lot of sex magazines and browse a lot of XXX sites. One day my father (retired public servant) went to kasi and other north indian temples for 1 month. As usual my brother was not at home. Only myself and anni Radhika was there in my home. Usually i keep the Sex books in my safe. First two days were normal. Now tell u about my anni Radhika. She is 28 now then she was 26 married at the age of 21 and no childrens she has a big boobs and big ass and 5.3″ tall, Fair complextion.Any guy will easily cum on seeing her. Usually she used to be in her nightie. With out anything inside.

Many times i have seen her boobs when she was doing some work are while she is taking bathing with out her knowledge. She used to be very freindly with me and talk to me freely even she used to talk about my girl freinds with me.

One the third day it was friday i kept the sex books in the safe and left for the college in hurry. (Radhika saw those books in my safe and took some books of them and read all those stories and there was particular story a bhabie seducing her brother – in – law even i have read that story)

I returned home by 5 PM that day I went staright to my room remembering that i have not kept those books safetly. To my suprise four books where missing i realised that my anni must have taken it and i was confused how she will react to it after 5 minutes my anni came inside my room and smiled at me and said,”katta payya enna mari book illam paddikara”(you bad boy, reading such bad books) and saying this she gave the book and asked for the other books taking the other books she left the room. I was totally confused and i was sure that she is sexually attracted towards me.

Then we had our dinner together we was wearing a sleveless see through nightee then and was smiling at me when ever our eyes met after dinner i went to my room and layed on my bed. After 15 min or so radhika entered my room with the books and said “raju unn kitta nalla nalla books illan irruku itthulla nala nalla stories illan irruku”, (raju you have very good book, stories are good) and she added,”itthula parriaya parriaya poollu photo illan irruku un anna kitta chinna pollu than irruku”,(i saw many big cock photos in these books your brother has a small cock). I was shocked on hearing this. I just smiled and kept quite and she sat next to me and added “un poola en kitta kattu”. (show me ur pennis). I was shocked on hearing this. I said ,”anni en sollirringa”(“bhabi what are u saying”). She replies,”un annan varra thikku orru murra than vararu athhum enna orru mura than oikararu enkku sex enna rrompa puddickkon enna do kama varia eppadi addakarathu innu thariala ennuku un utthavi illa un poolu vannu please”. (ur brother is coming here just only once in a week and that too she is fucking me only once. i like sex. i don’t know how i am going to control my sexual felling. I need ur help no i need ur pennis).

Hearning all this i smiled at her, “kanddi pa en polla unnaku tharan anni ennaku enna thuraka”(i will give my pennis to u then what will u give to me) she replied ,”nan ennima unnaku than”(i am for u now).

Then i hugged her and gave a french kiss that lasted for nearly 10 minute. She broke my kiss and said , ” enna innamal anninu kuppadatha radhika unnu kuppadu”, (don’t call me bahabie call me Radhika) I said “Radika darling, un kayya kattu”,(show me your boobs radhika darling) She said see it ur self. then i squeezed her boobs and she moaning with pleasure and then i removed her nightee form her body and she remove my lungi and bannian and underwear completely and we both were completely naked and she saw seeing my 6″ cock and made to lie on the bed and climbed on top of me in 69 position and started sucking my cock.

Soon we both fill each others mouth with our cum. Her cum tasted very good then she licked my cock cleanly. Then we hugged each other and started lip kissing and tasting our own cum in each others mouth.

Then after about 15 min she said,”Raju vaa un poola en kutthila veddu”(Raju come on fuck me with ur cock). Then i climbed on top of her she guided my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was somewhat thight but i managed to enter my full cock into her pussy. I started fucking her as fast as i could and at the same time i was squeezing her both boobs. She was enjoying my fuck very much and was moaning and after nearly 10 min i felt like i am going to cum i informed her “Radhika darling enna nalla itthaku malla unna okka muddiyadhu enn kanchi vanthuduchi poola valliaya yaduthudava”,(Radhika darling i can’t fuck u any more i going to cum shall i take my cock out) she said,”un kanchiya en kuddhiayala uuthidu” (leave ur cum in my pussy). Then i came deep in her at the same time she too reached her 3rd climax. I felt on top of her kissing her lips and without removing my cock. After some time she cleaned my cock with her mouth.

The whole night we didn’t sleep at all i fucked her nearly 6 time till 4 AM and went t sleep by 4 hugging each other.

Its kumar again. I think u all enjoyed again. Raju was the luckiest guy in the world to get such a sexy Anni and sister. Once he was fucking his anni his sister saw then doing that. Thinking that she may tell everyone about there affair raju rapped her own sister with the help of his anni who soon became his sex addict.

Even i joined these three and we enjoyed a lot but that is in the next part Now Radhika is pregnant but my self and raju doesn’t know who is the father even radhika is not sure but she is sure that her husband is not the father her child. Any sexy ladies, annies(babhies), sisters, aunties who like to have real and exiciting fuck or sexual talks contack See you in my next presentation. Until then its bye from kumar.

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