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  • September 17, 2015

Hi readers I am Asif again with my new stories I am from mumbai  I am happy to tell u that u like my stories and I have got many mail about maid servant   It reminds of my experience with a young maid s at my house. I  live in Mumbai .this is my 2nd   experience with a maid was about 1month before. Till then we had an old maid 1st I hade sex with her  . After she left we got a girl of 16 years and she started staying at our house. Her name was rani. She was fair and I never thought of doing anything with her. Apparently her mother was sick and wanted to stay with her and leave her daughter with some secure family. One of their close relatives knew us and that is how rani came to our house to stay and help in the housework. After a few weeks of her arrival, one day my mom had to visit her parents, who live far away, on hearing that my grandmother is sick. As I could not go due to some important engagements of my friend I stayed at home with rani  , as she had to cook food for me. Latha used to sleep in a room near the kitchen. Our house is not very big. The dining room actually separates my bedroom and her sleeping room.

On that day, at about 11 pm as I was sleeping I heard some sound and looking up I noticed that the lights in the dining room was switched on. Apart from me then only rani  was there and so I suspected it was rani only who came and had put the light. Since I heard the noise I got up and went to the dining room to see what happened. In the dining room I saw rani standing near the dining table in a frightened mood. I asked her what happened. She started saying with fear that while she was sleeping, she felt something moving on her legs and her body and when she got up she saw a rat running away from the cot. Now she is afraid and she can’t sleep any more. So immediately I went with her to the room where she was sleeping. I put the light and inspected the room and could not find any rat there.

Then I asked her whether the rat did bite her or what had happened? I also asked her where exactly in her body she found the rat moving about? She was wearing a nightie. The she touched the middle part of her right thigh with her hand and said that was where she thinks she felt the rat moving about. I then asked whether the rat was moving outside the nightie or did it go inside the nightie. She said, it was moving inside the nightie. Then I asked whether it gives any pain anywhere there or did the rat hurt or bite her anywhere there? She then said, she feels a bit itchy and some little pain over there and the rat might have licked or bitten somewhere there. Then I said she should apply some medicine or ointment over there as it could be poisonous or do some harm. Anyway I told her to show me so that I could see how bad it is?

At first she was a bit shy and did not want to show me her thigh. I told her that you have to apply some medicine immediately otherwise it could cause severe pain later and that there is some medicinal oil and skin ointment in my room and I can apply it on the wound if necessary. I said, only if the wound is serious you have to put the medicine. So slowly and with reluctance she started lifting her nightie sitting on the cot. I also sat near her on the cot. First she lifted her nightie up only upto her right knee. I noticed that there was no hair on her leg and the skin was very smooth and of fair complexion. She then looked at my eyes. I told her to lift the nightie little more till the middle part of her thigh, the spot she pointed earlier. She slowly lifted her nightie further up. Her plumb thigh flesh was now exposed. I put my hand over her thigh to check whether there is any wound or scratch over there. As I touched her thigh she shivered a little bit. I also felt a bit horny. Slowly I was moving my palm over her smooth right thigh as if to feel if there is any small wound. I then I don’t find anything wrong and their is no wound at all.

Then she pointed with her finger at a point where she said she feels some itching. Then I took out a torch and flashed it at that area on her thigh to see whether there is any wound or mark over there. I then kept my face very close to her thigh to look at it more carefully and ran my palm over there to see if there is any small wound or something. Then I saw a small red mark on the inner side of her thigh. As I was running my finger over her smooth fleshy thigh, I was slowly getting an erection. As it was very hot I was wearing only a lungie without any under wear and no shirt. In order to avoid her seeing my erection I told her to lie down in the cot itself so that I will go to my room and bring the oil and ointment. As she lied down, she did not notice my erection when I got up to go to my room. I started feeling a bit horny and was wondering whether I should explore her body further and have sex with her or not. I was also not sure whether she will cooperate in having sex with me.

Anyway I did not want to rape her forcefully. The images of her nice white and reddish thighs were really making me very excited and I thought I will have sex with her if she was also willing. When I came back from my room with the ointment and oil I saw her still lying on her back with her night exposed upto the middle of her thighs. Oh what a sight it is! Her wheatish thighs are really fleshy and plump and shining in the light. Feeling shy she was actually covering her face with one of her hands. I sat near her and slowly took out some oil first and started applying it on her inner thighs where there was a red scar. I was not sure whether it was something to do with the rat or it was due to scratching with her hand. I told her not to worry and this oil will definitely help her to cure any wound there. As I applied the oil I managed to put my hand further up along her thigh and slowly caressing all along. As my hand went up it touched the pantie she was wearing and she immediately put her hand and I could not proceed further up.

Then I told her to turn over and lie on her stomach so that I could check the backside of her thigh to see if there are any wounds. She with a bit of hesitation turned over. I slowly lifted her nightie further up and now I was able to see her smooth back side of her entire creamy legs upto the bottom of her panties. Though I did not find any scar or wound, as I wanted to feel her thighs with my hands I told her some lies that I see some scars here and there. And saying that I started applying more oil on different parts of her smooth thighs and squeezed the flesh lightly again and again. My cock was fully erect and as she was lying with her face down and could not see me, in between I was also rubbing my erection with one hand. Her smooth thighs were so nice and they were shining in the light after I put oil all over. I continued rubbing her thighs for more than 15 nights and was really enjoying it. After some time, she said that was enough and now she is feeling better. So I went back to sleep and she also came to the dining room and slept on the floor on a mat. That night went without any further happening.

In the morning I got up and was sitting at the front room reading the newspaper. Then rani came with a cup of tea for me and she was a bit shy to look at me and had a peculiar smile on her face. I knew it was because of all what happened last night. I asked her whether she is alright and with a shy face answered she is fine and thanked me for caring her. Then thinking about the previous I again got an erection then and there itself. As I was reading the newspaper rani was cleaning the rooms with the broom. Then I noticed that when she was in between looking towards me and in fact was staring at my front portion of my lungie. As I was sitting and reading the newspaper first I did not understand what she was actually looking at. Then I slowly lifted my newspaper and then only I realized that the front pleats of my lungie had fallen onto sides and my cock is exposed. I did not want to cover it immediately as I thought she will then notice my predicament. Though I was reading the newspaper through my eyes I saw that she was often trying to look at my cock and was in a way enjoying seeing it. Then I thought I will not cover it and let her enjoy it.

So I started to sit in such a way that my cock is fully exposed to her and since I was holding the newspaper fully opened in front of me so that both of us do not see eye to eye. I realized she was spending more time in and around the place I was sitting looking carefully at my cock and viewing it fully. When she started cleaning the room where I was sitting, then also I did not change my position. She was cleaning the floor very near to the chair I was sitting and still I did not move. So she was having a very close view of my hard erect cock. I pretended that I was not seeing her and continued to sit. As she started cleaning the floor she also lifted her nightie and tied it a bit on her waist. So when she was sitting and cleaning the floor I could see a bit of her thigh and this caused my cock to enlarge further. While cleaning the floor she came so close to my chair and I was even able to feel her breathe close to my exposed cock. So she was really having a close look at my hard erect cock. Any way I did not make any further move and she too went back to work in the kitchen as if nothing had happened.

That day at night she was sleeping at the dining room again as she was afraid of the rat. I was feeling very horny but I did not want to make the first move. Still I was not sure, whether she would like to have sex with me. At about midnight, as I walked outside my bedroom to have some drinking water from the fridge in the dining room, I saw rani sleeping on the floor. She was in deep sleep. As I reached near her I was able to have a good view of her sleeping in the dim light. I went close to her and I could see her medium sized breasts slightly exposed. She must have removed the front buttons of nighties because it was hot then at night. I slowly put my right hand over one her exposed breast and had a feel of it in such a way that she will not awake. It was so smooth and nice. The nipple was just protruding and I had a feel of that also. Any way I did not proceed further and came back to my bed room to sleep. There was a night lamp in my room and while lying down, as it was very hot, I did not wear anything. So I was lying fully naked and my cock was fully erect as I was thinking about what happened last night and that morning. I did not know when I slept, but however I was awakened after some time as I felt some movement beside my bed.

I saw rani sitting on the edge watching my naked body. I pretended to sleep and did not make any move. Slowly I saw her moving closer to me and she kept her hand on my cock. She started slowly caressing it. I did not get up, but my cock got enlarged and erect in her hand. She was holding it in such a careful way that I will not be disturbed in my sleep. Slowly she started feeling and caressing my balls also. Then she brought her face downwards and started licking my erect cock. She was using her tongue nicely and also lips to taste my cock. I was almost in heaven but tried to control myself very hard not to ejaculate. Then I saw her removing her nightie. She was wearing no bra. She brought her tits close to my cock and started pressing it slowly. Her nipples became hard and she pressed it with the top of my penis. Then she came near to me and brought the nipples close to my mouth and eyes. It was like a feather brushing my face and I was really enjoying it. I pretended to be in deep sleep.

Then she put her right hand over my chest and started caressing my hairy chest and the nipples. Then she slowly took my left hand and placed in on her lap. Slowly she took it close to her pussy. There was not much hair in her pussy. It was silky and smooth. She tried to insert one of my fingers into her vagina. I could not hold further. I then got up all of a sudden as if from sleep and acted strangely asking what she was doing with me. She said she could not sleep and wanted to repay for the care I did to her the previous night. I said okay let us have some fun and I hugged her and then we had a really good fucking and both of us enjoyed it.

And still we enjoyed our sex till my mom and pop was away we had sex every day any mumbai girl, aunty, widow, ladies want to have sex with  me they can mail me on my idd my idd bye waiting for your reply bye

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