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Sex With Maid Aunty Raaji

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi Guys, hope you are doing great. I am Raj and this is my first appearance in I am 23 years old with normally built physique and complexion. My dick size is 7 inches and this incident happened to me during my 5th semester engineering holidays. We had our own house in our native and right now we family are staying in Bangalore once in a while I used to go there and would stay in one of my neighbors house called Maruthi uncle and our neighbor had a maid servant named Raaji for their household work.

She was aged 32 years and god, she was damn sexy, with her milky white complexion, perfect 34 size breasts, slim and flat tummy and her biggest asset was her ass which used to tease every male with its projecting curves during that holidays I had some work and left to my native. I finished half of my work and went to my neighbors house at night as my work was not fully complete. Maruthi uncle invited me, asked about my parents and then we had dinner.

I was asked to sleep in a room which was at the entrance of the house. I went to sleep quickly as I was a bit tired in the early morning while sleeping, due to some erotic dreams my monster rose within my shorts to its full length and the tent was clearly visible outside. Now ill tell the entry of the maid Raaji and she came in, with a broom to clean that room and seeing the tent in my shorts, her eyes got glued on it and then she came near me to see it very closely.

I am being unaware of these, opened my eyes only to see Raaji staring at my fully erect penis inside my shorts. I quickly covered it with blanket. She naughtily smiled at me, cleaned the room and left. I felt very shy with this but got up to freshen up myself. Raaji once again came inside the room after sometime holding coffee and gave it to me while taking it, I looked at her, she said that Maruthi uncle and aunt has gone outside on account of a Wedding and there is no one at home.

I did not reply to that due to morning incident and kept quiet. She then came near me and saw my rough hair and asked dont you take head bath quite often? I said not so frequently, why? She said see how your hairs has gone rough come on ill apply castor oil and get you a head bath. Get ready. I felt very shy and replied No for which she said why you want to feel shy when there is no one at home and forced me to get ready. I reduced down to my boxers and sat on a chair and seeing me in this condition Raaji told to remove the boxers and wear a towel as the oil wont spoil my boxers.

I felt very shy but still agreed and went aside and replaced my boxers with a towel when I came, she told me to sit on a chair and I did as told. She started to apply oil to my hair. She was an expert in massaging and I liked the way she was massaging my hairs after applying sufficient oil to my hairs and massaging, she applied some oil to my shoulders and started massaging them. I had medium hairs on my chest and she was applying oil and massaging my chest while massaging me, occasionally I could see most part of her tummy being exposed.

I was starring at her belly button also. She at some point saw my focus on them but did not tell a word. Later she started massaging my back by applying oil and it started to drip till my ass region and near my ass crack. I felt a quick hard on due to this and could not control the erection of my dick inside the towel by now she finished massaging my back and came to my front and sat down. I was sitting in the chair and she was sitting on the floor to massage my legs.

I resisted her not to massage my legs as she is elder to me but she told, that is fine and started to massage each of my legs. She was taking my leg one by one and while in this act my crotch and my balls were visible in the passage of the towel. I felt very shy and told her to stop the massaging, but she told to sit back calm whenever there was an opening while lifting my leg she used to stare inside the towel and she was getting a full view of my scrotum and my balls.

Now she finished massaging my legs till my ankle and came on top to massage my thighs. She massaged my entire thighs and while massaging accidentally her hand touched the tip of my balls. I jumped with excitement and shy for which she naughtily smiled and continued her act. The next time she deliberately touched my scrotum and balls while my manhood was trying to come out of the towel.

Now she told me to stand up so that she can massage the left out area. She made me to turn back and started massaging my thighs from backside. This time her hand was massaging my thighs and suddenly she started to massage my bottom part of the ass. My body shivered when she touched my lower ass for which she smiled naughtily and said that calm down, the massaging is getting over. I stood quiet and now she was massaging near my scrotum and near my balls when her hand used to massage those areas.

I was feeling like breathless and my monster was jumping inside the towel. Now Raaji took some more oil and directly applied within my ass cracks and started massaging inside it. I was in seventh heaven with her act. I tell you guys, any female touches your ass crack and continue massaging till your pubic area, the pleasure you get cannot be explained. Now she started to massage my entire ass with one part in each hand. I was in immense pleasure and was enjoying her every act after her massaging my full ass she was about to do something by then the door bell rang.

She wiped her hand and left to open the door to see who it was by then I thought that its time for me to go for taking bath and moved to the bathroom in the bathroom I removed my towel and saw that my monster is looking at the roof. It was larger than usual due to the massaging of Raaji. Now I was taking bath fully nude and suddenly Raaji entered the bathroom. I was very much embarrassed to see Raaji there as I was totally nude and my fully erect dick was a treat for her eyes. I suddenly covered my cock with the mug.

She told that she had come to take the clothes for washing. I agreed unwillingly for which she came inside and took the clothes and the towel for washing. While leaving she told ill come within 5min to apply soap to your back as you cannot apply by yourself. Telling this she left. I uncovered my cock and started applying soap allover my body and was in a hurry to finish my bath before Raaji comes but she returned before 5 min only and opened the door and entered in.

I was in a puzzle once again and was trying to cover my cock and turned my back giving my entire ass region to her view. She immediately took soap and applied all over my back and then she brought her hand below my ass crack and started applying soap near my balls and near my ass crack. Now my fully erect 7 inch manhood was completely open to her viewing feeling the intensity of the situation, my penis started to swivel up and down in excitement. She came near that with her face as though she may take my erect penis in her mouth and tried to touch its tip.

The moment she touched its tip, I released a sigh of excitement. She told your Lund is very hard and thick than I had imagined, what do you feed this to become so hard like steel, saying this she was biting her lower lip sexily. I could not answer her and bowed my head down with shy, but my dick was staring at her and she once again took soap and started to massage my pubic area around my penis while massaging she was intentionally coming very close to my penis so that her lips touch the tip of my penis and the excitement for me was uncontrollable.

She now started to apply soap on my penis and started stroking it with one hand and her other hand was massaging my ass and my balls from behind. I was breathing very heavily and so was she. My entire body was shivering profusely and I was feeling like my every nerve is being stimulated. I could not control my excitement, I was moaning aah haa haa aah haaaaa and ejaculated initially like a small fountain on the floor, later on her hand and then dripping some more cum on her sari.

She smelled some of the cum that fell on her hand and drank all of them. She was feeling very satisfied and I was feeling like flying in air with the release of so much of cum. Now she told me I should also take bath, so move aside so that I can take bath. I told her ill move out of the bathroom as I took bath right, but she insisted that I wanted to apply soap to her back and then leave. I agreed and she started to remove her clothes in front of me now. Initially she removed her sari and threw aside.

Now she unbuttoned her blouse and there comes her beautiful melons trying to come out of her white bra which was failing to hold it within them. She now removed her petticoat and now she was only in her panty and bra oohh! What a sight to see Raaji like this my dick started to get in action again seeing her like this. She started to take bath and applied soap all over her body and gave the soap to me to apply to her back. I took and simply applied to her back and returned it to her. She asked me, apply allover my back like I did for you and then return.

I was shocked and then started to insert my hand with soap inside her panty. I was shocked as she had not worn any underwear and my hand had full access to her big round ass region, so soft and plump. I started to massage her ass rhythmically and she started to enjoy it. She then told me to come in front and apply soap. I came in front and started to apply it near her neck. She immediately removed her bra and threw aside and the big sized melons with dark red nipples were open for me. I was stunned to see the beautiful asset of her and my dick was also staring at it then she told, what are you seeing, start applying soap on these, I agreed and started applying soap on each of her boobs. I started massaging her boobs by squeezing it and also biting her nipples and she was releasing sigh of relief every time. She immediately held me tightly and kissed me hard on my lips. Ooh what an amazing experience, I too reciprocated and for about 10 min we kissed like this.

Now I could not control and bent on my knees and came near her panty and smelled it. It smelled awesome. I slowly removed her panty and there you see the cunt lips in rose color and it was filled with pre cum juices. She immediately held my head and pushed it towards her vagina and was making me to lick there. I did as she insisted and she started to moan in pleasure. She told me to lick her cunt lips and while doing so, I found her G spot. She shivered in pleasure and said to continue the same.

I licked all over her cunt lips and G spot and more juices flowed from her vagina and she was feeling very much satisfied. Now she caught hold of my penis and swallowed my entire penis in her mouth. I was feeling very much excited that I closed my eyes and was enjoying this. She moved her tongue to its full length and it once again was seeing the roof. She now stood up and took my penis in hand and directed it inside her vagina. I tried to push my cock inside but it was very tight. She sat on the basin in the bathroom and told me to push it hard.

I did as she told me and my 7 inch cock went inside her cunt for about 2 inches. She was pushing from opposite side. Now this time I held my breath and with great force banged my dick with greater push and my entire 7 inch cock went inside tearing her cunt wall apart. She screamed loudly with excitement and was now moaning as aaah Raj uum haa Raj inka jooruga kottu Raj champey nannu nee magatanamuni chupinchu raara magaada naanu dhengara.

I gained the momentum and started to move my monster in and out of her pussy with greater force. She was moaning for my every move and i was playing with her boobs and biting her nipples and my other hand was squeezing her ass. She was enjoying immensely and I was pinching her tummy and told, you are very sexy and you look great. Now I increased the pace and was in full swing. She was screaming hard and at one point she shivered hard and let go her pussy juices flow from her cunt. I was also in the verge of climax and was pumping my dick hard into her pussy.

My tool stood hard for a moment and the love juices ejaculated from my penis inside her and filled her pussy and started to drip down. She hugged me hard and said, my husband never did like this to me and his dick size is only 4 inches. I was never satisfied like this before. I love you very much. I want your dick more and more. I kissed her hard on her lips and told her its my pleasure to fuck you anytime and after this incident, whenever I went to my hometown I visited Maruthi uncles house and myself and Raaji had a good fucking session.

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