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  • October 3, 2015

Hai to all Desipapa readers I am Sudeep and I am a regular visitor of this page I have learned many thing from this sight.
I have decided to narrate you a true happenings which happened to me a few months back.well about me I am quite smart and belonging to upper middle class family and I am 5’10” tall having big chest and biceps and of course greate curves on my chests I weigth 80Kgs.

It happened in the month of april I live at Jodhpur with my family. My family decided to attend marriage of my cousin sister so I was left alone at home beacuse my college examinations were giong on .So my mother told my maid servent to look after me and make food also for me. So our family left for marriage. I usally wear full pajamas and kurta at home and show to my parents that I am a very shy type of person.

The next day when the maid servent came she was looking dam sexy Her name was Santosh and she was 27yrs of age and having a fair complection.She had a sexy fig of 38d 32 38 the most sexy thing were her Big Boobs which she didn’t hesitate to expose often her chunni fell fm her shoulder exposing her biggies. Here in Rajasthan ladies wear langa and choli the choli or blouse is of special type it has a deep cut and there are only threads at back covering the back and the whole back is exposed and in the front the choli is made of such type thet it like a push up bra and it pushes up the boobs and she had allready got a big pair of them. She was looking dam sexy on that day and was wearing red color choli which were giving great combination for her milky wight boobs fully exposed. So I decided to have something with her on that day.

She came and asked me if there were some clothes for washing I told her yes in the Wash tub and rest I am giving So I removed my Pajamas,Kurtas,baniyan and I was left only with frenchie.when she came with the wash tub she was surprised to see me in that was as I allwasys used to wear clothes in home and theis was the first time she was seeing me naked In surprise she told “HOOW Bhaiyaji” I asked him innocently what happened she told me she had never seen me like that before and she told that I have got a good Body and further asked that is it a show body or I do also have power (Dikane ke liye hi hai ki dam bhi hai)

I asked her that how can I prove you that its has power also she laughted naughtly. Then I grabbed her in my arms and carried her in my strong arms she was a bit fleshy with 65kgs of weigth in the process of grabbing her chunni felt and now I could easily see her milky wight huge boobs trying to come out of her choli as she was wearing no bra as the dont wear under choli so I could see her nipples under the cholli they had started hardning up and I was carring my beauty in my Strong arms and she was Laughing. She asked me how long can you carry me(Kitne deer thak mugh ko utha sakte ho) I told her for the whole day she laughed and kissed my chest then my nipples and started to suck my chest nipples slowly and biting also this continued for 10 minutes then I started too feel her Weigth and put her down she laughed and said (bus thak gaye kya) exausted.

I said no and asked her that would she massage me with Oil she happily agreed then she came with massage oil and made me lie on my chest and she sat on my ass and started massaging I was enjoying the massage by her soft hands after working on my back for few minutes she turned me over and tool my leg on her chest and start massaging it I could feel the touch of her soft boobs on my feet then after legs she sat on my dick and start massaging my chest as she was massaging to and fro sitting on my dick my Dick became too hot and hot like hot iron I count bear the heat and grabbed her and opened her back lace of the choli and removed it she was over me with her boobs hanging I took one of them in my arms and another one in my mouth and started sucking

I can tell you that she might have got the better pair both were round in shape with light brown nipples and i started sucking, licking, squeezing, biting and doing every thing with them they made me mad and I continued my act with the other one too for about 15 minutes then she got of of me and took my 6′ dick in her hand and pulled its foresking and started sucking it first slowly then heavily I was about to reach my climax and I cummed inside her mouth she ate all my cum and licked my dick to clean.

Then she stood up and removed her gaghra I could see her milky thunder thighs her thighs were like Rambha (An indian actress ) I was stunned to see those muscular thighs I too got up and start to kiss it lick it and then I moved up and started licking her pussy which was hiding inside dence bushes it was allready wet with sex juces sucking its wall and also started fingering her asshole she Started making morning sounds like mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I sucked her pussy deeper and was simultaniously fingering her pussy then she had her first orgasum I licked her juces the I got up kissed her deeply on her lips and found my way to her mouth and tasted her toung then

I carried her to the bed in my arms and then lay her on the bed and spread her legs apart and then I wore a Condom and Inserted my head of my dick in her pussy her pussy was allready wet and was not so tight so I didn’t find any difficulty inserting my dick to its full length. I increased my strokes and pressed her boobs and sucked them in the meantime then we change position. In the same position I asked to hold me tightly and wrap her legs around my waist then I stood up and she was in my Strong arms I was Fucking her in the air She started telling (Bhaiya aapke bajuo me to bahut dam hai) your arms are really powerful and started moarning lightly.

I increased my jerks then I pushed her against the wall and she hold me tight and I put my full power and increased my strokes then I came inside her pussy then I put her down and she immidiately licked my dick and make it clean then we kissed each other.

After that I fucked allmost everyday in every pose We saw from blue films till my family came back after my family came back her father in law died and she left the work so now I am in despirate need for sex any ladies between 20-40 yrs around jodhpur having fair color and fleshy body wanting to have sex can contact me.

My Email id is

Your comments are welcome at this address and I am a great lover of cyber sex too to any gals wanna have cyber sex can mail me too

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