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  • September 19, 2015
Hi there i m asif from mumbai,i m 19 yrs so pals I am a regular reader of experiences and fantasies and great fan of DESIPAPA.Your experiences encouraged me to write my own which is asset of my life and turned me to a sexual slave.I hope u will enjoy it and send me your advices.
It hapened when a cousin of mom died my parents left in hurry with younger sis and bro leaving me behind. We had maid working in our house named bedi a salty looking woman in her 30s with great pair of boobs and round &firm ass which use to swing while walking.She came next morning found no body so came to my room and woke me up.She asked about family I told her about them.She sat next to my bed and started talking to me while talking occassionally she was touching my bare thighs as I sleep in loose shorts.Her touchs running current in my body and my cock started rising to the occassion she noticed that and asked me “sahib mein aap ko kesi lagti hoon” I said you are good and very nice with this she started rubbing my inner thighs.This was too much for me my blood prassure rose to maximum limits and face went red with desire. On seeing my condition she pushed her hand in my shorts and started caressing my cock tentatively then I groaned.She smiled and said “tumhara lun to theek thak hei she was moving her hand along the entire length of cock very very lightly and giving me the maximum pleasure.Out of ecstacy I started groaning involantarily she was loooking into my eyes and smiling the lust for cock was very much visible in her eyes.
Then she removed my shorts and took my cock in her mouth lovingly and started rolling it in her mouth.Of & on she was teething head of my cock wirling her tongue around it and taking entire length in her mouth.I was seeing her in amazment and enjoying the pleasure she was giving me and groaning.She was so good in sucking that I just came in 3-4 minutes with aloud bang.After ist spur she moved her face away and I unloaded tons of cum on floor.Mind you I was virgin at that time and practically knew nothing about sex. Due to exhaustion I lied on bed she too lied with me and we were locked in deep thraot kissing.After eating each other for 5 minutes she got up and asked me to remove her clothes which I did immediately she was wearing nothing under neath except pink bra wow what ascene that was a naked woman standing in front of me and ready to do all sorts of things about what one can just think.
I was sitting on bed she put her left foot on bed brought her cunt parallel to my face and commanded sahib apni jeeb meri choot mein dalo ta ke mein bhi garam ho jaon I started moving my tongue along the length of her cunt.The aroma of her love hole was driving me crazy man I have never smelled better smell than smell of a cunt.She parted th lips of her cunt with her fingers and asked me in husky voice sahib mera dana mon mein loo or isse khao with her right hand she pulled my head towards her cunt. Now I was eating her clitoris and tongue fucking her she was moaning with pleasure and her cries for more & more were increasing with every second passing haaa hooon oei mein mari aah aah haan sahib mera button moon mein le ke choose poori jeeb meri kus mein dolo oor andar dalo she was pressing her pelvis against my mouth so hard that I almost choked.With her right hand she was pulling my head and her left hand was busy on her clit.All of a suden she started shivering her hand movement increased she pulled me harshly in her cunt and started abusing and yelling haan aah ahh haan madar chod poori jeeb dal andar zor se chat button ko kha ja haan mein mar gei with a great force she held me to her cunt and came in my mouth her juices were flowing and my face was glistening with those.
A look of satisfaction was in her eyes and she was smiling. Then she asked me haan sahib tiyar ho meri choot pharne ke liya muje chodo ge to bahut maza aye ga she bent along the bed and asked me to fuck her from the rear.She held my cock and guided it to her cunt sahib andar dalo dhere dhere se oor maza loo meri garam garam choot ka I held her from the waist and started pushing my cock in her cunt her cunt was very hot and smooth I entered very smoothly sahib dhere dhere jhatke do bahir nakal ke phir poora lun andar do haan esse abhi apni raftar tez karo oor taz oor tez poora dalo na mere kus 3 saal se piyasi hei haan chood muje chood bahan chood zor se chood na I was fucking her furiously her abuses were making me crazy my speed automatically increased.She was also thrusting her cunt to my cock we were in full rythum she was moving her ass with great expertise and starring at me over her shoulder. She stretched her hand and held my balls she was playing with them and screaming for more & more cock chod na muje meri choot phar daal zor se jahtka de poora lun andar daal naa meri gaand mein ungli do ta ke meri choot tight ho jaye esse poori ungli dalo my entire left index finger was in her gaand and I was fucking her with the speed of bullet train our bodies were producing sounds of splashing that sound was driving me more crazy.
After 10 min of hard fucking my cum started building I announced she asked me to cum in her choot sahib apna ras meri choot mein hi chorna ta ke is ki piyas bhje tera garam garam ras esse thanda kar de ga haan aa ja mein tarsi hoon is ke liye I held her tightly and cummed in her chootwith a loud groan she looked on me over her shoulder and asked me sahib maza aya i said buhat mein ne too essa maza chakha hi nahin,sahib aorat ki phudi mein essa maza hei ke loog is ke peechey mar jate hein ab tum roze meri phudi lene ke liye maro ge I said yes I’ll do any thing for this. I took out my dick and my cum started oozing out from her cunt and dripping on ground.That day we fucked thrice.I fucked her many times till she left our house.She is my teacher who taught me how to fuck and satisfy a woman. We tried various positions and fucked on different places like store,backyard,toilet,roof top etc etc.She was real horny lady who only care about cock we even fucked when she just lifted her lungi and asked to fuck in hurry coz my mom was around at that time.That time I fucked her in just 2 minutes she lowered her lungi and left my room. so friends any girl ,aunty or any married women from mumbai wants to have an sex affair with me. then can mail me on

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