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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi to all,I am a regular visitor to this site,and I have always likes the stories.I am from the lovely city of Coimbatore.I always wanted to have sex with aunties. The aunties in our street have always fantazised me.Especially our neighbours.There lived two families in our next house.In one house there was a family,where there was a husband and wife,he was in the military.they had no children,because the aunty (Shanthi) had some problem,she was some 35 or 37 yearsold,she was well built with huge pair of butt,her mom was with them but she died recently.

He rarely comes in leave ,so I always had it in mind and was waiting for an oppurtunity to fuck her.In the next house there was another family,there was the husband and wife and their two children. They were about ten to eleven years old.The aunty (Reena) was 33 years old.She too was well built ,just by looking her u can a hardon.The uncle had the habit of disposing the used condoms by thowing it in the ditch nearby.As the ditch was clearly visible from my room, I will always know when they have sex,whenever i see a condom i masturbate on the aunty. nowadays i couldn’t see the condoms i understood that the frequency of sex has reduced,and so I kept this aunty too on my fuck list. One day we had to attend a marraige at Madurai,but i had my friend’s sister’s marraige the next day.I told i was not coming,they agreed to it and decieded to leave me here.I was about to be in the house alone so atonce i went out and bought some blue film cds and returned.They were ready to move,then my mom told me that one of my neighbour would be there at night .I was totally turned down.I cursed my luck,cause i lost my night alone.

Then the night came one of my aunties came and asked me to come there for dinner.There i heard that the uncle was out of station to attend a marraige,so his brother was coming there .Then i thought that he would come to my house that night.after finishing my dinner i came to my house and decieded to watch a cd until someone comes.My room was at the first floor,I have a pc and a tv at my room.I was watching a cd on my pc. Then i heard the door bell.I just paused the movie and went down to recieve him.When i opened the door,i was surprised to see my two aunties standing there, i didn’t ask any questions i just let them in.I showed them the bedroom at groundfloor and asked them to sleep there.They too agreed ,so i switched off the hall light and went back to my room and continued watching the movie.In my room the lights were still on.The movie has just begun i tried to keep the sound as low as possible and watched the movie.Then suddenly i heard a moan and continous smooching sound.I was frightened and at once tried to reduce the sound of the movie but the sound was not from the computer it was coming from the house only.I paused the movie and went down without making a sound or switching on the lights.When i got to the bedroom the door was slighty closed and the moans was coming from inside.I went near the door and peeped inside ,I was shocked by the scene.

They both were hugging each other were lip kissing each other and caressing each others butt.I stood motionless and i was getting an immediate hardon.I was wearing permudas and nothing inside,so my bulge was clearly visible.I had an usual 6.5 inch cock.then suddenly the door moved slightly and they saw me.We both were stunned.Then they stood up,Shanthi came near me and cried to me not to tell this to anyone, while Reena watched from there.Then an idea flashed in my mind.I decieded to fuck them both,I told “Naan yarkitteyum sollama irukkanumna ,ippa naa unga rendupethayum oakannum” (If u want me not to tell to anyone ,Then i have to fuck u both now),Shanthi agreed with a smile,because she always wanted a cock cause her husband was away,then she turned to Reena ,she was staring at my bulge and with a hesitation she too agreed.Then I asked them to come to my room.They both followed me with a lot of giggling sound.When they entered the room they saw the movie on the screen, a blowjob scene was about to begin.I gave a naaughty smile to them.Reena gave back the same smile while Shanthi was blinking,cause she had never done it before.

Then I sat on the bed and said , “O.K. rendu perum dressa kalatunga,Ana unnoda dress avalum un dressa ivalum kalatuunam”,(O.K both of u disrobe,but u remove hers and she will remove urs).Reena was first she went and striped Shanthi’s saree then she undid hers,WOW,what a sight was that to see them both in blouse and pavadai(petticoat).I have always noticed that they have a huge ass, but they had big boobs too.this sight increased my bulge.Then they both removed their blouses.They both were wearing black bras.Then I asked them to stop and asked them to come near.When they came near I started to press their boobs . Then immediately they gave a moan.Then I asked them to remove their bras.WOW! they had milky white huge boobs ,At once I started massaging them ,they were the softest thing I have ever touched.Then I started to suck them ,While sucking one’s booobs I was pressing the others.They were moaning Mmmmmmm,Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Aoooooooo. This sound aroused me more.

Then I slowly moved my hand towards their ass,they were not wearing any panties, I could feel it from the outside,Then I slowly undid the knots of their pavadai , then it slid to the ground,they both had unshaved bushy pussy,I slowly took my mouth from their tits and looked down,It was truly an amazing sight,Then I told them “Ennoda jattiya kalattividu”,(Remove my undie).Reena removed it.It sprang out infront of her face. Then I lied on the bed,my cock was standing upright. I told Shanthi to come and sit between my legs,Reena understood it and gave me a naughty smile,I told “Shanthi en sunniya kayilla eduthu thadavikodu” (Take my cock in ur hand and rub it),she hesitated for a while and reena told her to do it.Then she took it in her hand and started rubbing it.Then i said “Appadiye atha eduthu un vayila vetchu nalla nacki,sappu” (Put it in ur mouth and start licking and sucking) Then she bent down and pulled the foreskin back and gave a kiss on its head,Then she slowly took it in her mouth.WOW what a feeling that was,Then she started to lick and suck it.

Then I told “Reena vandhu en vay pakathula ukkaru”(come and sit near my mouth) ,When she came and sat her pussy was next to my mouth,it was already dripping with the juices,I spread the hair and licked it and spread the lips,she moaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Mmmmmmmm,Ammaaaaaaaaaaaa,Nalla sappuda”(lick it),I then inserted my tongue as deep as possible and tongue fucked her,I kept on licking her,While shanthi was sucking my cock like a mad lady,I couldnot control it ,i said “Naan olukka poren ,rendu perum keela ukkarunga”(I am going to cumm ,bothof u sit on the floor). She gave a kiss and they both sat,I shook my prick twice,and cummed all over their face,then reena sucked the remaining from my cock, but they have not yet reached their orgasms ,So I said ” Ippa neenga rendu bedla padunga”(now u both lie on the bed),When they lied I kept my mouth on shanthi’s pussy and started to lick her,in the while i was inserting my fingers into the slippery pussy of reena. They both were moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,Aiyooooooooooooooooooo,Apaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,Amaaaaaa, Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Shssssssssssssssssssssssss.then both reached their orgasms, I drank their juices fully,By this time my cock was erect I said,”Reena nay mari ukkaru ,nee poye anga ava vay pakathual padu”(reena sit like a dog, Shanti go and lie there)I slowly inserted mu cock in the leaking pussy of Reena,She immediately cried out Aiyooooooooooooooooooooo, Shssssss, “Nalla ulla vittu adida”(Put ur cock deep inside),She was not so tight,So within three hard pushs my cock was fully inside her pussy, Then I said “Reena ava pundaya oombu,verala vidu”(Reen lick her and finger her).

She did it and she too moaned Shssssssssssssss, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I started to increase my speed and they both were moaning louder.As it was deep night,I did not bother it.Then I asked them to change positions.Now Shanthi came to my cock , I always loved Shanthi more because she had wider hips and more fleshy pussy and butt , than Reena . I inserted my cock with great force,so she cried out loud,Aiaoooo, Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,Ssssssssssssssssssssss,She was immensly sucking reena so she came and Shanthi drank all of it. But I was not about to cumm.Now reena stood up and stood near my mouth,I sucked her pussy immensely ,With one hand I was caressing shanthis ass and with the other hand i was pressing reena ass. Then suddenly i got the idea to ass fuck.So I asked reena sit next to me ,I took my out of her pussy ,Shanthi turned and looked,I said “Shanthi naan ippa un kundila en sootha vida poren”(I am going to insert my dick into ur ass ).she was afraid that it might be painfull,but i convinced her,Then i put my cock on the opening,it was so small,So i first licked it well ,by pulling the big ass cheeks apart with my hands,then i inserted my fingers one by one.She was moaning harder. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.then i tried to enlarge the hole it expanded a little,By this time reena was sucking my cock and playing with my balls,It was little lubricated so i took my cock from her mouth and put it on the opening,It was so tight ,I gave all my force and gave two hard pushes.My cock was half in,Both of us were feelin the pain.But i liked it so i kept on pumping and put my whole cock in.

She was moaning louder.reena was fingering herself and also fingered shannthi.Suddenly i came inside her,I still kept on my speed though my cock was reducing,I pumped still the last drop was in ,Then i laid on her for a while and took my cock out and laid on the bed.They both took and turns and kept sucking my cock and playing with my balls.Then i said lets take a bath,We went to the shower,I turned it on and stood under it,while they both were still sucking,It got erect i decided to ass fuck reena, so I said “Reena ippa unnoda pochulla uda poren”(reena now i am going to insert into ur ass).She agreed and came to the doggy position,but I turned her around and made her lie on the ground facing me.I followed the same technique but it was too tight so i applied the bathing lotion on to my cock and pushed it harder,Now it was in.Shanthi sat on reena s mouth and reena started to suck he.

Now i started to press thier boobs as i was pumping reena.her ass was so tight so i took it out and entered it into her pussy,it went inside without any pressure,I started to push harder and harder,Then i took it out and said ” Ippa nee vandhu padu”(Now u come and lie).Shanthi lied there and i fucked her again.Within a few strokes I was about to cumm,so i asked to suck me again ,They sucked me violently and i came on their faces again,Then we just washed ourselves and watched the remaining movies,we were so tired to do it again,So we just laid there naked and caressing each other. From that day onwards whenever i was free,I went to their house and fuck any one of them.

But now,Shanthi moved with her husband family in Trichy,cause her husband was dead.and Reena moved to Erode,because her husband got transfered .Now I am hunting for good aunties in our area.Any interested aunies in or around Coimbatore district can contact me.I assure 100% satisfaction in safe secret sex,lesbos,groupsex for the readers I will write to u my first sexperience with a teaher,how i fucked my maid,my cousin,net friend ,a stranger in cinema theatre ,etc.,…in my following stories.Aunties please dont feel shy,please contact me at ,u can also sent ur comments to me.I can improve my sexlife only by ur comments.Enjoy life!!!!!

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