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Sex With Innocent Cousin

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi friends I’m Santhosh age 24 from Hyderabad India. This is my first story with my cousin Ramya(name changed)please ignore grammar mistakes. Her age 23 stats 32 30 34. She used to have boy fried and recently she broke up with him. My family consists of four members mom, dad, sister and myself. My sister studying B tech and my self working for some company. we used to stay in 2BHK. Mom and dad used to sleep in one room and me and my sister used to sleep in another room. My Cousin used to visit my home for summer vacation and this time also came for summer vacation.She is 5’3 and her age 22 and had great figure.

I always used to go after her and used to hug her whenever we get chance. I had crush on her and waiting for right time to explore her. This story started when I’m 20 and she is 18 that time we met for some relative marriage. We used to play games and watch some movies together from childhood because of same age. She is one year junior to me so I used to give all my books and material to me. On marriage day we slept on same bed that time I had feeling on her by seeing her body shapes. We both shared same blanket and I hugged her and slept like that she didnt say anything in reply she also hugged me and we enjoyed our bodies.

From that time we used to hug and play with our bodies. She came to our home for summer vacation.She used to sleep in our room. I have plan to seduce her and sleep with her for this summer. One night I saw her sleeping next to me usually my sister sleeps next to me and my sister is in deep sleep so I slowly got courage and put my hand on her stomach, there is no reaction from her and slowly moved my hands towards her boobs that time she is wearing short and t shirt, slowly started pressing her boobs still there is no reaction from her. I tried four to five times and after that went to bath room and release pressure in bath room.

Next day same thing happen but no response from her. Same continued for one week.During day time I avoided eye contact with her she used to smile after seeing me.One night she also awake and started giving response as my sister sleeping her side I asked her to come to bathroom. She agreed and we went to bathroom. Closed the door and I hugged her and started lip lock with her and hugged her tightly. She also waiting for this chance and given good response and started removing my short. She removed my short as I’m not wearing anything inside she hold my penis and started stroking.

I remove her top and kissing and pressing her boobs like mad man. We stayed there for one hour and went for sleep silently and waiting for real chance. We used to explore each other whenever we get chance. Real chance came when my father and mother went for relative marriage that time my sister has some coaching classes so she skipped marriage so I also stayed for her. That night my sister want to study in my parents room and sleep there only and I got real chance to explore my cousin. After dinner my sister went to my parent room and me and my cousin went to our room. that time my cousin acting like normal and went to sleep.

I slowly closed the door and came on top and placed my lips on her and she also started to give response. lip locked for 15mins and after that I started kissing allover her body and she also doing same thing to me and started removing her dress with in no time I remove her dress started exploring her body kissed from top to bottom and finally came to pussy area and explored with my fingers and tongue. We explored our bodies till 3am. Didn’t had sex that day because of pregnancy fear.

Next day morning we had breakfast and after breakfast my sister went for coaching classes and we got one more chance so I went to medical shop and bought condom and came home that time my cousin doing her bath. I closed all the doors asked her to open the door. She dont know that my sister left for her classes. After requesting lot of times finally she opened the door and she is in nude.

I slowly went inside removed all my clothes and closed the bathroom door in case my sister comes and open the main door with her spare keys. This time at any cost I want to lose my virginity. We lip locked for some 10 minutes and after that I slowly placed my rod near her hole slowly started inserting its very tight some how I manged to insert half and blood came from her hole and she is in full pain requesting me to stop. I locked her lips with mine and slowly started moving in and out.

After 4 to 5 strokes she also started enjoying and started shouting bad words. I locked her lips with mine and we did in that position for some time and after that I slowly inserted mine into her and lifted her to the wall and started stoking very hard she is making big sounds I asked her to slowdown I enjoyed in that position because it going deep into her. After that position both got exhausted and bathed together and came out.

After that whenever we get chance we used to try different positions. Used to watch adult videos together and tried those positions also like chair doggy me on top she on top, on table, sofa, wall…But my favorite position is lifting her to the wall and…. Please send your comment After that I had sex with one more girl, my cousin friend I will explain in my next story.

Sex With Innocent Cousin

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