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Sex With Indian Secretary On Office Table

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am engineer and run my business in Bangalore. I love these stories and was thinking of sharing some of my experiences with you all. So here it is one of my most recent ones. But before I could start let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am lokesh from Bangalore.. I am 5’ 8” with average built. From my childhood I always attracted towards beautiful ladies and I lost my virginity at the age of 17 to my maid (that story some other time) since then I had sexual experiences with my cousins, college friends (in USA) and then with my office colleagues.

This story is about my beautiful and very innocent office assistant. Her name is Sonia. She joined in January 2001 as my assistant and soon we became good friends. Sonia is 18 years old studying in B Com part I. She is 5’ 2” thin structure like a school girl. The most attractive part in her body besides her face is her boobs. She is 32 B with fully-grown nipples it all started in the month of May 2001. I was working in my office and she was sitting besides me. We had lots of papers to file so we decided to file them first before engaging in any other business. So I asked her to take out punch machine and do the filling. She was wearing a deep neck shirt (Kameez). As soon as she bent forward I had a glimpse of her beautiful pair of mallons but stupid bra was hiding the whole look. I was getting hot just by the looks of it. I tried to talk to her on sexual stuff but she did not respond me very positively so I gave up. Next morning we were sitting in my office and I started the topic of movies. I have know by now all the moves that makes a woman tender and ready for anything and starting with movie stuff is one of it. I asked her whether she has a cable at her house so she replied positively. I asked her then do u watch “MM” and “M-Net” or “The Movie Channel” she said yes.

So I smiled and said “sonia late night they show some dirty stuff how do watch it”. I looked at her face she was blushing but then said “actually my mother and father both goes to bed early so I don’t have any problem in watching. I then moved a little forward and asked her “Have U ever asked any sexy movie”. She suddenly became uncomfortable but then said “NO” That was the perfect beginning for me and I did not give up so I asked her again. Do you know about sex and sexual stuff or you ever thought of looking at those things. She said “Ya I looked at a magazine once when I was in school. One of my friends brought it. So did you like what you saw? I asked her She just smiled in reply and after a long pause said “yaa” Do you want to look at those things again. I trapped her She could not say a word and I did not wait for her reply. I turned my computer on and opened my personal files, which were full of hot pics and stories and short movies from net. I asked her to look at those. She moved her eyes towards my PC screen and saw two naked women making love. The next pic was of blow job and so on … Sonia was confused but at the same time I could see her eyes getting red which was the sign of her getting turn on. I did not waste any time and put my hand on her lap.

She moved back but I held her and pulled her towards me. She fell down on my legs. I stood up and pushed her on chair. Sonia was not giving any resistance. I sat in front of her and pulled her face towards mine. I could feel her warm breath touching my face. The smell of her perfume was making me go wild. Slowly I kissed her lips. Sonia in response gave a kiss back meanwhile my hands were moving down from her hair to neck then towards her beautiful mountains. We both started kissing passionately and by that time I knew that she is ready to explode. I slowly undid her zipper at the back of her dress then moved my hands inside. Oh I could feel her lovely mellons. They were soft, smooth and big. I could hardly cup them in my hand as they were so handful. My fingers were searching for the middle part of her breast and finally her erected nipples were touching my fingers. I did not spent any time in removing her shirt and here she was sitting in front of me without her shirt. The only obstacle between her beautiful tits and my view was the stupid bra. I unhooked it in a jiffy and there she was naked in front of me. I saw many girls in previous lovemaking but the kind of boobs Nadia has is out of this world. Her dark brown arora was inviting me for a delicious suck.

I opened my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth. She closed her eyes in ecstasy and sweet little moans started to come out from her mouth. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH, Sir please suck me,,, suck me harder, I was busy sucking her breasts and at the same time I placed my hand on her Shalwar. I tried to pull it off but as she was sitting on the chair therefore it was not possible for me to take it off. Sonia herself stood up and helped me removing her shalwar. She was wearing a skin color panty. I put my fingers inside her panty and could feel her pubic hair. She was full of hair my fingers were touching her womanhood. She was dripping like anything her pussy was secreting so much of juices that my finger got soaked in it. I then removed her panty and saw beautiful Sonia standing in front of me all naked. She was slim and soft. I pushed her on chair once again and placed my face in between her legs. She opened her legs as wide as she could exposing her beautiful wet cunt. I started licking her love hole. I could smell the pungent smell of hr juices along with her urine smell. It was the best smell I have ever smelled. The taste of her pussy was slightly salty. She got many orgasms in between the whole program. Now I removed my cloths and asked her to take my shaft in her mouth. After a little resistance she agreed and started giving me blowjob. She was new in this business therefore she was having problems with taking my 8 inch long dick inside her small mouth. So I asked her to quit and instead focused on love making. I asked her whether she is willing to do it and will not mind losing her virginity. She replied in negative and asked me to give her everything. So I placed her on floor and opened her legs apart then put lots of saliva on her small pussy hole.

Then placed my dick on her hole and pushed it inside a scream of pleasure came out of her mouth (thanks god that we have thick office doors in our office building) She pushed me away and said “OH its so painful I cant take your thick 8 inch cock inside me but I insisted on doing it. I pushed my finger in first and when I was shore that the hole is now loosen up then placed my dick again and pushed it inside, AAAAHHHHHHHH, OOHHH main mar gai, OOOOOFFFFFF buhat darad ho raha hai, please bas karo….but it was too late I was all in by now and started pumping slowly. She was so tight and juicy that I could not hold my orgasm and within two to three minutes I exploded. I took out my dick just in time and sprayed my cum all over her boobs. It was the greatest fuck of my life. Although the whole episode was of hardly 20 minutes because of the office tension but it was so wild that I don’t have words to explain. We are now fucking on regular basis and Sonia is now fully trained in all the different moves. While writing this story she is sitting beside me and I am holding her boobs in between. Do u want to hold them and play with them toooo. Then anyone living in Bangalore who wants couple sex (share her girl friend) or and orgy or even any girl want to have some lesbian or three some or just simple plain fuck can contact me on my email I promise I will respond to you ASAP. Take care and have a great sex life………….. Me and Sonia are waiting for your emails so don’t disappoint us

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