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Sex With Hot Jaya Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 25, 2015

Hi I’m a regular reader of DesiPapa. I like this site very much .This is story of mine where I fuck my busty aunty and her daughter. I’m Shyam living in b’lore and doing my BBM in a reputed college. My aunt’s name is Jaya. I never felt anything wrong about my aunt in the starting. But one day when she was working in kitchen her saree got fire n when she was in panic she removed her pallu in a hurry. That was the first scene where a got glance of her boobs with blouse. It was awesome. Guys I bet u will cum surely seeing her boobs uhh. It was like Mt. Everest saying about her figure I think her boobs must b at least 44 hips 38 and butt 38.she always wore sarees then I would masturbate thinking of her daily at least two times.

I took the glances of her boobs, thighs when she rolled chapattis sitting in the floor and when she use to clean the house I was moving very closely to her in the days following that day. She was suspicious about that. Her husband was a drunkard. So I was sure my aunt can’t have a good sex life with him, I was eager to satisfy her but was very very afraid. I and my aunt were alone in the house. So I made a plan to seduce her. I was sitting in the sofa and aunt was very depressed and she hugged me tightly saying she missed her little girl .what a moment it was .a sex goddess hugging me. I touched her waist n continued my acting. But my plan could not work as the courier man came and my aunt went to collect the post. I was very upset n switched on the TV. The song arjuna (Tamil song)was aired in which the heroine was in a falls with skimp clothes and my cock shouted up seeing it i was the sexiest song I ever saw.

I was rubbing my cock as my aunt was talking with courier man I was totally hot seeing that song. I was totally enjoying it when one hand touched me from back. I turned oh it’s my aunt what’s this shyam asked my aunt. I was not talking a word n kept silent; I didn’t expect this from u said she n went was very anger n even refused to eat the dinner. At night 10 o clock the current went off I was very afraid n slowly moved to my aunt in kitchen aunty there’s no current I’m afraid I said. What to do she shouted (she was in anger) I started crying.She felt sorry and said to go n sleep in her bed room so that she will accompany me. I said ok n went to bed n she followed.

I turned the other side n slept after some time I woke up because as here was no fan (no current) I could not sleep properly turned the other side n saw my aunt was sleeping. Suddenly the current came n the fan was switched on. As my aunt was using thin blank ether blanket moved. I was shocked. She was sleeping with bra n panty. (As it was very hot there because of power failure) my cock went to the extreme’s woke up aunty n said her to switch on the air conditioner she worked up n said that it was not working I said that I could see because it was very hot in that room. She sad me to sleep with my underwear. So I removed my dress. I was wearing the undoes which exposed my cock clearly. she saw that n asked me the reason’s said that the reason was her. She smiled. I said that she was perfect women for all man i added that her belly button is sexy. I asked her that I used to give my mom kisses at night and said that can I give her.

She agreed and said to kiss on cheek I went near to her n fast caught her n gave her a lip to lip. I thought she would b anger but she smiled and looking at my 5 incher. I said that some insect was there on my undies n removed it (it was a lie) .she saw my brother which was standing n saluting her. She was amazed. She said it was bigger than your uncle’s. She smiled at me again. I said that it was not a joke and added that it would rise even higher if she showed her boobs n pussy. I asked her to touch it she did it n the cock still rose higher. As she was touching my tool I removed her bra n saw the biggest mountain in my life twice the size of all other girls who believe that they have big boobs i said aunt you’re the best boob lady.
I was massaging her tits like chapatti mould.

After hours of boob massaging I opened up her panty oh it was a forest no it was a sex goddess pussy it was the densest bush I have seen I said that how could she maintain a tight pussy till now she said that my uncle was waste n has never fucked in the last 4 yrs. oh it was a long time my aunt said. I said yeah but after a long fasting she was going to have a special meal that’s me ha ha ha! I licked her pussy n fingering it 4 an hour. My aunt was at her peek at was going to cum. I teased her with my brother n inserted it to the heaven slowly moving up n down slowly but surely…My aunt said c’mon bitch fuck me she was crying n dying for me to cum .but I was very slowly enjoying her pussy. I finally gave her a deep thrust ahhhh mm oooo iiiiiiiii bitch shyaaa I’m a slut she shouted. I was at a speed of an express train on her n fucked her till all my energy went to her.

My cock in her pussy hands in her boobs after 2 hrs of fucking I felt tired.My aunt said that she can’t have better sex than this I again got up n tried again but I can’t. Her pussy was over flown because of my cum. I turned up her n was eating her ass. After that v had a nice sleep. The next day I woke up at 11 am and was tired and I found my aunt working in the kitchen. I said her good morning with a naughty smile. How was the night sleep she asked? I was totally tired I said. She gave me the coffee after I drank that I went to toilet. I came back after 10 minutes and my aunty was cutting vegetables.

I went near to her n jus pressed her butt from behind. I said that she should be naughtier as she was the sex queen of the guys in her area. She asked how to I said that seduce the post or repair man or even a strangers in a bus. She said that she want to go to market. So we went to bus stop after a long time a bus came which was also very rush’s struggled to get in and I was standing in the steps allowing her to go inside. She went n stood inside. As the bus was very rush she was standing close to an old man. I saw the lust in the eyes of the old man seeing my aunt that close. He was first afraid that my aunt will scold he was silent. As time went the bus was fully packed n my aunt was very close to that old man. He slowly kept his hands on her butt and acted ad doing it accidently.

He was cupping my aunt ass n slowly pressed itahhh my aunt whispered. He used his two hands and tried to cover her butt n was pressing it slowly. He was trying to get into the crack and succeeded it after a long time. He was enjoying the crack. Then he slowly went little up to front side. He kept the hand near her stomach. Wow what a scene I thought. He was slowly pressing her stomach. He then went inside the pallu of the sari n reaching the awesome mountain. Yes he slowly reached there n gave a hard press. Oh my aunt reacted. She was enjoying. One of his hands in her butt n other inside her pallu. He slowly removed the bottom button n went inside the blouse n he was pressing the boobs(no bra).no one was noticing it as the bus was rush. He reached the long black nipples n was teasing it. My aunt turned to his side; he could see an old man doing all the tricks.

As the driver put a sudden bra he fell on my aunt (resting on her boobs) he suddenly caught her wet pussy with the sari. He caught hold of it and crushed it with hands as if a plastic bottle. I signaled aunt that the stop came. She has to come down after arranging her dresses. I called my aunt “how was it”. She said what “nothing happened shyam”.I said “I’ve seen everything”. He gave me a naughty smile and said he was very hot by the action of the old man. I took here to the go down where there is no one as the stock of vegetables didn’t come.
There were only tomatoes. I pushed her into that n jumped on her. I was eager to her a tomato (my aunt) in a tomato bed. I slept above her n lifted her saree. The panty was already wet I just adjusted the panty (didn’t remove it) so that I can fuck her. I could get a grip (as vs were lying in tomato) so that I can have her. She quickly removed her blouse. I caught the boobs.ahhh awesome

Inserted my cock into her wet pussy. She said that she doesn’t want pussy fucking as she was tired .So I removed my cock from there inserted it between her boobs while I was tickling her wet pussy. Her boob was very big so that my nine inches cock was invisible inside that. After 10 shakes I started to cum on her boobs. She took it in her mouth (4 the first time in her life she’s sucking a cock).my cock went till her throat. She went off in few minutes. I was sucking her boobs by then. We finished one hour of all nasty things like spread tomato juice on her ass n licking. Licking my cum and other sort of things. We took a taxi n went home. When we came back we saw uncle n her daughter back home. Hay shreya I said.hai she replied

She was pregnant .ha-ha pregnant ladies are always beautiful I thought n smiled She was wearing a tight sari with tight blouse which made her look sexier. Uncle n aunt was getting ready to go to a function as shreya couldn’t go I stayed there 4 her company. After my aunt n uncle left I was cracking jokes n chatting with shreya. I was sitting next to her n cracking jokes n took the privilege of seeing her cleavage when she is bending. I also touched her thigh as if I’m doing in accidentally. Slowly I put my hand on her shoulder while chatting to her n said that she was looking sexier than ever. She gave me a lovely smile. I said that during preggy days she should wear loose fittings than these dresses. I said that this saree is tight n also the blouse is tight n pointed my hands to her boobs n said” see here it’s so tight. ”She said that it was taken long ago. I said that u can loosen it up.

So she removed one button of the blouse and I caught her side of stomach n sad that she is having folds there n need to exercise to look slim. I asked her to bend n stretch slowly as it is good 4 healths. She did that n I was enjoying her curves. While she was doing it her saree pallu fell down and my pressure got up. I could see here big stomach with the sexier navel in between. Great sight. I said that she has big area fort storing milks. She couldn’t understand it. I slowly touches her boobs n said her to release them from tight blouse .first she refused then I said that she will get disease if it is too tight bla blabs aa that stuff. She slowly loosed her blouse. She was not wearing a bra ah I could see the glimpse of her boobs. I slowly circled her boobs n gave it a light press.”Ahhhh” she said.Hmmm again I did.

She told me to take my hand I said that massaging boobs will yield more milk. I slowly removed the blouse. Ahhhhh awesome great! I’m seeing a boob of a lady second time in a day. I began to press it n fuck it with my hands. I slowly removed her up skirt .O gr8 I said made her to lie on the sofa n I slept above her and was licking her boobs By the time her hands was on my cock. Oh u wants it I asked. She was silent laughed at her n removed it. She saw my tool n I saw the lust in her. She wants cock more cock. I slowly licked her body n moving down n removed her panty with my mouth. Oh a pregnant lady is lying nude in front of me. Oh I was lucky I thought. She had boob fuck 4 sum time n by the time my cock was at 90 degree.

I inserted it a gave her deep thrust n this time I was more arrogant than b4 she was crying in pain but I was continuing it. She begged to leave me but I was not listening. This time I shouted bad words. Slutttt fuck oooo slut your slut bitch whore…I stopped a moment n turned her to fuck her in ass. I enjoyed this a lot cause I love fucking asses. Her ass was so tight it squeezed my cock and began milking it. Ooo it was great inserting my chilly between two tomatoes. I was coming Ahh second time in a day. This time I put the cum inside her ass .after fucking I was tired I left 4 sleep. And I was fucking both my aunt n her daughter time to time and had a great time