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Sex With Home Tuition Teacher

  • desipapa
  • November 5, 2015

Hi I am pune lover. I am 25 years old living in pune. I have been searching for a women who is alone and need a friend who can help her emotionally & physically because I like to person who need the same.

Now coming to the story I am person who is not like “stud” type but simple,true,straightforward, I had come to pune to search for job but it is very difficult to get a good job you want so I try hard for it,

But in between I was short of money for my survival in pune, as I am a job seeker after my graduation I was taking money from home for long time but now I decided not to take further because it was too much now I was searching for long

And my parents are bearing my burden.So I decided to earn money till I get job by part time.

I thought to take tuitions & decide to do the same. I posted some home tuition add on internet, now I started getting calls few ignore me because of experience,one day one lady call me and inquire me about my education background my availability experience etc.

After she was satisfied with that she told she had a boy studying in standard 3rd need help for his school home work. I said ok for it and give details of my charge to it.She was ok about it and give me the address and fix our

Meeting for demo I went to their home and given the demo to her child she was sitting next to me and watching us closely. After the demo she said it was good and she is happy by my performance and confirm me.Now I started going to their home regularly

At evening 7pm to 8:30pm or some times 9 as she instead to give some extra coaching I was ok with it as she pay for it.Now every day she was with us in study room till I teach she was a nice lady we used to talk in between she was staying alone with his son as his husband was staying in some different city due to his job posting.

They had a maid but the maid leave at 6 pm before I come so we were alone when I come.Slowly she enjoy my company as she doesn’t have friend in the city as they were new in the city.

Now she become more friendly with me and many times used to cook dinner for me also and instead me to have dinner with them and then leave so it was too late after coaching and dinner and then leaving from their home at night. One day she plan for a off on coaching and plan to go out for movie all 3 of us. Her child was too happy for it,as its leave for coaching to his tuition.She has purchase tickets online before I come.

The mall where we need to go is near to their home we went their. Movie was too hot for a small child for her son,but too good for me I was enjoying I thing she had taken the movie ticket of such a hot movie purposely.

In between the movie she hold my hand like I was his husband and was brushing her boobs to my shoulder, I got a current in my body.After the movie it was 12:30 my home was far away from the mall so she said too stay at their home, I agree to that that and we went to their home as it is 1 pm that time. She gave me her husband night dress and she also were a nice nighty.I was sleeping in guest room.I was not able to sleep because of new place so I switch on tv.

She heard the noise of tv and after her child went to sleep she knock my door and enquire every thing is alright I said yes but I am not able to sleep because of new place.So she said no problem we will talk till you feel sleepy.

We started chatting on the same suddenly she inquire about my girlfriend and I told true that I am a bit shy guy so not able to make it.Listing to that she become happy and started cracking non-veg jokes, I enjoy it and did the same.I enquire about their family she become sad to that question and said his husband is not with them for 6 months and come for few days and once again go to job for another 6 months.I understand her reason of being sad and try to make her happy by diverting the topic.

Then suddenly she was touching my dick with his legs I can feel it and was seeing in my eyes I could not control my tool become hot. I come close and hold her in my arms she started kissing her passionately I hold her boobs she make noise like aaa.. I like that noise

I started to kiss all around her pussy and her thighs. She started to moan, my sweet heart is moaning, ahhh ahh ufff. I never knew pre play will give this pleasure. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight pussy, she tightly held my hairs. She was out of her world. I continued fingering and at the other end I was licking her pussy.

Now she had her 1sy orgasm my finger became wet.I hugged her and said I love u.Started playing with her boobs.Removed her panty. I went downwards started licking her pussy like hungry animal. While my hand were playing with her boobs. Her nipples are completely erected and hard now. I continued with her pussy. Separated her pussy walls and inserted my tongue deep into cunt. She was moaning slowly.

She took off my right hand from boobs and started licking my middle finger. It made us more horny. Now I desperately fuck her. I sucked her pussy for 15mins.So felt exhausted .

After 10 mins it was her turn. She took my lower lip and started smooching. Her hand was searching for my hard dick. She opened my pant and started stroking it. I convinced her to give blow job. After so much hesitation she slowly place her lips on dick head. I asked her touch the tongue, she did once and started jerking with her sexy fingers. Within 5 mins I had my 1st hand job..

Now she said to insert my tool in her I did the same I started stroking her after that we try all the position she wanted I like too we were really happy and did the same daily after class, but one day she said she had to go to his husband city as he miss them I feel sad, I got a job in between I stop coaching

Now I am feeling bad about it I lost some one friend like her.

So ladies if some women or girl who want to friendship with me can mail to my email id punelover001@gmail.Com. I promise their will be safe with me and happy.

Home Tuition Teacher

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