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  • September 16, 2015

Hi guys & gals! I am a regular reader of these fantasies. You all have shared your experiences on the site and I also like to share my experience with you all.  To tell about me my name is bond( changed ), 21yrs old 59 height fair complexion, medium build body and liked by many girls and I am from Hyderabad, India. I had a crush on one of my juniors but could not dare to talk to her bcoz she was quite reserved, her name is Raasi. She was 19, 5’6″ in height, well proportionate in weight at the right place. She had a sexy figure, 34-27-36 with flat tummy. She is fair, has silky smooth below shoulder length hairs, beautiful lips.

This all started on one of my friends birthday party, I reached there on time, wished him Birthday wishes and made myself comfortable. I was stunned to see Raasi there. I managed my friend to introduce her to me. As I shook hands with her, her soft hand felt like cream in my hands and it felt shivers inside me. She was wearing black color salwar kameez and her hair was left free, she was looking even more beautiful. I could not get any chance to advance other than occasional touching of our legs, shoulders and some times hands as we were sitting close and talking. That day I came to know she was quite naughty and not the type I thought, and also that she was attracted towards me by her words.

After the party I proposed to leave her at her home and she quickly accepted. On the way to her house the road was quite bad and I had to apply brake quite a number of times and all this time I had the smooth touches of her soft breast on my back, it was difficult to  drive for me at that time. We reached her house and we shook hands and said goodnight.

In the next few days we got an opportunity to get close to each other, we used to go to movies, parks and a did a lot of other things.

I did not do anything all these days due to fear of losing her. I loved her truly. The real thing happened on this day when I went to her house in afternoon, there was no one in her house except her. She was sleeping I suppose. She came and opened the door, she was in her nightdress and sleepy. She gave a smile and invited me inside, and she went and changed her dress. I went inside and after some regular chat we started to watch TV (star movies), it was a nice movies but with doses of kissing scenes in it. Till then I was ok but seeing one such passionate scene I lost control on me and then

I gathered courage and caught hold of her hand and pulled her towards me and started kissing her passionately on her lips. She tried to break free but she couldnt as I caught her firmly. I rolled my tongue on her lips, she somehow got free from me and hit me hard on my cheek. I was stunned and ashamed of what I was doing. I told sorry and was leaving, the real thing started

She came and held my hand and I slowly turned my head towards her with my face  lowered, she lifted my face with both her hands, placed a soft kiss on my cheek where she hit and then slowly moved her lips onto my lips. I was excited my dreamgirl was kissing me with her soft tender smooth lips. We kissed like that for 10-15 min. Then she came to senses and ran towards her bedroom with shame, I followed her. There she was lying on her bed with her face burried inside pillows and her back was towards myside. I went near her and placed my hand on her neck and this sent a shiver in her body. I don’t want to waste any time hugged immediately. I want to taste her juicy lips so I kissed her on the lipsI put my tongue deep inside meanwhile I placed my hands on her soft and round globes. She tried to stop me but in vain, I pressed them from outside the fabric, she was wearing  a bra. She started moaning. I could feel the heat of her boobs running a cold shiver down my body. I kept kissing her passionately. My tool was already swinging in my pant and was dying to break free. I inserted my hand through her kamiz & started pressing them more passionately. I could feel her soft nipples getting hardened.  I pulled off her kamiz she was in her white padded bra that made her boobs more voluptuous. Then I lowered her salwar she was wearing a black panty. I unhooked her bra from behind her boobs flunked out as they were struggling to break free. She had great pink nipples, which were already erect. I lifted her by her arms  & started sucking her boobs. The mole on the left breast made it look sexier. I sucked & chewed her nipples & she let out a loud moan. I kept sucking her for about 10 min. Then I rolled my tongue up to her naval & rolled it in it, and then I started kissing her pussy through her panty, which was already wet by the juices from her cunt. I lowered her panty & started licking her pussy. All this time she was moaning with pleasure and her hands were in my hair pressing me harder towards her.

I found a honey bottle nearby, I took it and applied honey on her tits and breast and poured some honey in her cunt and applied her body with honey and then started to lick all the honey on her body starting at her nipples we both were very excited and her body tasted even more.

I parted her legs & stretched the opening of her red & wet pussy, which was clean-shaven & rolled my tongue over & around it & licked her juices mixed with the honey , which tasted excellent. She let out a loud moan uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ummmmmm.. this aroused me more & I started licking her pussy more harder she continued letting out loud moans. In the meanwhile we both became stark naked my dick was erect. I held my dick in my hand & placed it over her pussy lips & started rubbing it over. She cried ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I aroused her like that. She caught hold of my dick out of excitement which send a shiver in my whole body, she held it and licked it for sometime and applied honey to it and again licked it as if it were some candy. Then she placed it on her pussy lips. I pushed my dick into her. My dick went  with no difficulty but to my shock she was virgin I could feel her hymen. I started giving her jerks first slowly but later I continued with full force she started shouting in pain hhhhhh. ooooooooo fffff. ummmmmm. after a couple of hefty blows I tore apart her seal & pulled my dick out. I could see drops of blood on my tool as well as on the bedcloth. I cleaned her pussy with her panty & started licking it again she moved her body up & down in exotism and cummed in my mouth it tasted really good. She had reached her orgasm now she begged me to insert my tool into her. I inserted my 6 dick in her pussy & started giving her slow jerks.

As it was my 1st experience I was moving it a bit slow she urged me too be a bit faster so I increased my speed & started fucking her like hell. She started moaning loudly ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkk ahhh. She started making gutteral sound from her throat with the hectic fucking ummmhummm ahhh  I bit her nipples again & again She started screaming more loudly as I continued my hefty blows. I huffed & puffed pinning her hands down and making wild thrusts in her hot pussy. My dick was moving in & out and she was responding excellently. She said she was cumming and so was I. I could now feel orgasm building up in me and got read to release my load. I  push harder it was too dam wet I felt her juices leaking as she reached her orgasm I was about to cum so I removed my tool from her pussy and cummed on her body. We were totally exhausted and we lay like that there only for about 15min. Then we again started kissing each other passionately and did it for another time on that day. Later she was afraid of getting pregnant as some cum dropped in her pussy. I assured her nothing such thing will happen and it did not happen as I said. We enjoyed different styles of  sex till we were in college.

Later we planned to marry but her father did not agree for our marriage as I was not settled and married her to a US S/W engineer. Now I am 24, free and am looking for such beautiful girls. Any gals, aunties, unsatisfied females from Hyderabad wanna have sex with me please mail to me at

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