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  • September 11, 2015
Hi story fans I am ROY, I live in Baroda (Gujarat). Today I write a real story that will jar you readers. This true story about my own life. I was born into a conservative Hindu family. 1990-1994 were the college years and I had fleetingly come accross many girls in college. But a couple of girls, I will always remember through out my life.I would have loved to spend my life with either of them. Not that I am not happy with my wife. But sometimes these first crushes or infatuations die hard. I had a great relation with two of these girls, named Shobha and Neha. We used to talk freely and had a nice relation. I had a very platonic relation with Neha but I had a strong liking for Shobha. And even she had a great liking for me. We would have loved to get to gether for the rest of our lives but somehow it didnt materialise due to some reason.
2005: Ten years later I had to visit Mumbai to attend a meeting of a Company for for business. The company had made arrangements for our stay at a 4 star hotel.  After checking in at about 1.00 PM I rested for about a hour. I then got ready to go downstairs and have lunch. On entering the lift from my floor I noticed a tall woman standing. Her face was familiar but I could not place her immediately. She looked at me and froze. Her large eyes popped wide open, expressing shock and disbelief. Her left hand covered her left breast her right covered her mouth. She smiled and said Oh my God, after so many years. I looked intently at her and remembered her eyes. Shobha ? I questioned. Yes! So you do remember me? she asked. I could not believe that I was seeing Shobha, who could have been my wife today but for the last minute change of decision by our parents twenty years back.  She came towards me and as we shook hands, I felt her soft and warm hand. Oh Hello! Shobha, how come you are here? I inquired. I am here to attend a meeting of a company I deal in, you? It was a shear coincidence that both of us were to attend the same meet. The Shobha I saw now was a beautiful, ravishing, sexy woman with a beautiful body. Her figure was the type you see in man made sketches of beautiful well-formed bodies.
She was at least 5.5” and 36-28-36. Most important were her large eyes that could talk to you for ages without uttering a word. We went down to the Coffee shop for  lunch. During lunch, we tried to update each other on our selves. We were keen to know everything about each other. I was happy to meet her after all these years. She told me that college she could never forget me and so she had decided never to get married all her life. She was now into a business to kill her time. I started feeling guilty as in some way I felt responsible for her incomplete life. I covered her hand which was on the table with mine and said Im sorry you have had to go through all this. I somehow want to make it up for you. You know I feel like a culprit even after all these years. I saw a spark go off in her eyes and she smiled and blushed with her own thoughts.
Shobha wrote the next part of the incidents that happened. The following is her version of the period we were together. It was only after I received her e-mail with all these details that I developed the guts to put this in writing……..
 Shobhas Writings “We were sitting opposite each other at the coffee shop when I saw a genuine pain in Roys eyes for the happenings of my past. This handsome man whom I had remembered all my life with a nger, looked so hurt that I wanted to comfort him rather than take comfort from him. My anger was replaced by a feeling of warmth. My heart was racing away.  The moment he put his hand on mine I felt a hot surge of passion erupt inside me and wanted to make love to him there and then. His fingers sent high voltage shocks into my body which made me feel delerious. I smiled and said, Lets move to my room. We can comfort each other at ease. He got up eagerly and joined me in the lift to reach my room.  We entered the room and as soon as we were in we looked at each other and suddenly he was kissing me and hugging me. Oh!, he felt so good. He has a well mantained strong body so I could feel his tough muscles . His hand gently grabbed my long hair and his other hand circled my waist. Then his hand was at the back of my head and his other hand moved the left side of my blouse cupping my breast. He pulled the top of my sari down to my waist, cupping my large breasts. He started kissing my neck and worked his way down licking and kissing my valley.

Perfect’ he murmured, just what I missed all my life’. My hands were in his hair, my fingers entwined in the curls. He lifted and carried me to the big bed and pulled off my sari. He climbed the bed and opened my blouse and went on down and opened the strings of my petticoat slowly sending it away. `Ah, a true beauty with hips to hang on to. He removed his T-shirt came close and started licking my ear. Chills were running through my body but not from the air conditioning. My hands were at the band of his elastic shorts and pulling down. They were new, hence tight and were giving me a hard time, but I managed. As I tugged I ran my tongue over his nipples, chest and stomach and released his erect penis. I loved the way it sprang out. “Umm” I said, “Perfect, I too have waited for him for all these years.” `Really?” `Yesssss Roy.” I noticed his cock extended far above the tan line of his shorts. I took his cock in my mouth tonguing to tease and watched his stomach muscles quiver.  We kissed deeply with his hands rubbing and squeezing my buttocks. We were in our birth suits within seconds. My tongue and lips were busy with his nipples and slightly hairy chest. Slowly caressing my sides with his thumbs teasing my nipples and his tongue in my ear, he turned me around and sat me on the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of me and tongued down to my nipples. Cupping and bouncing them he started licking and sucking. His hand found it’s way between my legs, which instantly parted. My hands were busy with his neck, ears and nipples. Then he pushed my shoulders back on the bed and bent my legs up. He stuck his middle finger in my hot, waiting cunt and rubbed his thumb on my clit. I surely, was entering heaven. Suddenly we heard noises outside and realized we hadn’t locked the door. He got up and deadbolted and chained the door. He and his cock bounced back to the bed, his penis trying to race ahead of him. I was still in position with legs apart. He looked down at me and said, “You’re very wet and I’m going to make you much wetter. Do you scream when you come,?” I just smiled and said, “you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?”  “That sounds like a challenge.” He went to the TV, switched it on and left it on a music channel at a slightly high volume. He knelt down and pushing my outer lips apart he dove into my pussy. Licking and sucking he pushed his index finger into my ass. I was breathing hard and my hips started bucking.

Then he stopped, smiled and whispered, “I really want to hear you scream.” He pulled me back to a sitting position and started licking and sucking my tits. His hands were everywhere. I reached down and gently ran my fingers over his steel pole playing with the head. I started gently pumping. He pulled out of my grasp and pushed my shoulders back on the bed and again dove for my pussy. Wrapping his arms around  my legs he licked and sucked, lapping my  juices. My breath was coming fast and so was I as my hips rolled. I begged him not to stop and I came . . . screaming.He continued to lap my juices until my shudders stopped and then he grabbed me by the waist and turned me over on my hands and knees with my ass in the air and he entered my cunt from behind. He started slowly ramming his thick cock into my wet pussy and making wonderful squishy noises. He held onto my hips and slowly rammed again and again deeper each time. “You are so hot and juicy. Does this feel good, Shobha?” “MMMM, yes.” Then he reached forward, holding on to my hanging tits and fucked me fast. “Oh, baby, this is great. I love you, Oh God, why didnt I marry you ! Thank you love, Thank you so very much Shobha ” he gasped. He let go of my boobs and rammed at lightening speed and my chest fell onto the bed as he grasped my hips and fucked even harder. He slowed down and parted my ass cheeks rubbing his thumb into my ass hole. `Oh Shobha, I’m going to come.’ and he wrapped his arms around my waist, reaching down fingered my clit and fucked me harder spilling his hot sperm and as he squirted into me I came again. His slower pumping in and out continued as I finished my orgasm. We fell onto the bed panting. “I like the way you thanked me,” I said with a big smile. “Well, there’s more where that came from and I think your tongue feels quite talented, hmm?” he questioned. Rubbing the palm of his hand across my nipples he said, “want some more?”  He kissed me deeply with his hands exploring and his dick started to rise as I rolled over on top of him. Straddling his chest I played with his hair, kissing each eyelid. With the tip of my tongue I outlined his ear and we kissed again with our probing tongues. I moved down his chest and swayed my tits from side to side rubbing my nipples against his nipples. His hands were never still on my body; his hands were on my tits or his fingers in my pussy. I kept going lower kissing and licking. I stayed with his nipples for a while, tonguing, sucking and gently tugging with my teeth.

My hands were playing with his thighs starting from the knees and caressing up and I lightly touched his balls. Then I caressed around his balls and stomach and every time I circled down to his balls I would cup them for a second. I paused, reaching for the lotion on the nightstand and started rubbing it on my boobs. Harry insisted on helping, although he put more into tweaking my nipples as I rubbed in the lotion. Then I surprised him and swallowed his pulsing cock in one gulp and came up and tongued and sucked just his head running my tongue around the rim. I swallowed him whole a few times sucking hard and then stopped. I moved up beside him and told him to hover over me because he was going to fuck my boobs and my mouth and he grinned from ear to ear. I pushed my boobs together and he shoved his cock through my tits to my mouth where I sucked and licked as he humped. “Oh, god, Shobha” he gasped, “I’m coming again!” With one final thrust into my mouth his cum started squirting into my waiting mouth. I caught what I could and the rest went down my neck. I licked the remainder off of his prick.  He stopped humping and rolled over on his back with his hand resting on my bush. He looked spent. “Let’s take a bubble bath,” I suggested. I ran into the bathroom and adjusted the water temperature pouring two bottles of bath gel in. As I bent over he came up behind and reached between my legs playing with my pussy lips moving his fingers to my ever-receptive hole. ` Roy, just wait a minute’ I giggled and stepped in taking his hand.  `If you realy want to enjoy these are the rules,” I said mock serious. “I’m going to give you a bath and you must not touch me while I bathe you.”  I took the wash cloth and washed his face and neck, then I took some herbal soap and rubbed it up his arms and across his chest. As I straddled him to get to his back he took advantage of the situation and fingered my pussy and grabbed a  nipple in his mouth, but I pulled back and told him, “no this is unfair”. I got a lather again as I bent his legs up and played with his toes, slowly rubbing up his legs as he straightened them. I took the washcloth and filled it with water and dripped it all over the soapy parts. Then I lathered my hands again and rubbed his nipples pinching and scratching with my fingernails.

I used the washcloth again to rinse his chest. Then I lathered my hands and soaped his stomach making circular motions down to the fun parts. I gently soaped his balls and his trusty dick was definitely hard as my hand soaped it. I continued to soap it up and down its length looking into his eyes and running my tongue over my teeth and lips. His hands automatically reached for my tits and he squeezed. I gently shook my head, smiling, licking my teeth. My hand slipped under his ass and I traced his anus with my fingers and then rotated my middle finger in rubbing his balls with my thumb. He groaned and closed his eyes. “I think you’re clean now,” I said and stopped.  He raised up with a leer in his eyes and said, “oh!, it’s your turn now.”  We switched positions in the bathtub. He lathered his hands and bending my legs to my chest he started with my toes. As he rinsed them off he sucked them and he lathered up my legs to the tops of my thighs never touching my pussy. Then he lathered my neck and arms and reached be hind to my back. I couldn’t resist licking his swinging balls and cock, but he didn’t seem to mind. He rinsed off my arms and neck and sucked my fingers. Then he lathered his hands and started on my boobs circling and circling never touching my nipples. He moved down and lathered my stomach and then my pubic hair. He soaped and rubbed but didn’t touch my pussy. “I’m going to make you beg,” he whispered. He rinsed my boobs and stomach and drenched my bush with water again and again. The warm water trickled down my slit making me catch my breath. Then he licked my nipples and sucked until my pussy was aching for attention. “Please!” I begged. He stuck his thumb in my pussy and his index finger in my ass hole and moved them around. Smiling he said, “I think we should towel off, don’t you?” The water was dripping from Roys balls and I knelt down and licked them dry. 

He cupped my breasts and licked off the droplets there. Then he sat down on the edge of the tub and bent me over away from him while he licked my pussy and dragged his tongue across my anus. He started singing a old song of the era gone behind “ Let me be yooouuurs until tomorrow Give me one night of your life, so that I can go on,…………. make believe you are my love……………All I ask is for one night till the morning sun…………. Let me be  yours until tomorrow” and said `Now go and lie down on the bed with legs apart, your knees up and your pussy waiting.’  He followed me in lightly smacking my bare ass and he watched as I lay down and gazed at my cunt. He started licking my tits and sucking then he kissed me on the lips and raised up looking at me and said, Now Im going to watch’ and he guided my hand down to my pussy and his fingers rubbed as I started to rub. He sucked on my tits for a very short time and then got off of the bed and sat in the chair watching. I continued to rub, closing my eyes, sticking my middle finger in my pussy and rocking my hips. `Open your eyes and look at Me.” he commanded. I looked at him and his lids were lowered in a lustful gaze. `Stop,’ he said, `Your cunt looks nice and juicy, I think you need a cock.’ `Yes,’ I gasped. `Tell me exactly what you want or you won’t get It.’ `I want your cock.’
`Where?” `In my pussy.’ `Where?’ `In my cunt.’ ` describe It.’ `My hot, juicy cunt.’ He walked over to the bed and rammed his middle finger into my throbbing pussy thumbing my clit. Then said, `feel my cocky know it has never worked this hard till today’ He knelt over my head and my mouth opened to receive his dick. I licked the pre cum off the tip and my tongue circled the head, then I swallowed his penis. He pulled out. `Now describe my cock.’ `Big, hard cock.’ `What do you want me to do with it?’ `I want you to fuck me.’ `Where?’ `Fuck me with your big, hard cock in my hot, juicy cunt.’  He knelt over me and took the head circling my pussy just barely putting it in. `Please,’ I begged, `Fuck me.’ `How, Shobha ?” `Please, fuck my hot, juicy cunt with your big, hard cock. Please, please fuck me, fuck me hard Roy.’ `Tell me again.’ `Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please.’ Slowly he stroked in and took it out. `Look at my cock.’ It was so hard and glistening with my juices. I licked my lips and whispered, `fuck me, please.’ Ever so slowly he stroked in rotating his hips as my hips rose to meet him. I bit my lips and whimpered. He pulled out, and then rammed his rock hard cock into my pussy pushing my legs into my chest. He pumped and pumped and my hips slammed up as he slowed and circled, his cock slipped out and rammed into my welcoming cunt with increasing tempo faster and faster. I screamed and screamed as my orgasm shook my body. `Oh, god!’ he yelled  Shobha, Shobha my love will you marry me, Please! Will you be my wife” as he pumped his load and we continued humping until we both stopped shaking.  Slowly he rolled off onto his back and we lay there panting. My thighs were shaking as I lowered them. We both rolled on our sides facing each other. He reached over and pushed my hair back from my face as we kissed, our legs entwined and we fell asleep. A distant bell ringing woke us up. It was the room telephone. I picked up the receiver and reception informed me that it was 8.00 PM and our company meet was about to begin. I was shocked that we had been asleep for the full evening. We immediately gathered ourselves; he headed for his room and then to the meet.

The next morning I awoke first and was in the shower washing my hair when I felt a hand on each boob and a hard cock rubbing my ass. I turned my back to the spray to get the shampoo out of my hair and as I bent back he gently pulled my hair bending me back further and he leaned forward to suck my nipples. `Good morning!’ I gasped out. `Mmmmm’ he mumbled still sucking my tit. `Here,’ he offered, `Let me wash your back.’

I turned my back to him and he took the bar of soap and started rubbing and sliding it down my back. As he slid the bar of soap around he started on my belly and moved up to my boob circling around and then down where he soaped my bush. The bar dropped out of his hands as he started playing with my inner lips and strumming my clit. Then he asked me to get the soap and as I bent over I felt his cock head pushing into my pussy. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me onto his pole and reached down flicking my clit. I came in seconds and so did he. I started with his back kneeling down and sucking his ass cheeks while reaching through his legs and fondling his balls. I stood up and pressed my boobs against his back as I soaped his chest and stomach. I moved around in front of him to work on his balls and rinsing them with water I started licking them working my way up his shaft. My tongue circled around his cock and I played with the head, then swallowed him whole as my hands reached around his tight buns for  support. I stopped and said, `Roy, I’ve GOT to get dressed.’ and jumped out of the shower. As I was leaning over wrapping my hair in a towel I felt a familiar pressure working its way into my pussy. Struggling to stand up I said, `Getting dressed is going to take some time, isn’t it?’ Roy nodded and smiled. Facing the full-length mirror I was putting moisturizer on my face when his hands cupped my breasts from behind. He dropped his hand s to my legs parting them and he slipped his cock between and rubbed it back and forth stimulating my pussy. His hands moved back to my tits and he looked over my shoulder at the two of us in the mirror. Undulating his hips his cock kept rubbing my outer lips and would peak out of my bush. Watching in the mirror doubled the fun.  `I think we should move to the bed, don’t you?’ he said. “ Oh God,” I said, “ What do you eat to have this stamina?” I then nodded my head in agreement looking into his eyes in the mirror and we walked to the bed together. He sat me down on the edge and knelt in front of me as he pressed my legs apart. With his fingers he parted my outer lips and pointing his tongue he traced my inner lips over and over. Once in a while he stuck his tongue in my pussy and then would dog lick my whole pussy. Even though I was on the verge, I didn’t want to come that way. I sat up and pulled him on top of me, then rolled over straddling him. I licked and sucked his nipples and licked the water out of his bellybutton as I worked my way to his cock. I had to some how finish his ever-full tank of semen.
Slowly I tongued his head then I took his whole cock in my mouth sucking and feathering the length with my tongue over and over. I could tell he was on the verge when I cupped his balls. He sat up and grabbed my wrists and said, `I want to fuck you once more.’ I moved up and slowly lowered myself over his rock hard, quivering cock. Roy jammed his cock in all the way and my eyes closed as my pussy ate up his thickness. I leaned forward with my hands on either side of him to brace myself and started circling my hips. His hips started bucking up to meet mine and he reached forward to clasp my tits as our hips slammed together. Looking into each other’s eyes he licked his lips and said, `You are a great fuck Shobha, my wife would have died by now’ I answered, `Your cock is where it belongs.’ He rammed even harder and I bit my lip never looking away from his eyes. I was so comfortable with this Man that only looking into his eyes was as good as a great fuck. We increased our speed and he gasped as he pumped his hot seed into my womb I moaned and pressed my hips down hard onto his still pumping cock while my orgasm finished.  Slowly I climbed off and he cradled me in his arms. Leaning over me we kissed deeply our tongues searching. `This has been the best time I’ve ever stayed in this Hotel,’ he said while his hand gently circled my boobs. His hand strayed down to my bush and he gently slipped two fingers in while we kissed again. My hand reached for his stiffening cock and encircled it. His thumb started flicking my clit and I closed my legs forcing his hand out. ` Roy, look at the clock, its already 11.00 a.m. I have to get to the Airport or Ill miss my return flight ‘ I said reluctantly.  `Look,’ he said, `I’ll go to my room, then check out and I’ll meet you back here, okay?’  I watched as he dressed slipping his pleasure tool out of sight. I involuntarily sighed and licked my lips. He came over and kissed me again pressing him against me and rubbing my ass. “ Please! Go Roy, we need to checkout by noon.  `I won’t be long,’ he promised with a smile as he walked out the door.  I finished dressing and packing and was just snapping my suitcase shut when he knocked on the door. He was twirling his sunglasses in one hand as he walked back in the room and threw them on the bed.

As I shut the door he hugged me tightly backing me against the door. He kissed me deeply and as his arm went around the back of my head he reached up under my loose blouse and released my boobs from my bra. `No, no,’ I mumbled into his ear. The same hand rubbed its way down my sari and under the elastic band of the panties and knowing fingers found their way to my pussy. Vainly I struggled as his insistent fingers pushed the fabric aside to slip inside and caress my inner lips. With his fingers working their magic he stopped kissing long enough to say, `Shobha, I’ve got to fuck your sweet pussy just one more time. I don’t know if we will meet again, please, just one more time” I was beyond arguing and my hands reached under his shirt and rubbed his chest moving down to his jeans. I undid the snap and unzipped him. Then I reached inside his shorts where I grasped his stiff dick and started pumping him. He let go of my pussy long enough to pull my Sari up and panties completely off. Then he put his hands under my hips and pushed me against the door lifting me onto his engorged penis. My legs circled his waist and he drove his rock hard tool home. He humped me against the door and with his prick in my pussy place carried me to the desk. He moved my legs to his shoulders and then we both made a panting, intense finish. He was clearly fagged out now and with sweat pouring from his face he touched his chest. `Shobha, the things your body forces me to do could have given me a heart attack,’ he said as  he zipped and I dressed.  “I know, today I think, I thank the stars that we are not married. The way you have been going on and on since yesterday, the two of us would have created a cricket team, plus umpires of our own in all these years.” I Laughed.  We left the room and made our way to the coffee shop. After breakfast / lunch combined we had to leave for our homes. Roy looked tired and a much older than the man I had met yesterday. We exchanged telephone numbers and Email Addresses and departed. We have used the Internet for our continued relation. He sends me sexy letters and I too return him even bolder replies.

So girls and aunties…….any of you out there in GUJARAT who are not satisfied can contact Roy on and I am sure that you will live through one of the most memorable time of your life

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