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Sex With English Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
We have an english teacher called Mrs. Dutta.She must be in her thirties or so. She is a really hot thing. lot of guys have their eyes on her. First of all she has really sexy, hot lips. And her breasts are these huge melons that give every one a hard on. Me too. But no one had tried to come on to her since she was Mrs. Dutta, not Ms. Dutta. She was a married woman.
I once wrote a poem and showed it to her.
She really liked it a lot and said that I should show her some more of my poems. She even invited me to her place to spend some time reading my poems, because she liked it so much. I said Ok. But for a long time after that, nothing much happened. Once, when my parents had gone out of town for about a week or so, I had gone to this departmental store to buy some supplies etc. I was roaming  around the place when a little ahead of me I saw, to my surprise, Mrs. Dutta. I went up to her and said hello etc. She said to me,”You were supposed to come to my place some time. You never came. actually we never got a chance to plan anything at all. tell me when can you come ?”. I told her that I was free and could come anytime. I told her,” I can come anytime. I don’t know your place, that’s all.

Depends when you call me. My parents have gone out of town and that is why I am here actually, shopping for food and supplies etc.” She then asked me,”What do you do for your meals and all that ?”. I told her that I usually eat from a restaurant or pick up something from the food malls etc. She then said, “Then if you are doing nothing now, why don’t you come to my place for dinner. I insist.” I agreed after some coaxing. We went to her place. It was raining heavily as it was the monsoons that time. We went to her place by my bike. Her place was about 2-3 kilometres from the shopping mall. We reached home and rushed inside to escape the rain.

 Her place was locked. I asked, “Isn’t Mr.Dutta home ?”. She looked at me but didn’t answer for some time. Then she said, “I actually live alone. I am a divorcee. For the past five years I have been living alone here.”. I said I was sorry I asked since I didn’t know this aspect of her. She said it was alright. We then went in and sat down and talked for some time. then we sat down for dinner. After dinner I recited some of my poems to her…the ones which I had memorised. She liked them very much. She came and sat very close to me. I was wondering what was going on. But then I started thinking. This was a wonderful chance to go to bed with her. She was sexually starved and lonely for the past five years. I also started inching close to her. We then started speaking about lots of things. It was 10 in the night. It was still raining very heavily. She then said,” Why don’t you stay here for the night ? It’s raining really heavily. you can go home in the morning. Anyway there’s no one at your place.” I agreed immediately. So then we went on speaking about lots of other things.
It was about 11:30 in the night.

She asked me, ” Do you have a girlfriend ?” I said no. She continued,”Hmm….but are you a virgin ? Lots of boys of your age are not.” I said I was though. She asked me if I felt like having sex ever. I said yes. I told her I just wanted to know what it was like to have sex. She was silent for a while. Then she said, “Do you want to have sex with me. Just to know what it’s like. This way you’ll also know what it’s like and I will also satisfy my five year long sexual urge. “

I shyly said Ok. She then told me to stand up. She went inside and came a minute later and sat down on the sofa where we were sitting and talking all this while. She was wearing a red kurta all this while. She sat down and placed her hands on my jeans. Near my penis. She then quickly started stripping me. First she took off my jeans, then my shirt and then my underwear. I was standing completely naked in front of her. She then slowly looked up and smiled and put my penis in her mouth and started sucking on it. She was sucking really wildly on my penis which was erect and about 5-6 inches long by now. It had become very very hard. She sucked for about 15 minutes and then released my penis. She told me to sit down next to her.

I did as she told me. She then said, “Go on ! Enjoy me ! this is your night. Have fun”. So I grabbed her and started kissing her face. Slowly I moved on to her lips. They were wet and lustful. They were delicious. I was kissing lips for the first time in my life. I started twirling my tongue inside her mouth. I played with her tongue for some time. Meanwhile my grip on her body was getting tighter and tighter. Now as I was playing with her lips I started exploring her body for the first time, with my hands. I started moving my hands more and more vigorously over her entire body. I slid my hands under her kurta and untied her pyjama. Then I started tugging and pulling at it till it came off. I threw it on the floor and started exploring her legs. I moved my hands up till high above her thighs. My lips were meanwhile locking tighter and tighter with hers. I put my hands under her and through her panties I touched her ass. They were soft and huge. I started caressing them wildly.

She was moaning through our kisses. I then touched her vagina and started playing with her thick pubic hair. She was getting more and more turned on by the second. She hadn’t experienced this sort of thing for a long long time and so she was making the most of it. I then took my palms out of her panties and started inching upwards over body. From her hips to her most sensual parts…her breasts. Those huge melons were just centimetres away from my palms. I slid my hands up and grabbed them tightly. She let out a gasp of excitement. I started fondling her breasts wildly. Our lips were still locked. It had been about 15 minutes since our lips were locked and she showed no signs of letting go. I didn’t want to let go either. I, meanwhile, unbuttoned her kurta and slid my slid my hand inside.

My other hand was still caressing her ass through her panties. When I slid my hand in through her kurta I found out that she wasn’t wearing any bras. Her naked lustful breasts were open territory. I grabbed her left breast and started squeezing them. Her nipples had become very tight and hard. I started playing around with them. Finally I could take it no longer. I tore my lips away from her lips and started licking her wildly all over. I then moved my tongue downwards, from her cheeks to her neck to breasts. I pulled her left breast out of the kurta and grabbed her nipples with my lips. I started sucking wildly away on her nipples. She was meanwhile playing with my penis with her hands. My penis was pointing straight up at the ceiling and it was about 6-7 inches long by now. I was sucking on her nipples for about 20 minutes. First the left breast, then the right breast. She was meanwhile losing her patience. She said,” Make love to me. Wild, mad,  passionate love to me. Fuck me. I haven’t felt this sexually charged for 5-6 years now.”

So I lifted her from the sofa and carried her in my arms into her bedroom. There was a double bed there. I literally threw her on the bed. Then lifted her kurta up and grabbed her panties and pulled it off her body. Then I moved on to remove her kurta. I caught it near the neck opening and tore it off in one single rip. The entire kurta split into two parts. Beneath it her stark naked body shined with lust. I pulled off the remains of the kurta and threw it on the floor. Then finally I entered her. I shoved my penis in with all my might. As I was shoving my penis inside her vagina, I grabbed her body from behind pulled it towards my lips and started biting on her nipples. I started sucking her milk out as I was blowing her brains out with my penis. I pushed harder and harder. She started screaming with ecstasy now. We were both heaving wildly up and down on the bed. Then I moved my lips from her breasts to her lips. I shoved my tongue in. My penis was still at work. It had been fifteen minutes since we were heaving up and down on the bed. She was having the time of her life. So was I. After a few minutes she had her first orgasm. She moaned loudly and dropped onto the bed in exhaustion. I wasn’t going to let her go so quickly. I grabbed her hips and turned her over. We were both sweating buckets by now. It was raining very heavily outside.

She was now sleeping with her back to me. I grabbed her hips tightly and entered her again. She screamed loudly. I then lay down on her body. I grabbed her breasts from behind her, held them in an extremely tight grip and started heaving again. Both our bodies were going up and down on the bed. The bed was also starting to creak and shake loudly now. I fucked her again for about 15 minutes till round two came to an end with a moan and a satisfied smile on her face. I got off her body and lay down beside her. My left hand was still clutching her breast very tightly. She then got up. It was her turn. She pinned me to the bed with her arms and sat on my penis. She then exclained,”This is going to be the best ride of your life !”

She then started heaving up and down on me. I was in a sexual ecstasy of my own. She started getting wilder by the minute because by now we were jumping up and down on the bed. We were almost a feet into the air because of all the heaving. The third round lasted about 10 minutes. This went on till about 4:30 in the morning till we could carry on no further. But till then we had had sex 22 times. We slept in each other’s arms like babies. We were gripping each other tightly even in our sleep.

I woke up at around 8. She was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her up. But the sight of her naked body in my arms was still turning me on. My penis was still erect. I started sucking on her breasts again. She was so tired she was sleeping very soundly and she didn’t realise what I was doing at all. I sucked for about an hour before she finally woke up.

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