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Sex With Elderly Guy – Sana

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hi this is Sana, my age is 24, i have a very good figure its 34-28-37, though i am dark in colour nut my figure makes up for it. and i understand i have a very nice ass as all those who have been in bed with me dir to have annal with me and when going around with me dont miss the chance of touching my ass.
Ok so i will be sharing with u guys my first sex experience when i was 16 and it was with our pay-in-guest Mr. Akash who was around 36 at that time and married, his wife used to stay in Mumbai, we have given him our first floor flat (a one room kitchen) we have a one floor apartment here in Delhi, ok so it was one one saturday afternoon that when my parents have gone out of station and were going to come back on sunday and Akash too had had gone to mumbai and was expected on sunday too, but he came back early on saturday in the morning at around 9am, and he came over to collect the keys, as i was not knowing where the keys were and had to search for it i asked him to come in (i never had any of those feelings for him and i used to address him as Uncle) now after finding the keys i offered him tea and snacks.

Now we started to converse and in that our conversition got very deep. as he was talking about his family and when he said that his wife is preagnent with 6 months and they are expectiing their first child. i giggled a bit, and he sensed that i was a bit ashame and aware of sex. and i think he developed a feeling at that time towards me as i could he was taking keen intrest in my breast. which was turning me on. but we both were pretending normally. But the tgought of his wife getting pregnent and sex were running in my mind. and i could feel that sensation in my chunt and a bit of warmness. Now even i would ocassionally watch towards his crotch for any bolb and he would notice and thus he knewed i was eager for some thin. sensing that he started to have a continous eye contact with me with out speaking a word and in that eye to eye contact with out speaking a word a lot was said through eyes (he inquired for my willingness) by raising his eybrows up and down twice and i said yes by flickering my eyes twice, and closed my eyes quickly and relaxed back on the sofa. In a moments time i felt him sitting very close next to me. and then i felt one hand on my stomach and wet lips on my lips as he smooched me passionately i kept my yeys closed as his hands went on my thigs

From where he reached my innier part of legs and then went up rubbing my thigs and reachen my chunt as i parted my legs for him while with his other hand he guided my right hind on to his already unzipped cock. Now i opened my eyes and saw his cock it was thick and soft (he was not having a errection till yet) he showed me how to jerk it and i just did so as in the course of time it started to tighten and get errect which also excited me during which he was undressing me as i was only in my bra as he had already removed my salwar, kameez and panty and rubbing my chunt. then slidded my bra cup aside and my nipple poped out he did the same to the other cup and leaned forward and tooked my nipples in his mouth and courcled it with his tounge. and removed my bra.

Now his dick was getting greasy He too got full naked. and made me lie down on the sofa and lied over me and started to suck my nipples. he was doing it very beautifully holding my breast inhis hands and sucking the nipples like a baby, it was resulting in a noise when u suck some thing. My tits ver really tight now and so were my nipples. he then moved down towards my chunt and started to lick it too. I was enjoying a new life. And as he started to lick my clitories i began to moan and started to lift my lower body up as if i wanted him to bite me in my clitories. He then posotioned him and guided his dick in to mt tight chunt, on a couple of occasions we was not sucessfull as firstly i was still a virgin and my chunt was very tight, and secondly he had a very thick Dick.

When he did enterted my chunt i felt a bit of pain. And thought to my self why do they say it pains badly in sex which i was about to discover as whe he started to give me jerks his thick jumbo size dick was a real pan in my chunt. as i started to moan loudly to which he started to bang me more badly he then removd his dick fro my vagina and cummed all over me. After that he was licking my full body kissing my lips, neck nipples and all over. Then he was ready for a second time. this he made me stand and went behind me nd started to press my buttocks and also from behind he would squeeze my breast very hard he then placed his dick in to my ass and inserted it. it was very pain full i was watching it all in the mirror in front of me as he was banging me from behind i was moaning very loudly now as the pain was unberable but at the same time i it was a strange feeling of anal sex. my vagina was reacting to my ass be ripped apart. i dont know what to say (how to describe) what i was feelinmg in my vagina…. but it sure was it wanted to be ripped again. of the two though annal was realy the one i enjoyed more cause firstly i saw my self in the mirror being taken for a ride, nd that made me more horrny. as i would see him press my tits and rub my vagina in the miorror, and secondly i just dont know why but annal was more fun. After that we had sex a lot of times. and we tried different things like blowjobs, oral sex, titjob, and many positions.

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