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  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi, I am Ahmed from Islamabad…..21 year Old. Slim, fair, 5.8, 31 W, smooth and normal looking but the gays seems to be attracted towards me ……….. Today I am going to tell u a true story of mine…. I use to travel through public transport busses in twin cities of Islambad & Rawalpindi for college & other activities…These busses are always over crowded with people and lots of people travel in them while standing…due to rush in the public transport. I use to enjoy my travel while standing as I can get more sexual adventures this way…

This is the story of April 1999 when I was 18 yr old… On that day at 7:30 O’clock I get into a bus to go to my college and as usual there was heavy rush in the bus and I have to travel while standing in large bunch of people stuck in the bus… My mood was not right for anything that day…as I don’t have breakfast that day due to late rising. So I fixed myself very hardly in that crowd as I cant afford to miss that bus as I already got late that day…& couldn’t weight for other bus.. After about 15 minute while standing in the bus I felt a fush from behind but I ignored it as that use to happen accidentally while standing in the bus and that’s not strange enough. After 4/5 minutes same push again disturbed me but again I ignored and didn’t turned back to see who is there on my back..? After that a minute later same person pushed his body again third time at my back and this time I can feel a semi hard cock on my hip’s.. This I got stunned but at the same time my mood was getting better. But sorry to say that was just a touch of it and then again he moved back…

This time I was waiting for the push…after few minutes the man on my back pushed his semi hard cock again on my hips, surprising two inches inside my buns(Hips). I didn’t reacted this time too…& Fortunately the person on my back who was still anonymous for me didn’t removed his cock from my hips…Now I can feel his chest too on my upper back and his almost his full body on my back…That was really amazing and exciting for me…I was standing in the bus crowded with people and having a thick cock in my hips…and I even didn’t tried to look back on the person on my back.. After 10 to 15 minutes the Man removed his penis as there was stop and some passengers get in and some get out of the bus. I was now fully horny and was waiting for another move from that anonymous person…Now to my amazement, the Man now put his left hand on my hips with his right hand on to the horizontal steel rod of the bus (which is used for support while standing in the bus) above my right shoulder…Now I was expecting something again from him… and was fully aware to his moves. Now his hand started to go down over my hips and at last it stayed b/w my hips. He gently pushed up his hand between my hips. After that he pushed his index finger on my ass and I can feel its tip on my ass hole…He moved it there for a minute or so and then get rid ..I was enjoying all this with complete silence and shown no reaction to this. Then there was no movement from him for 10 minutes & I was anxiously waiting for another move but he didn’t done anything…I was so horny at that time that after a short pause from then I pushed my ass backward to feel his cock on my hips.

His cock was soft this time as I felt it. I kept myself in this position and felt his cock getting hard. But suddenly the person at my back got himself separated, I was confused that what happened to him.? . Suddenly I realized that the bus was now reached at its last point,(Bus Station).. and we have to leave the bus along with other passengers. I was really disappointed as I was enjoying it very much and even I missed my college stop too in this whole matter. So I left the bus and start walking straight in front of my face as I still didn’t have courage to look back on the person. Suddenly I listen a call,, Hello Friend.! And now I look back. There was a guy about 35 yr old, good looking, tall with good built, fair in color and was serious looking. I quickly recognized him as the same guy whom I enjoyed with in the bus. I was very shy at that time and I just shyly smiled and said hello !. He said ! come on yar it was nice to travel & enjoy with you and there is nothing to be sorry for. I didn’t say a word yet. He said , Plz be frank yar, I really enjoyed it..& lets have a cold drink. First I hesitated but when he insisted I company him to a cold drink shop..There we had drink and he asked my about myself…I told him that I am student and all this..He told me that he that he is a business men and is on business tour from Karachi. And staying in hotel.. He told me that he enjoyed the stuff in bus very much and he had one of best experience of sex in the bus.. He asked whether I enjoyed the stuff in the bus and I was bit frank with him so told him yes I do. Then he take my hand in his hand and asked me why not u company me to my room and we could have some fun there and then we will have dinner . He said I am nice person and really cares for u u can trust me. I was so horny at that time that I said ok but I don’t have much time.. He said it will all be according to ur wish and nothing to force ,u can leave when u want..

Then he arranged a taxi and we moved to his hotel. After reaching his room, he ordered cold drinks again. While having cold drink he sat next to me on the sofa and put his hand on my thies and started kissing. While ding so his hand moved on my thies and a tlast over my bulge on the pant. Then he opened the zip of my pant put his hand on my cock with underwear he pushed his hand b/w my legs and under my cock but didn’t removed my underwear. While we continusely doing kissing and I was so horny that I removed his shirt and started rubbing his chest and moving my hand over his topeless body while kissing. Oh my God that was really enjoyment and I was getting hot n hot.. Then he stood up and removed my pant and under wear and put my on the bed. Now I was in shirt only with nothing on my underbody and he was in pant with topless. Now he asked me to lay on my chest and spread my legs. Now he put his head b/w my legs and started to lick my hips, and from there to between my legs and at last he started to lick my asshole and did some tongue fuck. I was bursting with hotness and was enjoying all this to full..Man, that guy was realy master of romance and sex at that time. Then he turned me and made me lay straight on back. Now he take my cock in his mouth which was in full 6” erection and started to suck it gently. O man I cant explain the feelings at that time…He was really sucking my cock in lovely style and I was red hot at that time…He aroused me so much that after a while I stood up and opened his zip and removed his dick from under wear. Oh my Goodness, there was a 8 “ thick pinkish cock fully erect with reddish tip ..I t was looking like a gun on him…

I had never see a cock such a beautiful, thick and it was looking ripe n juicy.. It was so attractive that I couldn’t control myself and took it in my mouth. Oh m God , I cant tell how it taste to have a warm, thick, juicy cock in mouth…It was really wonderful I slowly started to suck it from tip to full and I was enjoying this. Mean while the guy lubed my asshole with his mouth juice saliva with his hand and inserted his finger in my ass hole and slowly started to finger fuck my ass while I sucking his juicy cock. After10 minutes, he moved to my back and put his lips on my ass hole and dropped huge mouth saliva on my asshole and his cock tip which was lubricated fully with my saliva over my asshole and gently pushed it into my ass hole. In first attempt it was pain full , but he kept it for a while without any motion and then pushed it further into my ass gently and at last it reached deep in my ass. Now it was feeling wonder full as he started to gently move it back n forth…oh dear that was realy amazing.. now also he started to jerk my cock with his hand while fucking my I was really enjoying and flying in heaven… He fucked my ass for whole 20 minutes and then he removed his cock from my ass and placed himself on the sofa in a way that I lay on him in 69 style. with his cock in my mouth and mine in his mouth and we started to suck each other.. His Big juicy cock was in front of my mouth and I started to suck it madly. Then come the moment and we both ejaculated at same time realy. He shoot his load in my mouth. Oh dear that was the gun at fire, as far I remembered he cummed in my mouth for whole 2 minutes of load shooting. My mouth get filled and then I started to swallow his cum, it was salty , crispy and was the juice of heaven. I swalloed it whole my lips were stilled cummed covered. For 10 to 15 minute there was complete silence , no movement we laid in each other body.

Then I risen up and put my lips on his lips which were still covered with my cum and then we kissed each other with our lips covered with each other cums. After that we again sucked each other and cummed in each other mouth and drunk the juice. Then we have a bath together and after it we go for dinner. Then we have a nice dinner at hotel..after that he arranged me a taxi to go back home..He was realy nice n kind and realy nice male to have sex n romance with…Also he didn’t forget to give his phone no and address to me while I leaving.. Tell me ur Opinion about my real story…All the guys are welcome at my email ID.. Any one from rwp/isb is especially welcome.. Your opinion are requested.

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