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Sex With Darling Sadaf

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi,all readers,like u all i am also a great fan of this erotic stories,and after reading many stories,i got courage to share my real life experience which happened with me,when i was in college Second Year.Before going towards the story,let me introduce myself ,my name is Tahir, i am 21 male from Karachi (Pakistan) having good psycics as i do go to gym and am a sportsmen,i have height of 5’11” and good built chest,very romantic and emotional by character.

This incident happened when i was in college second year and i was in love with a beautiful girl of the same college,but as Karachi is a conservative city,it was hard for us to meet each other,so i told my friend who lives next to my house, about the problem he said he does’nt have any objection if we meet at his home as in his house only his mother and himself were staying as his father had a outstation job,who used to come once a month.then also i doubted whether his mother would deny or something,so i took courage and asked his mother about our meeting at house,she said she won’t mind during afternoon time ,after that permission i was glad and i and my love sadaf started meeting at her house.she used to give us one room and she did’nt mind us closing the door,we met every next day at house and it was great fun as we had full privacy over there,and no one to disturb.and auntie was also being so good to me and sadaf,i and sadaf used to enjoy oral sex with each other.just normal kissing and breast pressing and all that stuff,not just getting one as we did’nt wanted to cross the border line.

One day,we and sadaf met as usual   and closed the door and we did our normal kissing and all that stuff and talked a bit and as sadaf had to go to her house early she left and i was sitting ,and we were talking about here and there ,and to my utter surprise she told me that she knew what i and sadaf were doing inside the closed door as there was a small hole in the door where we used to meet and she used to watch every single thing we did ,i was astonised and i started sweating as i thought that the permission of meeting at her house would be gone as she might have seen doing oral sex with each other,but again she surprised me by saying that what i and sadaf did was a childish sex and we didnt knew how to do sex,and she offered me to teach sex,without any second decision i immediately agreed to learn sex from her and told her that i will come tommorow to learn from her,she hold my hand and said not tomorrow right now dear,i had no option then to agree to her as i and sadaf wanted to meet again at that house,so she closed the main door and there in the big house only we both were let me describe auntie i had never seen her from that view as she was my friends mother ,so u must have imagined her age was 35 years.but not looking more then 28 having height 5’4 and long hair and as she used to take care of her figure very much,she had a nice pair of round boobs and a flat stomach and nice buttocks (36d,28,33),

she was really looking fantastic that day,now as we went in the bed room she asked me sit besides her and told me that i will have to do whatever she tells me, i agreed as i had no option,as soon as i sat she told me to hold here neck from beck and see and how to do french kiss,so as i hold her neck she immediately put her lips on mine and pour her tounge in my mouth and started sucking my lips like a hungry girl and by sure i never had such a fantastic french kiss ever before in my life it was for about 8-10 minutes and while kissing she holded my other hand and put it on her breast and asked me to press ,so i slowly started pressing her boobs my god it was so soft ,more softer boobs then sadaf’s and after two three minutes the niples became hard and she started morning aaaahh-ooohhhh press it press it presss it hard so i started pressing hard ,and then she told me to remove her saree ,i removed her saree slowly,and i was really astonished to see such a beautiful lady before me oh my god she was really sexy and looking towards me like a hungry bitch,and smiled at me sexily,soon she removed my shirt and asked me to remove my pant so did i,and now she also removed her blouse and i helped her removing the peticot,now we both were in our underwear and panties only,she asked me to sleep down and so did i,then she climed me on m y stomach and started rubbing my chest,now as seeing her on bra and as she was rubbing my chest my cock started climbing like nething it became as hard it can almost 8″hard and thick,it was touching her ass,

now she asked to take out her bra ,i agred and unhooked the bra,and there comes the bouncing balls ,they were so exciting tht i could’nt resist myself to touch,i touched her bared bra for the first time,but as i touched her boobs she said hmm now u have learned how to do it,i told no i have’nt just was eager to c how bare boobs feel like,then she asked me to kiss her boobs and i started kissing her boobs gently,but she said not like tht u put the whole boob in ur mouth and suck it ,so i did so and she started making noise like aaaaahhhh,oooooooo00hhhh and she took my second hand and put it on the second boob and asked me to press her boobs while i was pressing her boobs hard she removed my panty and put her hand on my cock and started playing with my balls ,and then she asked me to remove her panty,as i removed her panty i found that her panty was wet with her juice,and then she asked me to lick the juice and i started licking her pussy and it was really great tasting her tasteless juice and her pussy was too nice full shaved pussy i could c the vertical lips very clearly which i had never seen in my life,then she asked me to come in 69 position and my cock was in her mouth and my mouth was in her pussy and we both started sucking each other for about ten minutes then i told her that i am about to cum she said let it cum in her mouth ,so i allowed whole of my stuff in her mouth and she drank all my cum and then licked my cock and dried it,and then we slept for 5-10 minutes on each other and then she again asked me to press her boobs ,now this time i pressed her boobs too hard and she again started making sound aaaah ouuuuuch and all that and she started touching my cock and playing with my balls,now i could see my cock again getting up to the maximum and without wasting time she told me to enter her pussy,i just inserted my cock in her pussy and it slipped inside very smoothly as her pussy was wet with juice,and then she asked me to move to and fro ,and i started moving up and down and she was enjoying and ma king sounds oooo0000000000h ,oooooooooooucccccch and then she asked me to sit and she climed on me and made me sleep and she was now sitting on my cock and she started jumping on my cock like nething and then i was astonished as she started speaking bad words like ,aaj tak kaha tha tera land,kyun nahin aya mari chuth mein,itne dino tak chuppa ke rakha tune iss bade land ko,aaj mein tujhe chodungi and all that,and while speaking all this her momentum was going up and her two boobs were jumping like chess balls which i was enjoying seeing them and i started presing them and she was enjoying very much,and she got tired and she slept and asked me to move and i started moving but she asked me to move fast and hard and i did so and i started moving hard and she was going on asking for more fast and hard fuck and i gave her the required fuck to her,out fuck lasted for about 15 minutes and she told me that she’s going to cum and i also replied that i am also finsihing now,she asked me to cum in her pussy as she wants it ,i loaded her pussy again with all my cum and she then dried my cock again by licking my cock…

now we both slept side by side for 20 minutes and then we started talking she asked me to fuck sadaf in this manner when we meet next,and on the very next day i called up sadaf to her house and that is a different story,i will tell you that story after receiving ur reply about this story,

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