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Sex With Damm Hot Ramya Aunty

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  • August 27, 2015

I’m Rjdl, a regular reader of This is my first story that I’m submitting in DesiPapa. So, please give me any suggestions and comments to my mail id

This is a real story about me and my aunt. My aunt’s name is Ramya, she is 35 years old and a mother of 2 boys. I’m Rjdl, 26, average build and 5.7 and this incident happened on 18th April 2012, which is an unforgettable day in my life.

My aunt’s husband is working in other states, so he’ll come only once in two years and he went before3 years. My aunt and her two sons only are living in Hyderabad. I’m from Rayalaseema this special for Andhra Pradesh sexy waves and girls.

My aunt and her sons came to knl as both had their half-yearly leave. I went to railway station in bike to pick them up. The train arrived and I saw them after 1 years. Goddamn, my aunt was so hot in a blue saree. My eyes were irresistible from seeing her big melon shaped boobs.

I received them and we went to home. My aunt had a great affection on me, so she showed great care towards me. Next day, we started in the morning went to a famous shopping mall there myself, my aunt, and her two sons went to watch a movie.

My aunt was sitting beside me as she was watching movie, I slowly moved my hand towards her and touched her hand for a second and she looked at me and turned to the screen. I thought I got a green signal when I was trying to proceed, my fucking phone rang.

It was my friend and my friend told that one of our friends is coming and so they asked us to come soon and we went back without watching the full movie. I went out because of important work that evening, 2 boy asked me to take them to the park as the park is near my home and we started by 5’o clock.

Two boys also went to play in thepark. Me and my aunt was sitting in the sand and talking about general topics. After half an hour, boys came and asked me also to join them. I called my aunt for playing in water willingly she came. All four of us were pouring water on others and playing.

Suddenly a big boy jumped and drowned all. We all were inside water for nearly 20 mins. The water made all our dresses wet. My aunt’s yellow saree was fully wet, and her black bra was visible. The incest feeling inside me again rose up and I was staring at her boobs. She saw me staring at her boobs and got angry.

She shouted what the hell are you looking? I came to conscious and said sorry aunty. She replied ok come on lets go to home and started walking.
I was scared and was abusing myself at doing such a thing. I did not talk to her after returning to home also.

She prepared dinner and we all ate and as all were tired, we all went to sleep soon. We all slept in the same room. I and two boys slept in the bed and my aunt slept down. I was awake as it was cold and ac was also in 18 degrees. I was rolling in the bed, and then my aunt called Rjdl.

I replied what aunty? Why dint you sleep still? She asked. It’s cold here aunty” I said then switch off the ac and switch on the fan she said. The fan is not working, so if we switch off the ac then it’ll be hot” I replied. Ok then, come and sleep with me” she said. I took my pillow and slept near her.

But still I did not feel sleepy, so I was awake. My aunt’s eyes were closed. I saw her 40 sized boobs but I controlled myself and turned away from her. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my forehead. I turned and saw my aunt looking at me. She asked me why did you look at my boobs in the park and now?
I said sorry aunty.

She replied I did not ask you to say sorry, why did you look at my boobs? I replied Aunty I like you so much and I have incest feeling on you. She replied this is wrong Rjdl and I said sorry aunty. Ok, do you like my boobs? she asked.

Yes aunty and I replied hesitatingly then take it in your hands she said. I was surprised. She guided my hands towards her boobs. Her boobs were really big, as one hand is not enough to hold them as I had prior sex experience with my girlfriend and others, it was easy for me to do it with my aunt.

First, I pressed her right boob with both my hands and then her left boob. then slowly, I inserted my hand into her nighty and reached her bra. She held my face and started to kiss on my cheeks, nose, lips etc. I came to know that she is in hunger for sex.

I rolled on her and started smooched her lips. Her lips were so juicy and tasty. I sucked her lips and tongue for more than 10 minutes and then I started removing her nighty. She helped me in removing it. She was now only in black bra and black panty.

Goddamn, more than half of her boobs were out of the bra seeing that and I started kissing and licking her boobs with bra itself. She said remove the bra and I did as she told. I had a great chance to see, hold, suck and fuck her big sized breasts.

I was seeing her boobs for more than a minute. She said what are you looking at? Come on suck them and I held her left boob first and started sucking it as a baby. While sucking her left boob, my left hand was playing with her right boob.

Her brown nipples began to harden. The whole boob was very big to take it in my mouth, so I sucked only her nipples. I then changed the position and started sucking right boob, and my right hand was playing with her left boob.

Meanwhile, my aunt saw my hard-on and caught my cock with her hand then she removed my t shirt and started playing with my hairy chest and she like my hairy chest very much and she then put me down and started sucking my nipples and plying with my hairy chest.

I asked Aunty, what are you doing? She replied I always had a desire for sucking men’s nipples with hairy chest, but my hubby doesn’t have that. What else do you like to do?” I asked and I like 69 position, I like if someone sucks my pussy and I like to fuck a man by sitting on top of him, but your uncle doesn’t like these all and doesn’t do these to me and she replied.

I’m there to do these to you aunty and I said so sweet come on suck my pussy she said and I took her black panty and saw her pussy in bedroom light. Her pussy was black in colour outside and pink in colour inside. I parted her pussy lips and saw them.

It was pretty tight for her age. I then started sucking her clitoris, and started eating her whole pussy aahhhh! She moaned don’t make noise aunty, your sons will get up and I said you better handle my pussy delicately she replied I then finger fucked her pussy. Her pussy was getting wet.

I left my tongue inside her pussy oouhhh she made a different sound enough of eating my pussy, come on show me your cock she said. She itself started removing my shorts and undies. M cock was in its full swing. She slowly started licking the tip of my cock.

Then slowly took the foreskin back and took it in her mouth. She started sucking slowly and gradually increased speed ohhh god she was a pro in sucking cock slowly, I moved to 69 position and started sucking her pussy.

I started sucking her pussy, her sucking speed on my cock rose. After ten minutes of sucking, I felt like cuming. I told my aunt I’m going to cum suddenly she took out the cock from her mouth and began to rub the skin below the balls for a minute. What a miracle! My cuming sensation went and my throbbing cock was ready to mouth fuck my aunt.

She again started sucking my balls. She licked my whole cock, inch by inch. I too started sucking her pussy after another ten minutes of mouth fucking my aunt, I felt like cuming. I told her and come on cum in my mouth, I’m also going to cum and she replied white juices began flowing down her pussy to my mouth.

I too came and she drank my cum. She then cleaned my cock by licking and sucking. I too cleaned her pussy by licking it. We then started smooching our lips then also we continue oral and finally my cock on its swing and I asked aunty that want to fuck your ass hole in doggy .

She said it’s all yours enjoy, but fuck me harder that from long time and I am not seen heaven please show me and aunty bent down and kept her leg on sofa and tried to insert but it’s too hard to enter it went 1/2 in and with one hard shot it went in she started oh god! Kill me bang me dengu ra na gudda dhengu oh ahaaa wowowwpsksksl like this

After 15 minutes changed position and I asked her to climb me as a tigress because it’s her wish to have sex like that she climbed on me and fucked until she got satisfied and we both don’t know how many times.

We have org but we have till 4.30 am after that my cock got hang on she too got hang on and then from that day to 5 days we have regular day bases and after that she went Hyderabad now and she went to states.

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