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Sex With Cousin Neha At Her House

  • desipapa
  • November 30, 2015

Hi. My name is Rahul (name changed obviously). I am 21 and i live in Delhi. I have a cousin Neha (name changed) who is 31 and live near my house just few streets away. She is my massi’s daughter.
She was married to a doctor in Haryana but lost her husband in a road accident 2 years after marriage. As it was a love marriage, she mourned his death for a year and could not convince herself to marry again in all these years. Now she is a widow from last 5 years. She returned to her mothers house in Delhi after her husband’s death. She now works in a hospital in Delhi.

After her husband’s death we all cousins and family were her support. I used to visit her many times a week and all our family remained with her in tough times. I tried to talk to her on various topics, make her laugh and try to keep her happy.

In early days before her marriage, we were like friends despite the age difference. She had always helped me in studies, travel together and we always liked each others company. As she was a studious girl and i was also well in studies, we always had a kind of appreciation for each other. She has a normal buildup neither fat nor slim and is beautiful in every aspect as a man can think of a girl.

After the tragedy she got emotionally attached with me. As i am the youngest cousin and i study in college, i had most free time to spend with her and our families appreciated that I am being an help to her.

It was normal in the starting but after 2 years of husbands death when she completely overcome there was a new tinge in our relationship. She would call me to visit her, would always talk and sit beside me even in family gatherings. I was no less, i always made her feel special. I used to make her laugh and share all my stories of the college. She had got in love with me that i think even she was not aware of.

Last month Neha and her mother called me. They wanted to visit someone and asked me to drive their car. It was a one day journey and also was a holiday so I agreed. We traveled the whole day and reached back home in the evening, tired and exhausted. We had bought food for ourselves to eat so I remained in their house to eat. I said, “Neha you looked beautiful in green suit today”. She laughed and said, “It is new one, I bought it last week”. This conversation was kinda very romantic and even my eyes went down talking to her.

As we ate, it was dark outside and my parents were calling to come back home. Even my house was few streets away at a walking distance, my aunt insisted and told my parents that Rahul is tired and would stay at her house for night. By that time Neha had changed herself to night clothes and was wearing a loose blue pyjama and white top. Her top was not loose enough and her boobs were bulging out very nicely.

We all were watching TV in lobby sitting on sofa. It was around 9:30pm. My aunt moved out and went to sleep. Neha asked me if she should cut an apple for us to eat. I nodded and laid down on sofa on one side to face TV as she went to the kitchen. She came back with an apple, a knife and sat just near my crouch. As i was lying and she sat near my crouch, my penis touched her butt and sent shivers down my body. She didn’t reacted but my penis got hard instantaneously and there was lot of pleasure. At first i thought I should sit up but as Neha had not realized, i remained at that position. I was getting lot of pleasure, my penis was a lot wet and very hard and Neha sitting on my penis. I was like in heaven. At this point i knew she was pretending. It is not possible, she didn’t realize. Neither i moved, neither she moved and we ate the whole apple at that position.

After about 10 min she went again to kitchen to keep the plate and knife and i ran to bathroom to pee. I was just thinking about Neha all time. When i came back, my penis still somewhat hard and Neha already sitting on sofa. As i sat beside her she asked, “You don’t have a girlfriend?” and all i could do was smiling. “No?” She asked again. I moved my face in negation. “You r 21, Why don’t u have a girlfriend”, she said. “I didn’t find any girl”,I told her. “When I was 21, i had met ur jijaji and he was my second boyfriend”, she said. “I am very shy with girls”, I said. She laughed a lot. “You are beautiful, you could have easily got boyfriend”, I said again and she smiled.

“You know girls are easy to impress just by being caring and fulfilling their needs”, she said and i nodded. She kissed me on the cheek and held my hand. I got hard again. After 15 minutes, she switched the TV off and we went into the room where my aunt was sleeping. My aunt was sleeping on a foldable bed and a double was all empty for us.

She laid down beside me. I was laying straight on the bed. She instantaneously kept her head on my shoulder and her feet crossed into my feet. Her hands crossed my chest. Now i was hard again and a lot shy but very aroused to her. Very aroused. “I am feeling very warm, be way”, but she didn’t moved. Her breaths were touching my neck. I moved back and rotated to face her. Our legs got crossed to each other and now her breath was coming on my face but she didn’t moved.

I was very hard and my penis was slightly touching her thigh. No one said a word but our faces moved slowly and our noses were touching. Her breaths were into my breaths but she was not hesitant. The indication was clear and i couldn’t resist. I sucked her moist red lips very hard with my lips. This was it and she kissed me back.

We kissed continuously for 10- 15 minutes but she was making some noise and I fear my aunt would wake up. I stopped and moved my hand on her belly. She was aroused and breathing heavily. As i moved my hand, she also start moving her hand on my body. I slowly moved my hand slowly up her top and touched boobs. Her boobs were big and very soft but her nipples were very hard. I caress them for a minute.

But she moved her hand down my belly into my underwear but i hold her hand before she could touch my penis. She tried to move but then i let her free. She moved her hand into my underwear and touched my penis. My penis was hard as it would burst. I moved my hand too with her. I hold her hand again and pulled back as the pleasure was too much and I couldn’t resist.

I then moved my hand into Neha’s pyjama. She too resisted and but then she let me go. Neha had lot of hairs there and i touched her pussy with my hands. She was all wet. I was feeling the shape of her pussy and lot of hairs but she couldn’t resist and made some noise. We both frozen that aunt would wake up but she was fast asleep.

“Let’s go in the lobby”, I said. This was first time i spoke to her after long time. “Haan”, she said and we moved slowly and silently out of the room and locked the room from outside.

I switched on the lights and i was smiling and couldn’t make eye contact. She came near me and hugged me tight. I hugged her back and moved my hands down her butt. My penis was again touching her crouch. I pulled her top but she was wearing a white vest kind of thing. Neha moved back and laid on sofa with her head on one side and her legs spread wide. I went near her, smiled at her and pulled her pyjama and then her panty.

Her hairy pussy was all out and was clearly visible in white light. I looked at her and said, “I never touched it before”. She smiled. I went near and touched her pussy. It was very wet. I moved my hands over it and she started moaning. I then moved over her started licked her pussy with my tongue. It was smelling like flower and was irresistible and i was kinda out of control. She was like heaven and moaning a lot. I moved back and pulled my pyjama down. She saw my hard penis and moved up and sat on sofa. I stood before her. She hold my penis and started stroking with her hands. Her touch was very pleasurable and stroking made it better. I stopped her because i didn’t want to cum like that.

I pulled her vest off and i looked at her boobs. They were big and in shape. I pressed them and started moving my hands in circular motion. Neha’s boobs were soft. She started moaning again. I kissed her lips again and my hands on her boobs. It was like sucking her lips and they were like sweet nectar. I did it for few minutes. I kissed her nipples. Neha pulled me and hold my penis. She kissed my penis and moved it in her mouth started stroking again. I hold her head and helped her in motion and then i stopped her.

I held her and make her lie on sofa. I hold her legs, made them wider and touched her pussy again. Neha’s pussy was open and her soft skin on sides was pink. I caress it with my fingers. It was very soft and warm. I licked it with my tongue. Sucked her pussy hard with my lips and she moaned. I slipped my finger in it. It felt very soft and warm. But i was very hard.

I held my penis kept her on Neha’s pussy. I smiled at her. She was watching me and i pushed my penis into into her.

My penis slipped into it and was very warm. I pushed it further and she moaned and were in half tears. I pulled it back and then again thrusted it in. She was moaning. Her warm pussy was giving lot of pleasure. I fucked her hard and when i thought i am going to cum, i pulled my penis out of her pussy.

She was in pleasure and was still lying on sofa. Her pussy was all wet and still open like a pink flower. The most beautiful flower, i had seen. I pulled her up and again started sucking her lips. Her face had turned pink too like her lips. We kissed each other passionately for long time. She then hold my penis and started stroking. I cummed in a minute and everything on her and on floor. We kissed again and went into the room after some time.

The next morning i left before she was wake up to my house. We talked after 2 days. I had some guilt but she was all smiling and happy. We had sex again after a month and this continued for two years. We would meet and sex would happen once a week.

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