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Sex With Cousin Brother

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi, to all the desipapa fans from Sana. I just happened to visit the site. So i decided to share my experience with you people. i am 25yrs old my stats are 34D-28-36.I am fair, tall and have long hair. My nipple colour is a bit unique, its dark Red in colour and my boobs are owal in shape. So it goes this way that once my mom and dad had gone to my native place for my cousins engagement.

I was at home(i did’nt went because my T.Y exams vere close by), i had a Boyfriend (my cousin). He had touched breast and my pussy many times but he had not seen them so he always wanted to see them. So that day i got a chance to make his wish come true . So called him and told him to come at my place as early as possiable. So within 3hrs (by 2.00pm) he was at my place. he knewed that my parents had gone to my native place.

So as soon as he entered my place and when i closed the door without wasting any time he pushed his hands under my shirt to hold my Boobs he was surprised to find that i was not wearing my bras so he quickly removed my shirt. i was all topless in front of him. and when he looked at my breast the first thing he said was “tumhaare nipples kaafi sex appealing hai(thick and big).he straight away satrted sucking my nipples.then he said”kya thumne panties bhi nahi paine hai main dehk na chahta hoo ke tumhari choot bhi sex appealing hai ya nahi” i said yes and he was quick to remove my paint at that time i satrted shivering. After removing my panties he pressed my chut really very badly it hearted me. so i told him “araam se dookhta hai, hamre paas bhaut time hai mere gharwale kal sham ko ane wale hai, so he kept rubbing my nipples and sucking them and also rubbing my pussy with his other had.

A friend (female) had told me that when ur Pussy is licked it feels great. so i told him amit bas abhi mere choolt ko bhi jara chaato and with out any words he started licking my Pussy. and after a few minutes i realised that it is indeed a great fun so then later on he also got full naked and told me to hold his cock (it was really hard and a bit warm) it was eally big (about 6-8 inches) he told me to take it in my mouth it was a bit of bad feeling but i over came it and started sucking it then i told him “thumne condam to laaya hai na and he quickly got it out of his pants pocket whish was lying on the ground he said (ek nahin teen tenn layaaho taki teeno phaine se tumhe jaada mazaa aaega aur yeh safe bhi rahe ga so i helped him put those condoms on and after that it was all his (my pussy) he told me “abhi tum bas apne phair phela ke sofe par leet jaao aur mazaa looto abhi aadhe ghante ke liye thumaari choot mere naam hai. so just did that.

Aur jab usne apna Lauda mere choot main ghoosaya to mughr kaafi dard hooa aur mai chilaa oothi. he said ek minitue satrting me dard hooga phir mazaa hi mazaa hai, aur jab usne mujhe chod naa shroo kiya to shroo shroo main kaaifi dard hooa )it was really painfull) lekin baatmain manoo ge nahin itna mazaa ayeya itna mazaa ki mai to apne hosh maion hi nahin thi. main bass saraa time chilaa thi rahi aur uske loude ko mere tangoo ko bich apni choot ke andhar bhaar hota dekhti rehai, aur who bus mujhe chood ta raha aur mere ball ko choosta rahaa. Phir sab hone ke baat mere choot ko masalte hoae bola tu bhoot achi ho. Aur bola abhi mujhe jaana chaeye (kareeb 4.30pm time ho gaya tha) phir bola lekin main tumhe thumhaare dress phinaaooga aur mughe mere kapde phina kar ek aur baar.

Ek haat mere shirt ke andar daal kar mere nipple ko dabaay aur dusre haat ki saare ungliya mere pant ki zip khool kar mere choot main ghoosa kar mughe mere hoto par ek lambi smooch dekar bola phir kabhi ayesa time mila to batana main udtaa hooa aajaaon ga.And I promise to all of u that the next time we get a chance to do the same i will give u all the exact description of my sex experience. So bye for now. Love sana

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