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Sex With Cousin And Her Virgin Friend

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Let me introduce to you myself. I am Advait, 23, post-graduate working in an MNC in their marketing division. quite tall, well-built, quite good-looking, humorous in disposition. Girls like me. I used to tell them stories which would interest every age group.

My cousins and nieces who are in good number used to get close to me just for the fun of it. One such cousin was Sita (name changed), 22, student for PG, tall and well-groomed. She evinced interest in sex with me and I used to bang her often.She is of the type who enjoys sex to the maximum and shows her pleasure in her face. When she is alone at her home, she used to telephone me and I used to spend a night and fuck her to her heart’s content. Sometimes when I am free I used to call her to come to my home,when nobody is there and we used to have a wild time.

One day she came with a strange request. Her friend, Rita, who was her class mate, who never had sex just wanted to have sex with me, in the presence of Sita. I asked Sita, what do you mean?You will start bringing your friend one by one and ask me to fuck them. No, not possible. Tell her to find somebody else. Sita became apologetic and told me that she used to boast to her friend each time she had sex with me and her friend very anxious and eager wanted her first sex experience with a kind and known person. What do you mean, her first sex experience? Is she still a virgin at the age of 22, I asked. Yes, said Sita. But upon hearing my experiences in detail she just wanted to have it just once and thereafter she may not come at all.

I asked Sita, to how many people have you told all you experiences. Laughingly she said no, nobody. Just oblige this Rita, that’s all. Please don’t refuse. Ok, what to do, it is my fate, I said. She said she will arrange the encounter at her home, when her parents are not there.All that I have to do is to go there when she calls.Thats all. I said ok. After three days, Sita called in the evening at 7 pm and asked me whether I am free and come to her place. I said ok. I drove down to her place, to her first floor flat and rang the bell.Sita came and opened the door with a broad smile and said thank you, Advait, Thank you and planted a kiss on my cheeks and ushered me in. I looked around and saw this new girl, Rita, stunningly beautiful standing shyly in the corner behind a sofa Sita asked her to bring the soft drinks and I sat in the sofa in great comfort. Rita, clad in a saree and matching blouse, with scanty make up came with the tray and bowed before me looking at my eyes and smiling. I took a glass and asked her to sit near me. Sita also came and sat.Sita introduced me her friend Rita who is also doing her PG. Sita said she was busy in the kitchen with the supper and that I had to make myself comfortable with Rita and other things. I got the message. I just pulled Rita closer and raised her face and looked into her eyes.

I ran my hand over her head and them softly smooched her on her forehead and then on her cheeks. She looked overwhelmed. Slowly I removed her loose end of the saree and looked at her boobs. I just touched them and they were very soft and erect.I just pulled her closer and kissed her on her lips. She was taken aback but responded well. With both of my hands I pressed her boobs and she was just closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. I unhooked her blouse and I asked her to unhook her bra and release her boobs.They were a beautiful pair of boobs with pink areola and pink erect nipples. I just brought both of her nipples to my mouth and licked and sucked them. She gave out a gasping sound and was breathing heavily. In the meantime,Sita came inside the room and asked me whether we have already started. I asked her how can I delay when such a beautiful dish is all available. Sita said that we will have supper at 9 pm after our familiarizing ourselves with each other. I said ok.She asked me to go to the bed room and remove my shirt etc. That was a signal. All three of us went to the bedroom and I removed my shirt and pant. My erect cock was bulging under my boxer. Both Sita and Rita undressed and were standing in their panty.Both were stunningly beautiful and were eagerly looking at me. I asked Rita to watch me and Sita starting.

But Sita said no, please start with her, I will assist her and you. I have patience and I will wait for my turn. But she is new and she has to be attended to first. I said ok.I went near Rita and embraced her. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and I slowly pulled down her panty. I ran my hand over her crotch and her pussy was clean-shaven and very soft to touch. My mere touch tickled her and she was squirming.Sita was laughing at her discomfiture. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She was stunned as if she has seen a snake. Sita and I laughed and pacified her. Sita to instil courage in Rita came forward, squatting on the floor took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it.Rita looked at me in surprise and wanted to follow suit. I asked Sita to move and to guide Rita to take it in her mouth. Rita first licked the tip and then opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue rolling around my cock.It made all three of us horny and I took Rita to the bed and asked her to spread in the bed with her legs wide open. Sita also helped her to keep her leg as wide as possible. I sat on the floor and licked her virgin cunt. It smelled sweet and I touched it with my tongue.Rita gave out a shriek and Sita put her nipple in the mouth of Rita. I made a elaborate search of her cunt with my tongue and located her clit and pulled it with my lips and sucked it softly. Rita was squirming uncontrollably. It appeared that she is already in the verge of an orgasm.

Her cunt juices, thick and milky were flowing freely. I got up and Sita helped to position my cock in the cunt of Rita. She opened the cunt lips for enabling me to enter.I inserted my middle finger inside the cunt of Rita and rotated to make it wider to receive my cock.The I inserted two fingers and after making sure that the hole is wider enough to hold my cock I inserted my cock and pushed it in slowly. It took time to make all my 7 inches to go in. I was patient and Sita also helped me and after the entire cock was in, I asked Rita how it is.She said it is fine, wiping her tears. It would have certainly pained her. I started my front and back movement slowly. Sita was keeping her hand over the clit of Rita to keep her arousal constant in spite of the pain. I could gather that she was nearing her orgasm.Her cooing and hissing increased and she moved her hip upwards and squirmed her whole body. I fucked her fast and finally we reached our first orgasm together. Sita said that is enough for the first fuck, now it is my turn. How can I be looking at you being fucked.Immediately Sita took the position of Rita when she went to the bathroom for cleaning. Sita was an experienced fucker and it was a game to fuck her. She said wait let Rita come and watch us fucking and enjoying. Rita came from the bathroom.Here we started our operations in full swing. My cock went deeply into her cunt and every stroke evoked a cry of pleasure from her. Rita was looking in wonder.

I asked Rita to give me her nipples to suck, which she gave willingly.Fucking one girl and sucking the nipples of another is a real pleasure. Both the girls were quite friendly and hence there was no problem. Our fucking session continued up 10 pm. Rita, Sita and again Rita and Sita. At 10 we had our supper and a small interval and started all over again.Fucking virgin girls was indeed a pleasure. Their cunts are fresh and we can teach them anything in sex. I taught them to mount me and fuck from top. Both enjoyed this since they were in control. Keeping the cock deeply inside, we ate in cream or fruits.Girls invented new postures to thrust their cunts in my face and make me suck their clits.Their initial shyness and inhibitions vanished and they took initiative to make my cock to rise after each fuck.They rubbed their cunt all over my body and took my cock to scrub their backs. I lost count of the number of times we fucked. However the girls enjoyed to the maximum and I too. In the early morning I was about to leave when they were planning our next session. I said nothing doing. They laughed and begged for one more session. How can I refuse when such beautiful girls beg for sex. I told them not to bring any more friends. I cannot manage more than 2 girls in one night. They laughed and agreed.

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