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Sex With Cousin

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hello Friends !! My name is Ali And I am an old fan of desipapa stories . Now I am going to tell you about my seacond incident that happened in my life just some months back . Name Changed coz my cousion also use net.

Well to start with I have a cousin name Payal . She is not very beautiful but her boobs are just great !!!!!! she is of 22 yrs of age and stays in Faisalabad . This June she had come over to stay with us for her holidays . She had some friends in Pune also . It was Saturday , and my parents had gone out of city for a weekend at their friends place . Payal told me that she had called her friend home . I told her that I am also planning to go at my friends place and return late evening . I left home at about 9 o clock in the morning . But due to personnel problem my friend had to go out in the afternoon and so I returned home early . When I came back , I opened the door with a duplicate key . When i entered the house I heard some funny , hot and different voices . So I slowly enterd the tv room and was shocked to see the sight . My cousin Payal and her friend Sunita were watching a xxx movie . A hardcore scene was going on at the time of my entry . I waited for awhile and saw the movie.

After 10 minutes I made a light noise . Payal was shocked to see me . Sunita was really terrified and did not no what to do . They closed the TV . But I told them that I had seen what they were watching .They begged me not to tell about it to my parents or her parents. Sunita was told to leave . She said sorry and left. Payal was still begging not to tell about the scene . This was the time . I told her that she has to pay the price to keep my mouth shut . she was ready and asked what I wanted . I told her that I wanted to see her bare breast and ………… . She was feeling uneasy but she accepted it .

Now the real thing started . We both started seeing the movie . At that time she was wearing Black skirt and Gray coloured top . While watching the movie I Got a real hard cock . I told Payal that its high time and I cannot resists . We moved to our bedroom . I hold her close and starting kissing her . Slowly she also got hot and started kissing me wildly . I removed her top and skirt . Beneath was a white bra and white panty . I removed the bra and wow what asight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two balls (size 38)I started suking her nippiles like a hungry child sucking mothers breast . She was just saying “oh ah ouch please slowly “I kept on sucking for 10 to 12 minutes. Then I removed my pants and we got into 69 position . I was sucking her cunt and she was sucking my dick . Within some minutes she got atleast two to three organisms. Her smell made me more wild . Then I told her that now I am going to fuck her in her ass. She said no , butI I forced her . I applied some ointment on my dick and

then started pumping her ass . She was moaning with pain . It took a lot of time to loosen her hard ass . But at last I succeeded and a big shot and her ass was full of my juice . We rested for some time . After some time I again had a hard one . Now this time it was her pussy . Her Pinkish shaven cunt .” It was like five star food for a begger!!!!” I slowly entered my dick in her cunt . She lost her virginity . She cried ” Please slowly Oh no , ah please…. ” Slowly and steadly she calmed down and I got rhythem . Now she was feeling great . Payal stopped moaning and said ” Cum On fuck hard . Faster faster you behenchod” . I was shocked to here the words , but I liked them as they were nothing in front of that fuck . I kept on fucking her for half hour and then a big load of juice came out . I removed my dick from her vagina and inserted it in her mouth . She drank most of my cum, . She said “great taste !!!! ” . By now we both were tiered . We both slept nake dfor next hour or so and then again started the same game of “hard sex” It was areal great day for me . I fucked har Four to five times that day . From that day we have met couple of times , and each time i have fucked Payal . She gives me total satisfaction !!!!

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