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Sex With Chachi

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hello am grate fan to, specially to fastasy I like to share my real experience with my friends .

Am rahul 20yrs ijust finished my bachelor degree. The lady in the story is my chachi she is very beautiful woman .she had greate shape with 34C 28 36, with light gold colour skin, her boobs like watermelons . she got a sexy smile with her Rosie lips.

My chacha is living in village, and is a former (land lord). They two person their family chacha&chachi, (no children ), I went to their home for summer vacations , it about one month tour, am feeling very comfort here special food items, and daily chacha use bring toddy, I like it very much .

T.V is the only entrainment instrument with 5 or 6 channels, so I ue cha with chachi . with in short period we become good friends, I like her frankness and she straight forward too..she all way use some local double meaning dialogs , then asked her about her pregnancy . her face become so sad, she was crying. “we went to many templesbut god didn’t blessed us”. So I want to change her mood , with some silly jokes. next day I took both of them to hospital and made the checkups, then I said that every thing is perfect. But the don’t know about the results ,the result is “my chacha sperms is too week that’ why my chachi didn’t got pregnancy”. One day me & my chachi talking with each other. i said chachi if u need child means u need real man power, she didn’t understand any thing then I informed to her about chacha’s defect.

After two day two day am watching the T.V my chachi sat besides, and moved close to me. our sholder was touching with each other but I never mind, her left boob touching my hand. After some time I felt that her hand was rubbing on my right leg . now I can understand her feelings, she need real man power. We both looking each other , how sexy she was today with white colour sari matching blouse with blossom. After sexy smile she hold me her arms kissed on my fourhead.i was exited little bit then I kissed on her lips . am squeezing her lovly lips, inserted my toung inside her mouth and exchaing saliva. This continued up to 15 mins

Now she dared to touch mydick . She was feeling so nice that hold my dick through my shorts and began to shake it. . She slep near to me and began to kiss me. I was only wearing the shorts and T-shirt without any undergarments. She was becoming horny and began to kiss me wildly. now she was completely out of controll. She took off my shorts and took it in her mouth. And started sucking it. I asked her what she is doing but she told me to calm down and begane to suck it. I hold her hands and kissed her in mouth . she also returned the kiss. While kissing I carresed her buttoks and one boob. She also liked it. She told me to take out her cloths so I took off her saree, blouse, bra nad panty.

We kept on sucking and kissing each other. I said “chachi u r too sexy and hot but u r in wrong hands of chacha who is a helpless he unable to give child to “. She said that she . Now she had got chance and will not miss it. I asked to suck it properly because she was going slow. I made her in 69 position and started licking her pussy. This was new to her but liked it. I put my tongue inside her pussy and satrted toungue fuck. She started moaning and told me ” suck it suck it fully and make me mad”. Due to this I slapped her ass and inserted one finger deep in her pussy and she moaned loudly “AAAAAHHHH OOOOEEEEE OEEOEE AMMA asked to do slowly, but I didn’t listened to her now I inserted 2 fingers and she was now screaming ” AAA AAAAHH OOOEEE OEEE NA NA NAAAAAA . now she had left my dick sucking and was screaming due to my fingering. I made her scream for next 20 mins and she came with her juices and moaned loudly ” OOOEE OEE OOOO OHHHH AAHH AAHHHHH. Now she was breathing heavily and began masturbate herself. I started sucking her ass and pussy and started rubbing my dick on her pussy door. Due to my dick heat she got excited and pleaded me to fuck her , slowly slowly began to move back- front and after some time inserted full 8 inch dick in her pussy and now took speed.

Due to speed and deep penetration she was moaning louder and louder and demanded for more . “fuck hard too hard aaaaahhh eeee oooo fuck me fast aaaahhhh umhhh umhhh” due to speed and penetration after some time she bagan to loose and said “AA OOO UMH UMH OOHHHH”. But I kept the tempo going on. After 25 mins dropped my juices in her pussy and fall on top of her.

I asked her “how u r felling , r u satified with me” then she says that she neve had this much of enjoy before, after this we both enjoyed with various sex angles. After 4 months I herad that my chachi got pregnancy. Often I used to go my chacha’s home, after few days they planning to shift to my town (chachi force). Send u r comments and real story to

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