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Sex With Calicut Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi, I am a regular reader and have never shared anything on an sites yet. I don’t think I am a good story teller and so I never ventured, but the idea of reading so many experiences, soe real and some fantasy made me want to share mine too. so here it is….

This is my real life experience that I just had a few weeks back while I was in Calicut. My name is Roy and I work for an MNC and am presently posted as the Regional Sales Manager for 3 southern states. I happened to be visiting our Calicut office and had to stay there for almost 10 days.

During these 10 days I had visited a few clients alongwith my team members to check on how they were faring as well as to close deals too. I also happened to visit one old customer whom I had met and sold products to when I was just a sales executive. It so happened that my team members had even got her to buy our new product.

She is an old lady in her 50s, with 2 daughters, and a son all working or settled abroad. Her mane was Geetha. Geetha aunty is not so beautiful to look at, she is dark and fat but she does have one hell of an ass and boobies that would put even the renowned Shakeela to shame. Uncle runs a gas agency and is nowadays more at home since he had an attack just some time ago.

She has a dog at home and loves gardening and cooks really well too. It so seems that she was having a pretty good sex life till uncle fell ill and so she was on the lookout for some action. I walked in to a familiar house, directed by my team mate and renewed my old acquaintance.

Aunty remembered me very well and so she invited me to lunch on a convenient day before I went back to my home town and I accepted. Accordingly I walked in on the next day and found that she was alone at home. She served me food and all went well, till her pallu dropped while she was serving me a glass of water. I was dumbfounded and was helplessly staring at her cleavage.

She just gave a smile and put back her pallu. After lunch, we were sitting and chatting when she told me that her husband was due only by 6 and her servant had gone for the day for some personal work. She told me her son was back in town from Saudi and had gone to Bangalore to visit his friends and relatives. Then she asked me why was I staring at her earlier.

I was shocked and didnt have a reply. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I just murmured a yes and then the next second she removed her pallu and showed me her cleavage again. I just went right next to her and touched her boobies and started massaging them. She closed her eyes and I gathered courage and started taking off her blouse hooks and freed her titties from her bra.

They were huge and she had large dark brown nipples. I started sucking on them, one by one and then she was very excited. She asked me to stand up and I obliged. She pulled me closer and pulled down my zipper and freed my erect dick from my underwear and started sucking me, Maaan, she was so good at sucking.

I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped and pulled up her sari and underskirt and I noticed that she didnt have any panties on. She asked me to fuck her there on the couch and I did. She was all wet and her pussy was too loose, but I kept thanking my lucky stars and kept fucking her hard for almost an hour.

Then she excused herself for a minute and went off and came back with some coconut oil which she smeared all over my dick and on her anus and she stood in doggy position on the ground, leaning over the sofa. Her fat ass was indeed a turn on and I entered her ass and this felt real good.

I rammed her hard as there was no tomorrow and played with her dangling tits and I came at least thrice before I withdrew from her and we went to the guest room bathroom together to clean up. After coming back she got me tea and told me that it had been sometime since she got fucked like that by a man.

She also did admit that she had fucked two of her son’s friends earlier when she was desperate. She invited me over during my next visit to Calicut and said her son would be gone in a few days and Uncle would get busy after that but I was supposed to call up and let her know my arrival date in advance

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