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Sex With Boss Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello Desipapa’s Fans, I am a regular reader of Desipapa’s Stories and I would like to share my second experience. First about my self, my name is Jatin 28 years old, I am born and bought up in Mumbai (Bombay), I am basically I am a Systems Administrator working with a local company in Mumbai itself. I am very sexy man with average body and 5’10” height. As I the Systems Administrator I only have to attend the service calls from my various companies. I was always fascinated by Desipapa’s Stories and was in search of having real fun. Just few months back my dream came true. The story begins here. One day when I reached my office, I saw a chit on my table saying there was a call from your boss house and he has said to call back immediately as soon as I come.

As it was Monday, there was a hell lot of work to be completed and I knew this was a serious matter. After completing my routine work I called up at my boss place and asked him what was the problem and he said you immediately come to my residence as I am about to leave from my residence to Delhi for some business work and my residence PC was not functioning properly as it is not able to connect to the net and I would not be in touch with my family members for a month or so. As I had already completed the morning work I went to his place. Reaching there I rang the doorbell, then a beautiful lady open the door. She was around 29 years old, with well-shaped big boobs and wonderful butts. Oh god what a site that was, she greeted me with smile. She was alone in the house as my boss had already left for Delhi. She guided me to her bedroom where the computer was kept. I started the computer and was examining the machine and she was sitting on the bed near me. As it was Internet problem I checked the Basic necessary setting and was shock to see that the history was full of Adult Sites. Seeing this I looked at her, she gave a naughty smile and went out of the room. I knew that was a good signal and was thinking to try my luck here. As she was out of the room I clicked on one of the link and opened a site to check the problem. The link got opened from the cache and had a picture of couple having Sex. Suddenly she entered the room with Tea in her hand. I immediately closed the Internet Explorer and turned to pick the cup of tea. Now what I saw was really shocking she had changed her dress. She was wearing a white transparent nighty.

I could clearly see her boobs through it. Now I was totally out of control, my dick was hard and trying to tear my pants. She noticed my bulge in my pants. But I had to control myself and continue my work, as she was my boss wife and I had a good image on my boss. After finishing the work, I gave her the necessary information which was required if the net does not function properly. She came near me and placed her hand on my dick. I was shocked, she asked do you really need to give me the information and took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I though in mind and said now who the hell cares about the image if the other person wishes to have sex with me and I drag her closer to me and kissed her lovely lips. We kissed each other passionately and I was enjoying her boobs with my right hand. I removed her nighty and saw her beautiful breast waiting to be released from her bra. She too removed my shirt and pants. I was in my underwear. I removed her bra and released her breast. She had firm boobs with her pink nipples erect. I started sucking her boobs like a crazy man. I squeezed it very hard till it hurt her. She started to moan “Ahha… Ahha… Suck it hard…. Oohh suck it, I was waiting for this Oohh Ahha.”. I laid her on the bed and undid her panty. I could not control the sight of her lovely leaking cunt and the odor of her cunt made me wicked. I started licking her cunt like a hungry man and she started crying and calling me by my name. Ahaa…. Suck my pussy…. Oohoo suck it hard…. You son-of-a bitch suck my clit. Ahaa.”.

I was shocked to hear such words from that mouth, and I was enjoying each and every moment of this. Then I inserted my middle and forefinger in her vagina and started stroking, simultaneously started sucking her clitoris. She could not hold it for long. Within a short time she came. I tasted her love juice like honey. She said she enjoyed it very much. She has always dreamed about someone sucking her pussy. Now you have fulfilled my desire. Thank you dear. Now I will show you what I can. With that she took my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it, as it there is no tomorrow. Wow!! She was really a good cocksucker. After some time she rested on her back and asked me to fuck her mouth. Dear, fuck my mouth and fill it with your cum. I want to taste it, she said. I went on top of her and started pumping her mouth very hard. After some time I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it without spilling any thing and she cleaned my tool with her tongue. Again she took it in her mouth and had a workout and within minutes my shaft was stiff again. She was also on fire. I made her lay in the bed and slowly inserted my penis and started moving slowly in and out. She started moaning with pleasure. Slowly I increased the speed and her moans became louder. Oh my dear please don’t stop Aahhaa make it fast I am in heaven. After some time I made her bend in doggie style and inserted my tool from behind simultaneously I squeezed her boobs. After some time I increased my speed and within minutes we both came together heavily and I exploded in her pussy. We were both exhausted and we rested in the bedroom holding each other passionately.

Then she told me about her marriage. She told me that she is very fond of sex. Her husband loved her very much. But he never use to suck or make her suck the way I wanted. In fact she was controlling her sexual desire all these years for fear of the society & her family. After that we got dress up and left to my office. Before leaving she said would meet me at some other place and not at home as this sexual experience made her crazy about me. Any girl or ladies wanted to be fucked or wants to have a short term friendship can mail to me their problems and I would be glad to fulfill their desires, at: I hope you liked my story as I have shared my sexual like for the first time I would like your comments on the same. If you need more please contact me at the above email address and I would share my first sexual experience which made me so desperate to have sex.

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