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Sex With Bomb Boobed Servant

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Let me start my story by describing myself. I am 24/m/chennai. I am 5’3″ in height and have 8″ thick dick. I had always been having desires to experience sex with different women, so had eyed all the women who came accross my day, Like my family friends Aunties and specially my maid servants. I must express my desirous to all of you that I am made for having sex with Married womens and aunties (specially those who are not satisfied with there mates), bcause I think I can just fill there lonelyness with my blasting desirous.

Coming to the point, Once our years old servant left our place for her village for getting married and so we had to arrange for a new maid servant. I still remember the day when it was her 2-3rd day and my parents had left for a dinner and where expected to come home late. Dont know but something happened to me and due to summers I removed my traousers and came out of my room. I was wearing only short T-Shirt and my aundies which where not visible, giving an image that I am not wearing them at all. I legs are as it is very whitess in colour. The moment I came near the kitchen that new maid was shocked to see me and busrted out by saying & smiling “Hey Raam.. Bhaiya”.. My naughty mind started working on her reaction and I starting thinking on it. I then moved inside the kitchen and started talking to her and giving her staring smiles.. and sat on the kitchen shelf. Her eyes where totally on (shocked) on me and was smiling contineously..

Then I just moved out the main door (I was living on the top floor) and switched of the MCB so that light of my whole house goes off.. This gave me a chance once I re-entered my flat. she was looking for things in dark and it gave me a chance to grab her asap. She didnt try much to spare herself but we had a fun hug and I pressed her for few minutes.. Although much didnt happen that day but the fire started between us.. Now came the 1st complete scene between both of us when once my parents went out of station on a weekend. We both where alone at home and it was Saturday night. The moment I returned come at night knowing that no body was at home.. I grabbed her and started pressing her boobs.. she then said “Bhaiya leave me and ran in the lobby..” I chasing her made her enter in my bedroom and there she fell on my bed. Holding her hands from above I started kissing her for which atlast she started responding.. and then the major fire started between us. I removed her suit top and bra and started suckingn her creamy, soft soft sexy breasts.

I love pressing them by holding womens tits.. and she started groaning on it.. she then removed my shirt and started sucking mu buds. I removed her salwar and black panty and then she removed my aundies.. we where bare on the bed and rubbing on each other and producing high voltage heat.. i licked her cunt and moved my toungue inside which made here shout in massssti.. she then insisted sucking mu hard 8″ cock abd licked my balls… I then took her the edge of the bed and bend her doogy styled (my best sex pose)… wearing my condem.. then I pushed hardddd in her tight cunt from her back and she screamed “Haiiiii choood daalaa… faard di tuneey merii… ab le le aur le… maachood de meri… mere har chedh mai daal tu upna lund… ” and I was pumping her at 440 Volts… ahhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh…. I could hear the noise of my pumps in her pussssy…

I know ways to pump a women in 6 different pleasure ways.. all which I tried on her and made her get fuckedmore by me.. she said “Aur daaalde mujhme aur… ahh ahh ahh ahh ahha hh ahahhahahhahah.” All the night we had fun and didnt sleep.. for the next 2 days till my parents where not back home.. we had the cun of our life time.. I still remember last time we had sex I could feel that her cunt had opened and was not the one which I ripped the 1st time… her pussy had basically freed opened cause of our very regular sex.

My bad luck cause of a call from her village she also had to go after some days.. and we had to keep a new maid.. who was a sulking 50 yrs old. I dick doesnt even stand looking her.. All desirous women, unsatisfied… specially aunties & Married women living in Delhi, willing to know me more or willing to let me know more about them, may email me on I am also available to meet them incase they are eager… Enjoy ur life and Have fun of life

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