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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

This is my second post  to desipapa and second experience that I had with a bisexual guy and his wife 6mnth back. I am originally from Coimbatore, now in Chennai 6ft tall 2inch tall average built guy(26yrs), this happened when i was traveling by bus from salem to chennai. after 1 hr .A couple got in (it turns out they were NRI s), their car was repair ,they sat near me she was about 5′ 6″ tall and thin. She was  in her early  to mid 40’s. She had small breasts, probably a b cup, but to  me they looked great. As I spent more and more time , I noticed  that she was always wearing blouses with a  scoop neckline. he was also mid 40s they looked very decent  . im bisexual ,but have been before only with a couple before and that too 7yrs back.

He sat near me and i was covering myself with a bed sheet ,it was very cold and my mind sparked with a fantasy with the  couple I had before .i remembered my time with the couple, how I held sucked him and simultaneously. I had tried many times to find a bisexual couple but in vain. i gently put my palms on both his and my thighs as though in sleep, for some time there was no reaction, then his fingers pulled mine to his crotch, then I knew that this was it .i gently put my fingers on his erect cock waiting to be unzipped .i release his cock and it was about 5 inches but thick

I started shagging his cock. he was enjoying it , i felt a hand on my cock he was massaged my cock. He moved forward and let the head of his cock touch my hand. I took hold of it and stroked it. Suddenly i  felt a hand over mine .it was his wife’s hand. she took my hand off. he took his hand off me and they started to talk in a very low tone that i couldn’t understand .then she asked me to sit in-between them .i sat between them ,then she asked me whether i fuked only men or women also. i said i loved both. she then asked us to be quiet in the bus and  lets get home.

When I went into their bed room,. His hand went right to his crotch and he began rubbing his cock. He  had already started the porno before I came in was already pumped up. I sat next to him.he said his wife to watch and join later and we watched the movie. . There were a few scenes with a BJ in them and I could tell he liked that. During one of the scenes I asked him if he liked that and he told me yes. I reached over and began rubbing his cock thru his pants and he stood up, released his belt and took his pants and underwear off. Then he sat down and I began rubbing this nice cock. When I felt the time was right, I got up off the couch,.t. He did stay away from my cock, but still it felt good to me. I got on my knees in front of him and began to play with his cock using my hands and then lowered my mouth to his cock head.

I slowly licked and sucked his cock feeling it grow larger in my mouth. His hands were gently running thru my hair and he was giving off a low groan. We gradually moved to a 69 position, he also started sucking my cock. i reached out and began to stroke his already hard dick. He leaned back and closed his eyes and softly as I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the swollen head. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I moaned as I slowly inched it into my mouth, swirling my tongue along the shaft as I took him deeper and deeper. mmmmmmm then I ran my mouth along the sides, left and right, licking his shaft, and tasting his pre-cum. Then I began to bob my head up and down, sucking his throbbing I pulled his cock out and caught my breath for a minute, while I stroked him and admired how hard I made him. He commented on how good I was at sucking dick, and I smiled and said I enjoyed sucking nice big black ones like his. He also was suking me wildly, we both were about tocome

I could taste his precum. This was making me do my best to make him enjoy this BJ as best I could. He whispered that he was getting close to cumming, and I could feel his balls tighen up inside as I massaged them. I kept working his cock with my mouth and tongue which I know drives me mad, and it had the same effect on him. I could tell when he started to thrust slowly that he was really into this. I used both my hands now, one on his balls and the other near the base of his now fully erect cock. I kept up the same pace, not going any faster so that he would not cum too fast. I worked him for at least 20 minutes before I knew he could not wait another second. When I knew he was ready, I held my head steady and he pumped my mouth. His hands were shaking on my head as he held it there and pumped. Finally I could feel that pulsation and knew that he was cumming. He cummed into my mouth and it spilt all over,

His wife started sucking me, She was sucking me wildly. And after few minuets she opened her blouse. She opened blouse and it slid down to floor. She climbed on bed and as my cock was stood like a pole, she started to suk it lik I mad

She spread her legs wide in V shape and expose her cunt to me I went between her thighs and sat there she hold my cock and putt on her cunt hole. I push my dick in her hole with a little force as my cock was really bog and thick so I enter my dick in her pussy first slowly, then fast. she starts shivering now as her 1st sex. I asked her this is not your 1st fuck why you are so crying and moaning. She caught my hips and squeezed them by now and wrapped her legs around my waist and said me that this is not my 1St fuck but she has never get huge and thick cock like this in her life. My dick was so large and satisfying she said. That made me to fuck her more hard I was fucking her now very deep and hard as her abuse talking made me more exciting. Now I was also felling exhausting so I increased my speed to pumping her and she increased her screaming. And after four five minuets this exercise I felt that I am coming and I said her I am coming. She said come in my pussy. And I sprayed my semen in her pussy. I laid on her for a while and my dick was still in her pussy. She was kissing my lips. I was on her chest pressed her boobs to my chest.

We three lay tere for some time, then she asked me to suk her pussy, to which I gladly agrees and started suking , then he came near me and  asked me to suck him also ,I took turns altenating then we three took turns suking and fuking each other ,he wanted to his ass to be liked ,and I bit his ass and liked his while she was suking mine, then she asked me to bit her ass,then I bit her ass ferociously. I proceded to lik her ass and spread it wide , I liked her ass hole,he started to suk my balls and cock, my cock started to grow in size in his warm mouth,I started suking her vagina ,she spread her legs open while he was suking me hard , she asid him to suk me good to prepare me for a good fuck ,then he bit my balls lightly and said me to fuk her good

I pressed my cock into her pussy hole and as I pushed it, my erect cock slid easily in to her wet pussy. As my cock went in her pussy she sighed in very sexy voice aufff hhhh ohhh. Now I started to and fro movement of my strokes in order to make my cock go and come out from her cunt. Her cunt was too hot. She grabbed my ass from behind and squeezed them by her nails that made me more excited and my dick became harder. She was an expert woman and knew all that how to exploit. I was fucking her now very wildly, as she was my fantasy from a long time and when I reached to her now I couldn’t control my self. She was moaning very loudly just from beginning. She was not only a beautiful woman but also was too expert. I was sucking her marvelous tits and she was plying my ball and squeezing my hips.. As she was always in moving her all body so her bangle were sounding, that made the surrounding very sexy. She was arching her legs upwards thus I was increasing my speed more and more. She was throwing her hips upward to my cock to receive my cock more in her. She was accommodating my every stroke very passionately and expertly. She was moaning highly now. And asking me to increase my speed more. She was demanding more for my cock. She was receiving a swift to and fro motion from me very excitedly. She was moaning and asking me to increase my speed and also asking for more my cock.. She asked me please do it at least fast and I was fucking her very fast and my dick was touching her pleasure zone which was giving her extra pleasure and she was moaning yaa yea yes yea this is right do it right this. Fuck me now as you can you was very yearning to fuck it. Don’t gratify your wishes in your heart. Today you have chanced to gratify your ambitions. She was now in her full excitement. She was going to encourage me to fuck her hard and fast with her these abuse words in so sexy voice and moan and sibilating. This is unforgettable pleasure in my life. I will never forget it. She became more excited with this and was jerking her hips. I was pumping her too hard and fast; she was also trying to give me lot of pleasure from her side. And at last after a long time I came in her.

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