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Sex With Biology Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi to all fans. It is with my biology teacher when I was studying in inter. I was very attracted towards her, she was our biology teacher also and I was the class monitor. she liked me and she was around 36. She was very nice, good looking, her husband was professor in the university but she was not having any kid.

Let me tell u how it happened, when I was in first year she was taking our practical class and was telling about frog dissection, when I was doing practical she was standing so close that incidentally I touched her boobs. Then I felt a sensation and to my surprise she didn’t move, so I was in her body touch for quite a time, then she just said something and put hand on my shoulder, doing so she pressed herself towards me and I felt her boobs softness on my shoulder as I was sitting on a stool and she was standing than that day after practical class, she asked me to stay as she had to check the practical copies, she asked me to collect copies of all the student and went in side her room, all student gone and I entered her room, she was sitting on side tables of room on a stool, she asked me to give copies one by one, and she started checking them.

I was standing on her side and when she was checking copies, unki sadi ka pallo thoda khisak gaya and I can see her boobs from upper side of her blouse. Seeing her boobs I felt excited and mera dick hard honey laga, I came close to her and next time when was giving copy I came so close that my dick touched her on her side behind her hand. I remain standing for sometime and she kept on checking the files, in the mean time unhoney apna haath kohni sey thoda peechey kiya and by doing so she almost rubbed my dick with her hand.

That day it was the only thing happened as after some time next batch of student came and I went to my class. Next week we went to see a exhibition, when we were moving in a row, she was behind me and when ever I stopped I felt her body against me, when we went to next room she was in front of me in row, now she when ever stopped I touch my self with her and on one stall. When they were demonstrating something, I was standing so close to her that my hard dick was touching her in side, I moved further and my dick was now touching between her hips valley, she also moved some back and my hard lund was now almost rubbing her hips, than she moved when going to next room and she gave a smile towards me.

From that day it becomes a routine whenever she is in class or in practical, she or I accidentally touch each other, and I found that she is attracted towards me. one day she gave me copies of otter class and said to me that I should deliver them to her home, she said she is not feeling well and she will go to doctor and then will reach home. That day after my school, I went to her home, It was around 2, in the summer, when I knocked her door she opened door, I said madam ye copies, she said ok come in and put them on table on other room than I went inside and when I was in, she was looking very tired I asked mama aapkee tabiyat to theek hai, she said no, I m feeling very pain in my body, I asked have u consulted doctor she e said yes and he has given some medicine and ointment. She asked me Arvind can u do one thing, go to medical store and purchase those medicine, she gave me slip and money, I went to purchase that, it was some pain tablets and ointment. In short, when I came back she was wearing a sleeve less and some transparent gown and was wearing bra and panty under it, it was visible from outside, I gave her the ointment and said can I go now, she came very close to me and said to me thanks, u helped me a lot today as my hubby is also not here and I m alone, he will be back after few days. She almost hugged me and said ok, I asked if any thing more u wants tell me, she said no now nothing and I came back, but her beautiful figure and her soft touch when she hugged me was in my mind and was so much excited that masturbated just after reaching home. That day all night I was just thinking bout her, next day when I went to Scholl she was not there.

I thought she might be not well so after two period, I went to her home to see if she is ok as those period were of her practical. Jab mai unkey gahr pahoocha aur bell bajai to thodi der baad unhoney khola, she was not feeling well I asked mam kya hua u r not feeling well, she was even not able to stand well, as she was taking the help of wall while standing, she said yes I m feeling very pain. I said I m sorry that I disturbed u, she said no, come in and asked me to help her to move in other room, I gave her support, doing so she was almost in my arms. she put her hands on my neck and I was holding her unhoney upna hath mere galey mai dall diya and my hands were covering her, that way we went to her bedroom, from sides and I was feeling softness of her body.

When I holed her AND took her to bedroom, she almost fell down on bed and doing so her gown mover up from legs and I can see her beautiful & fleshy legs. I was also now sitting on her bad, I just put my hand on her head and said oh mam u have some fewer. She said yes I m feeling very pain in my body, and she said when u touch my had I felt relaxed.

I asked, kya mai aapka sar daba doon, she said nothing and nodded her head in yes. Than sitting on her side I started pressing her head, she closed her eyes, and said she is now feeling good while I m pressing her head and she moved some more closer to me. She put her hand on my thies. when I was pressing her head, after few mints she said tum shoes uttar kar aaram sai baith jao, I m feeling good as u r doing so. mainey upney shoes uttar diye and again I was on bed now unhoney upna sir bilkul mujshey milakar rakh diya, when moving my hands on her head I again felt her hands on my thies. She was in the same transparent night gown her eyes were close, I was now feeling excited, was seeing her boobs and she was saying ohhhh ohhh when I was pressing her head. She than started pressing my legs, thies very lightly, and than she moved her head more near to me and changed her position and now I was also some Half sitting half lying position, her face was just opposite my dick. Now she almost holed me from my hips and her nose was rubbing my dick and my hands moved down from her head to her back. She said ohhhhhhhhh, press my back, I m feeling good, us samai tak mera lund bilkul khada ho gai tha,, she said ohhhhhhhhh, press my back, I m feeling good, us samai tak mera land bilkul khada ho gai tha, she said me to rub her back and saying so she stared rubbing her mouth on my dick, now my hands moved further and I was moving my hands on her hips. Now I was almost on her.

She moved her legs and doing so her gown moved more up and her thies was in front of my eyes. I moved further down and put my hand on her thies, she said nothing, she holded me more tightly. I moved my hand upon her thies and my hand started moving on her thies, now she was saying nothing and suddenly I noticed she is opening my zip. She opened my zip and than when she was unable to remove my dick she unhook my pant and that time my hands almost reached unto her panty. Now my hands were moving on her hips under her gown, her thies and than she lowered my pant and underwear and taken my land in her hand. I was so much excited that I fell on her and she left my land and pull me on her, her gown was now up, unto her waist, than she her self removed her panty and pulled me on her.

I was between her legs now, and she holed my land in her hand and put it on her pussy hole I pushed my land and it atonce went in her pussy she e was holding me tightly and saying ohhhhhhh, all the time her eyes was close. I started stroking now dick is not fucking her pussy very fast and I could not control my self and finished in just few strokes, when finished I at once got up and zipped my pant, I put shoes and said now I m going, she was still lying closing her eyes, and I get out of her house and I was so much worried, that what I have done, what she will think, she can repot etc when next day went to Scholl she was there, when she saw me she smiled and said how r u, I said ok, I asked how u r mam, she said I m ok. That was how it happened I did with her several time aftar that, but we both never talk any thing about that. She often called me say, please Arvind deliver these copies to my home and she tell me the time when she will be at her home, I go there, she say nothing just open door, and than I hug her, we goes to her bed, and again all that, she always keeps her eye closed.

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