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Sex With Aunt Suji

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi this is Ramesh from Chennai I am go in to share my true incident which happen with. I was born & bought in Delhi & I came to Chennai for my job. In Chennai my uncle ( Perriyappa ) is staying with his wife, Sone & auntie ( Attai ). This story is about me & my aunt ( Attai) her name is Suji, she is 32 year old with figure of 36-30-38 she is fare whit smile face. I am very close to my aunt, she is unmarried due to some Dosham in her Jagadam she is not getting marry.

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This incident happen in 2009 that time I was 25 year, I got my job in Chennai so my parents told me to stay with my uncle. My uncle having 2 bed room house in Chennai. In one bed room uncle & aunt use to sleep & other bed room Suji aunt & Ravi my uncle son use to sleep. After my visit to their house they shift Ravi in their bed room, me & Suji use to sleep in 2 room.

I having very good repo with my uncle they use to take care of me very well. I joint my office days was running normally. I was not having any wrong intention about Suji. She use to take care of me like cloth ironing, my food, if I am getting late in office she use to wait for me till I back. I thought it all because I am away from family she is taking care for me.

Me & Suji use to sleep in same bed it is double cot, we use to talk for late night in many topic but we never talk about sex topic. But some time she use to come very close to me while talking use to keep her hands on me & use to say to keep my leg on her. One night we was talking on some topic suddenly she ask me, do you have any girl friend, I said no, I asked why she asking this, she said nothing and kiss me on my for head.

Since that day I seen some changes in her, she use to hug me, use to kiss me on for head & chin, cracking non-veg jokes. One day while talking she said to kiss her, I was not understand what to do, again she said kiss me, I kissed on her chin.

Next day I seen her very happy, on that day I came very late around 11.30 PM she was waiting for me. I got fresh & we had our dinner, then we went to our bed room for sleep. after small chat she come near to me put her hand on me & said to put my leg on her, she was very close to me where

I can feel her breath on my face slowly she bring her hand to me head push me to her & she kiss me on my lips immediately I said what are you doing this is wrong. She said ok again thing become normal.

After some time again while talking she kiss me, this time I was also feel good because this is my first kiss by a women. She was kissing very passionately. Our heart is beating very fast I can feel it. I also become hot and kept my left hand on her right boob, immediately she hold my hand & start press on her boob.

I was in heaven her boob was very soft feeling like feather cushion.

After 10 min we separated & I change my hand to left boob, she adjust herself for my access, I was enjoying the movement her moan was come out ha ha ha ha ooooitsss haaaa press it hard ramesh please oooooo in mean time my cook also grown to hard & was not touching my cook to Suji I was pushing myself back ward. Then she removes her pallu for my full access I can see her tidds from her thin blouse it peeping out.

I embarrass after seeing it, started to press her both boobs from my hands she start to moan louder ao ao ao ao ao ao ha ah aha aha aha aaaaaa press it more daaa. While pressing I opened her blouse hook one by one I seen the black bra I unhook the bra also I was in heaven after seeing her white boobs I become made & start to crush it like made she was enjoying it & encouraging me amukku da naalla amukku ( press it hard ) after 15 min of boob pressing she toke my one hand & place it on her cunt over the saree.

I start to feel her cunt rubbing it very slowly over the saree after that I slide my hand into the pavadai touching her soft legs & went up to her cunt I slide my hand under her panty she was full of wet under there. I insert my one finger into her cunt she come out with loud moan hooo eeeeeee ah ah ah ah ah held me very tight on her, my hard cook touch her body she feel my cook touch & slide her hand into my shorts & hold my “7” hard rock tool & start to playing with my cook.

I was fingering her & sucking her tits I slide her full saree & pavadai & start to look that wonder full seen of fingering her cunt after that I slowly move to her cunt & start licking it & she was press my head to her cunt & moun chopu da nalla chopu un athai pundai after hearing these words from her mouth I insert my full tong into her cunt uuuuuuuuu oooohah after some time she came into my mouth I like the taste of it & drunk full cum of her.

She pulls me on her and kiss me on lip & taste her cum. She got up & remove my short & under ware my tool was in full swing she hold it start playing with it. I was feel in 7 heaven , I said her to take in mouth but she refuse & after 5 min I cum on her boobs.

She clean herself & myself with her saree & remove her full dress now she was full nude in front of me. First time I seen nude lady. She remove t-shirt also, I am also nude now. She hug tight & start kiss me all over my face chest. I was playing with her boobs & she was playing with my tool. Again my tool become hard.

She laid on bed said me to come on her cunt was carry light hair on it. I laid on her feel her wetness on pussy she is virgin so I face problem to insert my 7 cook into her cunt its keep on sliding her & there. She took my tool in hand guide to her cunt told me push it I apply the some force & my 3 inch tool went inside into her cunt & she scream in pain uueemmaa I was scare of her sound & stop for some time again she said to apply some force

I did it this time its went full into her cunt she hold me very tight & I remain same possession for some time after that I start pushing back my tool out & start to do in out slowly, my tool was full of blood & her just she start enjoying the moaning in please ah ah ah ah ah ah yes yes yes pump me pump me faster I increase my speed she was pushing from her side also after 15 min fucking she come I also come same time. I laid on her for some time.

Sex With Aunt Suji

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