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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

A sequel of my previous experience, zubihaq, am going to narrate my new sex experiences. After fucking my boss, chaudhary sahib many times on the office table I tried to explore new guys. I earned a lot of luxuries in return , but I couldn’t show it to my husband. I wanted it through my husband and finally I got a chance when my husband had a chance to get promotion and he suggested to invite his boss at dinner and so on.  I showed a little anger but quite happy from inside, so after a little hesitation agreed. We planned a dinner on weekend and I made special arrangement for my new fuck.

On the assigned day I wore a bright red sleeveless shirt, which had  quite low neck showing a good view of my cleavage and all my curves, with a silk trouser. I deliberately wore it quite below the navel as the sides of my shirt were open till my brazier strip. A netted dupatta was unable to hide my busty beauty. My husband had an envious look at my sex appeal and tried to kiss me but I teased him by refusal.  At around 9 my husband, boss arrived and we welcomed him warmly. He was a middle aged stout person, named Afrindi, of around late 30,s belonging to a rich zamindar family, wearing white starched shalwar qameez, with a thick gold chain and multiple rings, and red fiery eyes. I felt exciting by future imaginations. He made a descriptive look at my body and praised me by saying to my husband as u r very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. During the conversation he continuously stared my boobs. After a short chat my hubby left to bought nans and drinks and I started   to serve the dinner.

I made arrangement on the carpeted floor and every time I bent to put the dish I exposed all my boobs till the nipple, I could feel the heat of his eyes over my body and he was becoming desperate to fuck me. After serving the last dish I looked at him, he was staring my boobs, I winked and it was the green signal for him. He moved to grab me, but I had planned to tease him so moved to kitchen. He wanted to kiss me but I gave him the string of my trouser he pulled it and my trouser fell on the floor. My milky thighs were fully exposed. I ordered him to suck my cunt and he obeyed like a sex slave ( I wanted him to be). I was resting against the sink and he moved his fingers over my butts, squeezing it and began to move his tongue over my pubic hairs and making a circle around it moved it inside my cunt.  A sensual current moved into my body, he sucked my cunt, bit my clitoris and inserted into my anus.  I cried with pain and pleasure his tongue was moving all over my thighs and anal verge and I was shivering with excitement, I was going to cum but suddenly the door bell rang………… my husband was back, the climax stopped suddenly and I wore my clothes quickly.

We enjoyed the dinner but he was looking quite frustrated as he missed a chance to fuck. I was enjoying the situation. After some time my phone bell rung it was my neighbor but I called my husband and according to plan he made an impression that his friend had an accident and he had to leave immediately, afrindi,s eyes became flushed on hearing this news. My husband excused us and left the home by saying that he will come by the morning (green signal for his boss). As soon as he leave the home I locked the, removed my trouser and moved to the balcony. My flat was on the 9th floor and the rear side was quite dark so nobody could see me. I held the grill and moved my ass to invite him, he hurriedly moved, removed his shalwar and thrusted his Lund with all force, BEHAN CHOOD, GANDOOo  I cried with pain he forced  more deeply and I cried Ahhhhhhhhhh

He grabbed my boobs from the back, kissed at my back and started to move rhythmically  Yeeee   Ahhhhhh I started  to enjoy. The cold breeze was moving my hairs  and a completely stranger person was fucking me in open air. He pumping me and I was responding by moving my butts. He fucked my gand for ten minutes and then we both cummed. We moved to the living a I offered him a glass of milk mixed with dry fruits, he was glad with the treatment. I was still wearing my qameez as he was. Now sitting in the living I asked him to slowly remove his cloths and he did it in a sexy manner. He was standing completely naked with a big round black lund, then I ordered him to dance for me, but it was the maximum I can get, he became uncontrolled and grabbed me strongly I couldn’t  resist and I didn’t want to. He ripped apart my shirt and snatched my pink lacy bra and within seconds I was stark naked (the treatment I wanted to be). My boobs had grown to size of 38 with big red nipples. He bit my nipples, sucked my boobs deeply leaving love marks holding my hairs moved my head to suck his flaccid dick. I holed it with both hands. Moved my fingers slowly in a seductive manner and licked his glans with my wet lips. Slowly and gradually I started to swallow it and moving my fingers over his balls. His dick was responding my lips and again ready to fire. He lifted me in his arms and moved to the bedroom.

Kept me on the bed, moved my legs apart opened mu pussy lips and entered into my pussy aaaaaaahhhhhhh I moaned and groaned with pain and pleasure, he was kissing my breasts and his moustaches was making a tingling sensation. He was moving rapidly, in and out. I was moving my head here and there urging for a hard fuck. My pussy was all wet dribbling it,s juices, tensed and wanted to eat all his dick. He was reaching his climax, ready to cum but just before it he withdrew his penis and loaded all his cum over my stomach and boobs. I was all wet with his cum and he started to lick all my body and I t made me cum too. He fell beside me after this and I looked at him bas thak gaye  itni jaldi. He responded it quickly and said lets enjoy some thing different. He called some one and after few minute my doorbell rang. I was all-naked so quickly wore my nighty but he moved to open the door. It was his driver sher khan , a young pathan , with a bottle of wine. He brought him in the home and didn’t bother to wear the dress. Also he pulled my nighty and made naked for his driver. I was a bit shy as two completely stranger guys were in my home at around mid night in such an obscene manner. He offered me the wine and I could’t refuse. I drank first time and became more exotic. Now they both started to have fun with me. Afrindi lies on the bed and put my head over his dick and forced me to suck CHOOS KUTTI RUNDI and I obliged quickly with this appraisal. Sher khan also entered in pathans favorite side my gand  and it was almost bursting it.

I was sucking one cock deeply and the other was bursting my ass I was in the seventh heaven RUNDI KE TERA CHODO AUR ZOR SE GAND MARO   MERI   I was crying Ahhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeh come on  fuck me harder fuck me and the both were moving at there fastest rhythm. Af ter some time they changed their positions and made sandwtich posture and fucked me upside down after that I was in no control they were fucking me like machine and  I cummed multiple times. They fucked me around ten times in my pussy, anus and mouth it ended at around 5. He told me that he had the best fuck of his life and asked me whether I want more fun and how could I refuse such a magnificent proposal. He asked me to wear nighty and locked the home and moved to the basement. Every one was in deep sleep in the apartments and he sit me in his pajero. Once inside the pajero he closed the black window glasses and removed my nighty and throw it outside the car. The sher khan was driving the car I was stark naked in the car he couldn’t wait ot reach the home and I began to give him blowjob. The cars were passing besides us  I can see them but nobody could see my naked body I was in the greatest lust . we moved to a big bungalow in defence and walking completely naked  I moved to his giant sized bed room, there were nobody in the house except a female servant. I lived there for three days and never touched my clothes. I used to watch xxx movies, enjoy delicious food and nothing to do except FUCK FUCK and FUCK.

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