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Sex Story Of Prasanth From India

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

I am prasanth writing from Chennai, India. I want to tell u a story which i about to publishas desipapa story of the day.

I am studying in Chennai. My native place is Visakhapatnam.My age is 19yrs old.I am studying Engineering IInd year.Once in a year we have holidays to go to the native place.On the occassion of New year we have gone to our natin\ve place.There in opposite to my house there used to live a family.In that familythere daughters.The elder one is studying “+2” .She is very sexy.In my street everyone want to fuck her.

My mother is a school teacher.She used to teach mathematics.That girl’s name was sujatha.We r new to that area.Her helped us in everyway.That’s why I used to be too close to every one in that family.One day in my house My mother went to market withher mother too.As my mother gone out I started seeing a xxx movie.I forgot to close the amin door of my house.I was watching the movie very anxiously.

Suddenly SUJU came into the house asking for something.I Had taken out my dick and pressing it very hardly.She saw me doing like that through the window.But i did’nt saw her.She gone back into the house.I heard a little noise and istopped watching the movie.after i had gone out to see that anyone is there or not.buti saw suju laughing there.I asked her why r u standing there .She told me that “I saw everything”.Idid’nt understand her words.Iassked “What u had saw?”.she answered that she saw my dick.Then i told that “If u show urs alsoI would be very nice.But she refused.I forced her.After some time she in the night after 10 ‘o’clock wait upstairs on the terrace.I was to get the night .It wassharp 10’o’clock in the night.every one in my house r sleeping.

I slowly opened the door and gone to upstairs.She was waiting for me.There was a small room on the terrace.We went there iasked her “Do u really like me?”.She told “yes”in a light voice.I slowly kissed her lips she got shivered.I started kissing her very deeply.She tried to refuse me.But idid’nt left.Iplaced my hands on the boobs of her .This tme she dind’t say anything.then I took her jacket,bra pantie and every thing .she was lying on the bed with a nude body.I took my dick and placed in her mouth.She enjoyed it verynicelyt for nearly 1/2 an hour.After that i Kept my into her white pussy.And we enjoyed verymuch ourselves.

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