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  • September 14, 2015

I am big of .This all started during this summer about 4 months ago. My wife and children had gone to Karachi my hometown for vacations. Due to my job I was to stay back in Islamabad, my adopted town. I live in one of the few luxury apartments in the city where most of the people are stuck up and usually don’t know who is living next door (culture of Islamabad).

Exception was a couple that was our next-door neighbor Lubna and he husband Salman who was in garment business. We have good relations with them and socialize with them occasionally. Salman is usually out of city/country on one pretax or other.

Coming back to summer vacations, on one Thursday I left the office after reading a lot of desi stories and horny. I picked up the food on the way and an xxx CD from the rental store. After reaching home and having my dinner I sat in my living room wearing a Taup (Arab men dress of long shirt which comes to the ankles) and played the CD. This CD was hottt, as it showed nice women in different variation of sex with well-hung guys. I was smoking and started to play with my lund, which is about 6”. Suddenly the door bell rung, I stopped the VCD and got up to open the door, their was Lubna, my neighbor standing at the door excusing to knock at this time of night (10 pm). She was wearing a house coat over her nighty, let me tell you about Lubna, she is about 5’.4”, beautiful round face, luscious lips, curly hair, fair skin, 36C(I found later) nice tummy and ass to die for. I asked her what’s up, she said Salman is not home and my son has a fever, do you have any children medicine. I said sure come on in and went to children’s room to look for the medicine. Once I came out with the medicine she was still standing on the main door, I handed her the medicine, she looking at the cigarette in the ashtray said, “I didn’t knew you smoke” I told her “only when I m lonely and bored”. She smiled and thanked me and left.

Thinking about her I went back to the movie and started watching after about ½ hour my lund was hard as steel and I was thinking about masturbating for some relaxation. Again the doorbell ring and I paused the CD to check out the door. Lubna was standing there in her housecoat with the medicine bottle. She said I wanted to return the bottle, I asked how is your son and told her there was no hurry cause I wasn’t planning to use it tonight. She smiled on my comment and said, son’s temperature is down now and he is sleeping with the maid. I asked her to come in if she would like to have a cup of coffee. She said she is tempted to come in but not for coffee but a cigarette. I said sure and asked her to take a seat closing the door behind her. I lit two cigarettes, one for her and one for myself and set down on the sofa across from her. She looking at the blank screen of the TV asked me what was I watching, I told her aaan nothing just a boring English movie. She looking at my crouch (which showed a significant bulge) smilingly said I don’t think it was that boring. I just smiled sheepishly and ask her if you like to watch she, taking a puff from her cigarette said why not I was feeling bored as it is.

I played the movie than only she realized that it was a complete xxx rated. I saw her face turning red and I asked her if you want me to switch it off. She said no its OK, I enjoy these movies sometime with my husband. I saw her cigarette was about to end, since I did not wanted her to finish the cigarette and go I lit up another one for her any walked across the room to give her another and took the previous one from her hand. I had to bend down next to her extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray, doing that my arm rubbed her breast, which felt very soft and confirmed my suspicion that she was not wearing in bra. I just sat down next to her and posed as nothing has happened; to my utter surprise she did not moved from her place either. Now we were sitting right next to each other, me with a bone hard as a rock and she face gleaming red hot face. Our legs touched creating a spark and on the screen in the meant time a hot blonde was giving a blowjob to a 12” cock. I commented that I can bet this is a fake cock; she laughed and said are you continues of your size or jealous. I said jealous, she asked why how long are you, I simply said 6”. She smilingly said same size as my husband. Good! came out of my mouth, she just looked at me and said yeah!

We both were talking double meaning talk and no one was taking the lead. Than I thought to myself “ abay chotia this is the time to make a move or apna lund aik mahenay taak haath may laiakr ghoomta rahay ga” with this in my mind a lazily put my hand on her thigh, she looked at me and just turned her face towards the TV. Her thigh was burning with her body heat, I slowly started to move my hand up and down, she still did not make any move to avoid the rub. I was getting bold and desperate I just rested my hand around the junction of her legs and pussy and started playing with my fingers around the nape of the pussy. She opened her legs a little and put her hand on mine pulling it towards her breast. This was the encouragement I was looking for. I just pulled her face to me and started kissing her, she responded by opening her luscious lips for me and my tongue started probing inside her mouth. Her tongue doing the same we started exchanging our saliva. She was hot as a red pepper and I was hard as a steel crow bar.

With my hands I started removing her coat and my mind blew off, as she was not wearing anything underneath and her breast had not gravitational pull on them. Her nipples were standing like two prunes waiting to be eaten. I wasted not time and started eating her nipples and rubbing her breast. She was arching her back with her eyes closed. My lips were all over her body her ears, eyes, nose lips, neck and than back to her nipples. She was moaning with pleasure. I lower my hands inside her coat to find her pussy was clean-shaven her and was dripping wet. I put my one figure in her pussy, which went in as a knife in the butter. She sighed calling my name and grabbed my hard lund from top of my long shirt. She said Zubair take off your shirt, which I did urgently and she immediately grabbed my lund and asked me to come in 69 position. Once in the position on the sofa I started lapping her delicious choot, which was red as strawberry and drinking her juice, which was coming out, like a leaked faucet. She in the meantime started sucking my lund like an ice cream. She nibbled on my balls and than started tugging on them with her lips one by one.

I was using my tongue like a small dick poking in and around her choot, she was shaved and chikni as marble. My assault on her pussy was yielding more and more juice from her pussy along with muffed moans coming out of her stuffed mouth. After the onslaught of the pussy I turned attention to her ass, which was soft as a feather pillow. I started pressing it with my all might and poking my tongue on her asshole. She jumped and said my husband never touched me their and it feels great. I kept doing what I was doing/enjoying with her choot and gand until my tongue got tired and dry as a bone.

I turned her around any put my tongue in her mouth for the much needed lubrication. Than lifting her on my shoulder I took her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and again started chewing on her clitoris. She was heaving with pleasure her breast jumping up and down I put my hands on her nipples and my mouth busy eating her choot. She said Zubair I cant wait any longer I want you in me NOW. I lifted her legs and opened them in V shape and started rubbing my hot lund on her choot. She just pushed herself on my lund not wanting to wait any longer, I also pushed my self in her hot choot. It was stretching to accommodate my lund and she was out of control with ecstasy. She told me to ram it in, which I did and she gave out a loud scream. With one thrust I was completely in due to the wetness of her choot. I stayed there without moving for a minute enjoying the warmth of my friendly neighbor. She started to move herself and I just stood their feeling the claw like sensation of her pussy. Than I also started to move lying on top of her crushing her marvelous boobs with my hairy chest. She was moaning with every push and held on my back hairs to hold herself from my deep pushing. My lund which was now easily 7 ½ inches was going deep inside her hot pussy and her mouth was open with voices of aaaah oooooh coming out from it. I kept ramming into her for 15 minutes while our bodies wet with sweat even in the air-conditioned apartment. After 15 minutes I felt I was ready to come and I told her I cummmming she just used her cunt mussels to tighten the grip on my dick giving me the signal to cum inside her choot. I started to spray her inside with cum which was of unbelievable intensity. She had cum twice during this time and I just dropped on her body like a log.

After about 10 minutes we just lay there kissing and fondling with each other’s parts she complimented me on such a beautiful session and told me I lied to her about the size, as my dick was much bigger and fatter than her husbands. I smiled and thanked her for the reassurance and started biting her nipples. She exclaimed, do you ever get tired. I said with you NO! She said Zuabir I want you to enjoy me until your wife is not home, I asked and “after that” she said we can think of something.

By this time I was hard again and she started playing with my dick and balls she pressed it between her breast and I started rubbing it between these beautiful mounds of pleasure. I than turned her around and started fingering her asshole. She again jumped up and said “hey! May yahan say bilkul kunwari hoon”. I said I have tried all your holes except this one and why not lose the virginity of this hole tonight. She agreed to it but asked me to take it easy and do it slowly. I was more than happy, I used some Nevia cream on her asshole putting my finger all the way in and opening the beautiful winking bud. I told her to relax and enjoy the ride, with that I started to insert my dick in her shit hole. She first gave out low moans and when I pressed harder my disk went ¼ inside her ass, she screamed with pain and I put my hand on her pussy tugging on her love bud. That diverted her attention giving me enough time to force my dick all the way in. she screamed again but I was not listening I started pushing in and out slowly, after three four jerks she started moving her ass along with my dick enjoying the pleasure given by me.

I kept pumping her ass for about 20 minutes enjoying the tight grip of her ass, looking down on her ass hole with my dick coming in and out. She was mooning with pleasure saying Zubair jaan tum nay to aaj chudai kaa sahi maza day dia. May ub tumharay alawa kissi say kaisay chudwaoongi. I told her Luba jaan tumhay jaab meri zaroorat ho ajana, may tumhari choot or gaand ka diwana hoon aur tumharay mummay to mujhay pagal karday tain hain. Talking this dirty made me more aggressive and she in the mean time was Cumming again as my hand never left her choot. She screamed again Zuabir main phir choot rahi hoon tum please maray saath chooto. I started pumping her with my full force with my fingers still playing with her pussy. I blasted along with her in an earth shaking orgasm. This time we were both too tired to move and just slept in each other’s arms. Around 6 am she got up and hurriedly put her coat on and said I have to take my kid to school. She kissed me again putting her tongue in my mouth and said Zubair jaan may yeah raat kabhi nahi bhoolongi as it was better than my wedding night. I pressed her boobs and told her whenever you are in need you know where to find me. She left smiling and I went back to sleep.

At around 8:00 am I was waken by door bell, I cursing under my breath opened the door to find Lubna standing on the door, smiling freshly washed, asking can I come in my friendly neighbor. I just smiled and let her in closing the door behind her and grabbing her tits from the back.

That days story some other time…..In the meantime any friendly neighbor woman, girls, of any age wants to have good company in Islamabad, Lahore or adjoining areas feel free to send me an e-mail, satisfaction and secrecy guaranteed. My e-mail is

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