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Sex Simran Ki Mast Chudai

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

hello!! this is Akash (changed) from Gguwahati (Assam). i have read nearly all the stories on this site and decided to share my first encounter with sex with all the other fellow readers. This is a encounter with a chat friend simran.we were friends for more then 1 years we use to chat about everything from daily work to sex once we decided to surf sex site together . it was 14 feb we decided to celebrate the day together as her parents went to shillong for a day and they will be back the next day only so she called me in her home. as for the planned i reach her home the moment her parents left for shillong ie at 5 in the evining. i ring the bell and she opened the door she was wearing a nighty i asked her to do so.she was looking great in that first i wishes her and given a card and chocklates .

She said bas aise hi wish karoge. i replied adner aane ke liye nahi kahog! i.then we went in her room straight way and i said tumhare liye gift laya hu bura to nahi manogi she said ok where it is then i hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips for more then 10 minutes after kissing her i asked her kaisi lagi gift she said aisi lagi and she too kissed me on my lower lips .after that we sit on the bed and we chatted for nearly 1 hour then she said tum thora bathoge mujhe kuch kaam hai meine pucha kya kaam hai she said i havent taken bath i will be back in 15 min then i said ok come soon then she took the towel and went in the bath room after 5 min i knock the bathroom door and said simran someone is on the door she open the door wearing the towel meine usse apne baho mien le liye aur kaha mein to majak kar raha tha. usne kaha tum bahut naughty ho gaye ho and try to close the door i too went inside the bathroom .

Tumko bhi nahana hai kya mein kaha ha nahana hai thne i hugged her and open her towel usne kaha ru! ka na tumbhi apna kholo first i said ye to tumhara kaam hai then she opened my clothes now we both were totally naked thne i started playing with her breast she said dard hota hai i said kaha she give a smile and point bata nahi sakti thenm i point to her pussy and asked her yaha kya. then hugged me tightly aise na dekho thne we started kisising each other i kissed her forehead then cheeks and then lips we kissed each other for nearly 20 min.

Then she said its cold here then i ask lets go out she was looking gorgous in wet body. hten we stood near to each other and were kissing each other . then we sat on her bed adn i started kissing her breast and she was making sound like ahhhhhhhh thora uar aaaaaaaaaa tum kitne ache ho bahut acha lagta hai paheli baar aisa feel ho raha hai. then she took my dick on her hand and started caring and plying with it by now my disk was hard like a iron rode she ask me ye hamesa! aise hi raheta hai kya i said na lakin jab tumse chat karta hu na tab aisa ho jata hai and then i stowly keep my haND ON HER HIP THNE THE LOVE SPOT i founf it wet and little sticky i asked ye kya hai ye Gum kaha se aaya then she smiled and tumhare wajah se hi too nikala hai ab tum hi puch rahe ho gandhe kahi ke then i slowly inserted one finger in her pussy she started moarning slowly aaaaaaaa akashh thora aur …. aur plz aur thora aur thne i inserted my full finger she was enjoying the every second of it then she said tumne ye sab kaha se sikha hai i said site mein dekha tha then i take out my finger and inserted 3 finger this time she said dard hota hai but i didnt care and inserted the fullmof it then i slowly started fucking her with finger she started liking it and was morning like anytihng she was also playing with my dick and nearly after 15 min she release her first cum it was so hot i ws thrillled then she said akas! h aaj tumne mujhe zannat kaq maja diya hai then she bend on her knees and started kissing my thigh and after some time catch hold my dick on her lips and saw towards my face i asked her kya hua usne kaha kuch nahi then she started kissing and after sometinh sucking it i was feeling like i m in heaven i hold her head and help her to get it maximum and nearly sucking for 20 minutes i said her thsaat i m about to reach the extreme leave it she said no i want to drink it and started sucking it with more speed and with in 5 more minutes i cum on her mouth she drank whole of it i can see the satisfaction on her face then she stood upn and sat on my lap thne i hold her breast from back and make her lay on the bed then i was above her kissing her breast and then i came dopwn and reached her love spot it was still wet then i kisses there and she make a sexy sound whixh make me more arose and i inserted my tongue on her pussy and startrd sucking her li! ps there then after doing so for 10 min i fucked her by tongue she was moarning in pleasure while doing so i was squeezing her breast then after 10 minutes she cum again it was her second she said ahhhhhhhhhh na drelease her whole cum in my mouth and didnt not stop here i was continueing with mt activity she as saying ah aur nahi mein mar jaungi ek hi din sab kar doge kya but after some time she was again moarninh with pleasure and Cummmmm after 12 minutes after that we sleep holding each other and then i lay over her and thnalks for the lovely timeshe said thaks to u and hugged me tightly while doing so my dick touches her pussy i said ruko lets take protection then she said dont worry i have taken the pill and she said jo aaj tak chat mein karte thew woh kar do and then i inserted my dick in her as she was wet i dont have to use any lubricate then i started punping her and shew was making sound like aaaaaa uuuuuu honeyyyyyy! y jor seeee aaaaaaaa uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh akash i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then blood came out but we didnt stop and nearly 15 minuts i release my whole cum inside her pussy she hold me tightly and kissed me on my lips for more then 15 minutes thne we got up and cleaned the bed and sat on the sofa and talk ………. she tanks me for the great valentime day and asked me whether it was mine my sex experience i said yaa it was her first also then at arounbd 11 in the night we have our second roun\d that i will tell u in the secind time ANY GAL INTERESTED IN ANY KIND OF ACTIVITY IN AND AROUND GUWAHATI AND JORHAT CAN MIL ME WE CAN BE FRIENDS FIRST THEN IF WE THINK THAT WE CAN VE VERY CLOSE FRIEND WE CAN GO FOR IT BYE FOR NEXT TIME

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