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Sex On Jaipur Trip 2

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015
Finally the second last day came of our trip. In last four or five days I did not masturbate at all nor i talked with Ishika even once. Although once I pressed my penis on her ass while we were standing in the line for dinner and thankfully no one had noticed us.
At around 9 o clock everyone was ready to go for sight seeing and once again we made some excuses and did not go for it.As everyone had gone i went back to my room and was waiting for Ishika to come.I waited till 9.45 and lost patience, so I called her up through intercom. She refused to come to my room and asked me to come to her room. I didnt have any problem at all and took my wallet and condom and went in her room.
I knocked the door of her room and in no time she opened it.I was surprised to see her and I quickly closed the door so that no one is able to see her passing from corridoor. because she was wearing mini skirt(rathermicro mini skirt) and an extemely short top.I can say that I just couldnt see her breast and her upper thigh and the rest of her body was clearly visible. When I asked her from where did she get these kind of clothes she said she bought it from local maket.
After that I started kissing her very badly. We were really loving each other. While kissing only our lips touched each other nothing else and my eyes were closed(i think hers were also closed). After kissing for a very long time, we both really gave a very tight hug out of love to each other. Then once again I kissed her but just for a second.
I started pressing her boobs. I pressed them badly. I also tried licking her top even that was fun because it gave really sensational feeling. She was enjoying a lot. Then I decided o remove her top. She was not wearing a normal bra, but she was wearing a colorful lingirie. She looked good. The lingirie just covered her nipples otherwise the edges of hr breast were clearly visible. i started kissing her on her sexy breast covered by equally sexy lingirie. Then i moved down and unhooked her skirt, the skirt fell into her feet in no time, n when i saw her panties, it ws another surprise. I stood up and i realised that it was not a lingirie but a two piece bikini. When i asked her whether it is a bikini or something else, she told me its a 2 piece bikini which she has bought from traditional markets of Jaipur. I again kissed her very badly and she also responded well. i went one step back n took a look of her body, she looked sexy and i felt like watching her in the same pose for the whole day. But that was not possible as she wanted sex and fun.
So i unhooked her bikini(the bra part) and her breast popped as they were dying to come out. i removed it completely from her body and threw it away. She also removed my t shirt and threw it away. She started kissing my chest. She was liking my chest. Slowly she came down near my stomach n naval and was kissing and caressing that part of my body. Side by side i was giving a handjob to her lovely perfect sized breast. She slowly reached to my only private part, ie. my penis. She started kissing my jeans and was sucking my cock covered with the jeans. She opened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She pulled it down. By the time she removed my underwear, i removed the jeans completely. Now I was completely naked(it rarely happens that boy is 100% nude before girl, it happened this time).
She took my cock in her hands, it was already dripping with precum. She just gave a couple of handjobs and took it into her mouth. WOW I cant tell you how good I felt. It was a kind of relief.She was sucking very badly. It was a wild blowjob. She was going mad and making me mad too by her excellent strokes of mouth fuck. Soon I cummed in her mouth. She drank maximum of my cum which was within her reach. And gave a great relief to me.
Now it was my turn, to give her pleasure. I lifted her in my arms and she was surprised. She said “oh!! what are you doing?” Actually I was just picking her up and putting on the bed. I also went on the bed and i sucked her nipples. It was making my cock hard again slowly. I was sucking the nipples very gently, which she was enjoying. then after some time I heard her voice other than moaning she said ” My pussy is itching a lot, plz  do something” I saw her hand rubbing her pussy over her panty of the bikini. i went down I removed her panty compltely and finally she was fully nude. I spread her legs and saw her pink pussy by opening a little bit.It was wet. I took the position 69 so she can make my cock hard again and i prepare her pussy for a good fuck.

I started fingering her pussy first. Last time I was not able to enter more than 1 fingers in her pussy, and this time i felt a scope for the third finger also. I felt proud on my cock which had made her pussy quite bigger as compared to last time. When i insterted my third finger, she moaned very badly, but she was havnig fun, slowly i entered my third finger also, and she was enjoying. She had made my cock hard and it wa ready for a fuck. But her pussy was not ready yet. Now started sucking her pussy. I was licking it well. She enjoyed licking more than fingering, after some time she was ready.

I applied a condom on my cock. and guided my dick to her lovely pussy. she shouted in enjoyment aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I pushed a little bit more, now we were comfortable and started pushing each other. Slowly our pushes were increasing. I was very excited so I started pressing her breasts. She moaned more ooooooohhhhhhhh. We continued for sometime. She invited me closer to her face while my cock was till moving to and fro in her pussy. And kissed me we had a smooch and were moving up and down side by side.After some time she had an orgasm and all that came on my cock covered with condom and a some on my pubic hairs also. Then i also feel the pressure and I discharge my cock from her pussy and remove the condom and start jerking off. She invites me to cum on her breasts and apply my cum as a lotion on it. I do the same and discharge all my cum on her breasts. She spreads all the cum over her body and licks some of it by pulling up her breasts.

Then v both lie down on the bed for sometime.After sometime she invited me to the wash room. I thought she would be calling me to clean up the body.When I entered the bathroom I was surprised again as i saw a water tub half full of water and covered with rose petals, and the fragrance in the bathroom was excellent.I got really excited. I invited her near and gave a kiss on her face and said thank you for arranging such a good day for me. She smiled and blushed away. She opened the tap pf the hot water and filled the tub maximum with water.I asked her to do one more favor as the water was getting filled. She asked “what?” I said “can you please wear that bikini for this tub fun?” She said ” Sure my love. I would love to.” She quickly went out and came wearing that sexy bikini. Without wasting much time we jumped in to the tub.

We could feel each others body quite nicely. She looked at me with lot of love in her eyes and said “I LOVE YOU” and I didn’t reply but straight away kissed her and then said “I LOVE YOU TOO” We both stared at each other for sometime. And the again started kissing each other. This time the kiss was quite long. We were smooching very deep and enjoying it a lot. After sometime we stopped smooching and I started the foreplay. I licked her lovely cheeks. then i came down and gave a bite on her neck. I pulled her up and made her sit on the edge of the tub. Her body was covered with lot of rose petals. I started from her feet and started kissing and removing those petals with my mouth. I slowly reached up to her thighs, they were really nice, soft and fair. I licked those. she was enjoying a lot and moaning a little bit in between too.Then I started to play with water and threw some water on her she also got excited and started throwing on me too. After sometime I hold her hands forcefully and ensuring she doesn’t do so any more and hugged her tight. And I asked her, “What do you want? Tell me. I will definitely try to give you that.” She said like that day will you fuck my ass in the bathroom itself?” I replied “why not i wold love to do so.”

I invited her down back to the tub and turned her around on her knees in doggy style. I removed the lower part of bikini and pressed her ass cheeks. I opened the ass hole of her and started licking her ass( Although I don’t like to lick the ass but that day water had made it very clean)i was licking with my tongue as deep as possible. After sometime i brought my fingers into the play. I started figuring her ass hole initially with only one finger but slowly made it to 2. She was replying really well to my foreplay.From doggy position her pussy and her ass hole both were approachable. So I used a trick I was figuring her pussy once and then her ass hole. I was quickly changing my position between pussy and ass. Then I used both my hands inserted 2 fingers of one hand in her pussy and other 2 in her ass. She was really enjoying. And I was also having the same fun. She was all ready for a fuck in her ass. i quickly jumped out of the tub and she asked “what happened?” i said “getting the condom.” She asked “But why do u need 1 in the ass?” I just replied “Just wait and watch.”
I went out and took a condom and put it on cock before I reached the bathroom.

I quickly jumped in the tub. I guided my cock to her ass hole.I really pushed it in. It really required a lot of pressure to push it in. She did not moan but shouted, OOUUUUUUUccccccccccchhhhhhhh. Once cock was completely in evrything was fine and under control. Now she started moaning. aaaaahhhhhhhhh, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, eeehhhhhh. All sorts of noise which you enjoy only at the time of sex. I was side by side finguring her pussy with one hand. I took out the cock and quickly insterted in the pussy. and she shouted”Oh no!!!!!! wowwww!!!!!. Lovely i fucked her pussy for minute or two and then shifted back to her ass hole. This time she said ” You are such a big bastard.I wonder how many girls have you fucked before?Yo are so good”(this was my first time actually rather second time before with her only). I continued this changing policy for sometime between ass and pussy. After sometime she said “now plz fuck my ass hole but without that CONDOM and make sure you cum in it.”. I obeyed her and removed my condom . I hold her both the ass cheeks and increased the motion. Soon i reached the climax and cummed in her ass hole. i kept my cock inside  but after sometime it shrinked as small as a cock of 10year old.

We both sat in the tub for sometime and then moved out and took a small shower to remove rose petals from the body. We both started wearing clothes( She wore normal jeans t-shirt, not that bikini). I said Bye to her and gave good bye kiss to her.

After coming back to Delhi also we met a few times for reducing our lust. If you liked my experience please write me on

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