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  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hello readers, this is Asif(fake). I am from Karachi and would tell u a true story of sex which happened to me when i was in my 11th mail id is . First to tell about myself, even when i was in 11th class i knew a few things about sex and i was willing to learn a lot about sex. at that time i used to see the xxx movies being put in the cable channels in the mid nights. i have a large dick which is more than 8 inches. i used to mastrubate atleast 3-4 times a day to satisfy my hunger for sex. i used to imagine about the girls in the xxx movies and mastrubated myself. it was at that time that my uncle got married. my uncle was 28 but the lady to whom he was married was just 22. that means she was just elder to me by5 years.
Her name is saima(fake) she was beatiful and sexy to the core. she had big round ass and big breasts. she had long hair which touched her round ass. it will look sexy when she walks because her hair will touch both her ass while she was walking. she was fair and had a size of 36-28-38 due to which her breasts will be a great feast to watch. my uncle is a person who will always go around pakistan for his business purpose and will hardly find time to spend time with his wife. since he stayed near to our house i used to go there often. there i used to watch my aunt work. since she will wear nighties while doing work at home her clevages will be visible and will make me hot. also when she sweat while doing work, her bras could be seen through her nighty which will be a great scene. even if she wears saree her saree will leave way for her breasts to be seen through her blouse as they will be wet. since she was almost of my age she used to be free with me talking about all stuffs like what i like and she likes, sports, guys, my girl friends, passion, movies, heroines, etc. etc. when ever i go to her house she used to serve me food sitting next to me and when she bends to serve me food i tried to sneak into her nighty to see her breasts. and many times she used to rub her breasts on me and give a smile. she is also a girl and so she could not control her sex feelings. one day my uncle asusual my uncle went on a trip and this was for ten days and so asked me to stay with my aunt for her safety. i said yes and went to her house.

I knocked the door and my aunt opened the door. she was wearing a silk saree which was attached to her breasts revealing most size of her breasts. her nipples could well be seen. i seems she was sweaping the floor and her saree left place for her blouse to be seen. she was gorgeous. she asked me to come inside and she said let me complete the job and then we can have food. i said ok and take your own time as i was feeling happy to see her work which will make me hot. she was doing her job and i was doing my job. while i was eying her breasts and round ass of her, she saw me looking at her. with a smile on her face she continued to do her job. she turned around and removed one of the top buttons of her blouse which made her breasts easier to be visible to me. i thought that it had unbuttoned itself while she was doing her job. when she completed the job she was wet and i could clearly see her nipples through her blouse. then she asked me how was it. i thought she asked about her job and i said cool and good. even then she didnt bother to adjust her saree properly. then she said that she wanted to take bath as she was sweating a lot. i said ok. when she went inside i switched on the T.V. where i saw a english movie where the villan was sneaking through the hole of the bathroom door to see the heroine take bath. that gave me an idea. i also tried to look my aunt take bath. to my luck, i could see her taking a shower. she was fully nude. the whole of her breasts were visible.but the picture was not clear since the hole was not big enough. i think she was hot because she then inserted her fingure into her pussy and was fingure fucking herself. she pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. i was totally hot on seeing this and my tool got big and hard. finally she came out of the bathroom wearing a nighty.

It was clear that she didnt wear bra inside and her nipples were seen from outside partially. that made me even more hard and there were tent on my pants. she saw the tent and asked me what happened to me. i said nothing happened but i wanted to piss. since tha was an attached bathroom and latrine i had to wait. she laughed and asked me to go. i went inside and pissed coz i could not mastrubate coz i will let out moan sound and she may hear it. after that i told that the place is hot and i had to take bath. actually i was hot and not the climate. my aunt said ok and gave me her towel. i took it into the bathroom and then removed all the clothes. i stood under the shower naked and took shower. i could not control myself and i decied to mastrubate. but wait, what am i visualising? i think i saw some movement behind the bathroom doors. i know that it cant be anyone other than my aunt. i became even more hotter. i looked around and saw my aunt’s bra and panty. i took it, smelled it and started to rub them to my dick which by that time was rock hard. i know that my aunt was looking at all these from behind. but i didnt care because i wanted her badly.

After mastrubating myself, i washed all the cum and my dick and came outside. my underwear and banian were wet and so i askedmy aunt to give me my uncles lungi. she gave me it and i wore it. after that we had our dinner. while serving it i saw my aunt. i think she was hot after seeing me nude and mastrubating myself.i could see her breast was erect and her nipples were hard. she rubbed her breasts on me deliberately to arouse me. but i didnt show any reaction. in the night i slept in the hall where the T.V was there sothat i could watch the xxx movie being put on the cable channel. so i acted as if i had slept. but to my horror, my aunt came to the hall by 11:00 pm and switched on the T.V. i saw her operating the cable channel on which xxx movie would be telecasted. and there came the movie. my aunt saw me to verify whether i was awake. but i was acting as if i was asleep. the movie was hot enough to arouse both my aunt and me. my dick was hard and it was becoming even more harder. suddenly it started raining and the climate became cool and chill. my aunt wanted some heat to warm herself. so she came towards me. she saw whether i was awake.but i closed my eyes acting that i was asleep. but what she saw made her hot. she saw my tool straightened because of the movie. my god she really was damn hot. still the movie was running, but neither me nor her was interested in it. but we were interested in ourselves. immediately after checking whether i was awake, she lifted her nighty to move her hands through her thighs and left her hand upto her cunt. she started to rub her cunt. she took her hands to her mouth applied some saliva in her hands and inserted her fingures into her cunt. with her other hand she massages her breasts.

She unhooked her nighty buttons and took her breasts in her mouth. she bit her nipples hard and was also working on her cunt. after seeing all these, i was too hot and my dick was hard and solid like iron rod. i moved a bit forward as if iam moving in my sleep and she also moved a bit behind. her back hit my hard tool which was so hot. when her back hit me she saw me to check whether i was awake. but i was not. then she touched me. even then i didnt give any reaction and was still asleep. then she got courage. she lifted my lungi and saw my dick and was dumbstruck. it was soooo big. she started to massage my dick. she found that my dick was hard and hot. then she gently kissed me. my god! u should ask some woman to kiss it to find out the pleasure i had at that time. my whole body shivered. but i didnt show any reaction yet. then she started to take my dick into her mouth fully. she gave me blowjob through her mouth. it was at that time that i acted that i woke up and asked my aunt, what she was doing. she was stunned and said that there was some insect running on me and she just checked it out. but i showed the TV and asked what was that. she became embarraced and said that was a movie and she was sorry for waking me up. i said that aunt what you did was excellent and i liked it a lot. she acted as if nothing happened. then i said that i knew everything from what she saw when i took bath till what she did till now. she was happy to receive this comment. she asked whether i would like to have her. i readily accepted it . then she said that whatever happens should be within ourselves. i promised her that. then she gave me a passionate kiss in my lips.

It was a long one and we let our tounges speak inside our mouth. they played kabhadi inside our mouth.while that was happening our hand also started to play. her hands were around my dick and my hands were playing with her breasts. i squeezed her breasts, pinched it so hard that she yelled. i thought it was paining and left her nipples. but my aunt said that it was a great feeling and i liked it. so i again started pressing and pinching her nipples. we were so hard and so we had a competition as to who will remove their dresses first. but to my surprise we both removed out dresses at the same time coz it was not that i didnt wear any underwear, even she didnt wear any panty or bra inside. we both were nude and we again started kissing eachother wildly. then she kissed the head of my dick which was like a rock. she got her saliva in the tip of her mouth and applied it in my dick. she swollowed my whole dick. it was hard for her. but she some how made it. while she was sucking my dick, i rubbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. her nipples became harder and it aroused her.i could hear few moans from her. she licked my balls and then played with them for few munites. i said my aunt that i was cumming. she said ok and took every drop of the cum in her mouth. then it was my turn to suck. i sucked her breasts and bit them hard. even though my aunt had pain, she controlled it because of the pleasure she found in it. after a few munites of sucking her breasts, i went down to her cunt. it was wet with her precum. i smelled it and it was damn good and made me mad. i tickled her clit and she bit her lips by herself because it made her feel for sex.i pulled her pussy with my mouth so many times and left my tounge into her pussy to make her even more hot.i was licking her so hard that as i expected she started to say that she needed me inside her. i asked her whether she had any condom. she showed me the place and i wore one condom in my dick. then pinching her nipples, i started to explore her cunt. i started to dig my way inside her cunt. her cunt was bit small but since it was wet to the core, i didnt have much difficulty in finding my way in and soon enough i went in with ease. but she definitely should have had some pain because i could guess that from her facial __expression. then she herself lifted her hips a bit up and pressed her upper part of cunt to get relief from pain.i thought she should not strain herself. so i caught her hips and moved my hands to her ass. it was fleshy and was like a spongy cussion for me to catch hold of it.

I liked it a lot and pressed and squeezed it as if it was a sponge. that helped me to get more easy access into her pussy. even though her cunt was smaller when compared to my long hard dick, we enjoyed every bit of it. i was fucking her fast and hard as time passed and at last we both reached our climax. i said her that iam cumming. she asked me to release my load into her as iam wearing a condom nothing will happen. i did as told by her. then i took my mouth near her cunt and left my tounge into her pussy and also left my fingure into her cunt. i fingure fucked her so hard and atlast she also released her load of cum. we lied in each others arms for few munites and then i said her that i want to fuck her again. but she said that we still have 10 long days and not to waste our energy on the first day itself. but we can have smooching. i said ok and we started to kiss eachother and we had oral sex till i cummed out. then we cleaned up ourselves and slept on the bed next to eachother naked. next day morning she woke me up with a passionate kiss in my lips and said that my uncle didnt have good sex with her and since from her early days she used to mastrubate herself she was feeling for sex and now i satisfied her and she also asked me to keep this secret and i have to satisfy her on all the 10 days and she also told that we can see xxx movies sothat we can get more ideas about how to fuck. i promised her to do so and we enjoyed all the 10 days till my uncle came. iam writing this mail after asking her permission. now she moved to Lahore because my uncle went there. but even now if i go there we enjoy ourselves when my uncle goes to office. now all the ladies whether married or unmarried, all the girls, all the aunties who are not satisfied with their husbands sex life, note down my mail id. its please mail me to give ur comments. also if u want to have sex with me write me along with ur details. i would like to have sex with and satisfy u. hoping to receive ur mails soon.

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