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  • September 19, 2015

Hi to all readers.Thanx everybody here to provide a platform for express our desires and our experience/view reg. our intimate moments. This is one of my true exp which happens to me one and half years ago.

I’m 26 5’6″ avg looking male living in ludhiana now. I must tell u abt my feeling reg Sex. First introduction 2 Sex-world happened 2 me during 7th class in school seeing some porn mags and cracking adult jokes. Then I went for my non-med education in chandigarh. There i learnt everything reg. this Fun and happiness. but i never ever tried to have sex with any female. I saw my friends fucking some horny females in our room at Sec-15.but from start i was known to AIDS. Then till end of Engg. studies it was adult mags, mastrubation and some xxx movies kept me busy but my internal desire was to have some one with me. I always see Having Sex as way to explore Happiness and respecting partners desires. just inserting and cooling off within 10-15 min is nothing. I always desired to have a very nice first exp from a exp female(or married one as i really like married females) and it happened in Pune.

One and half years ago i got chance to appear for some interviews at Pune after doing my Engg. I had no one there to help me but one of my friend was there working for a top software company. that company gave him a nice flat on second floor in a building near Pune University(i recall it was aundh .i suppose..) with 4 rooms where he and one of his friend lived. There working hours were i got a nice accommodation have to be there for 20-25 days. So i started sharing flat with them.

It all started one day when i reached Flat around 7 O’clock. I was not having my flats keys with me. so i went upstairs on 5th floor for having a view abut our colony. A cool breeze was there. suddenly a saw i female around 29-30 yrs opposite my building in her flat in kitchen. She was wearing tight t-shirt with jeans medium height and very nice figure(not so attractive) i keep on watching her moves. I was having desire to be in her company. Next morning while i was going for another round of interview for Kirloskar, I went to a shop for a Pen and that lady was there in the shop. My heart started beating fast. She looked at me and i gave smile and in return she smiled and started going other way. I asked the shopkeeper abt pen. He said how r u sardarjee ? hows ur interviews going ? I said fine and I went.

Later in evening when i was returning around 6 o’clock i saw here on ground floor. She said hi! how r u? I said fine. “Hows ur interviews going” I replied. “It was tough today but i hope i can gone through”.(I came to know later she asked shopkeeper all abt me)Then she introduced her self as Kavita. I was really very happy.

I offered her a cup of coffee but she refused and said she had to go.i went to my flat and took a bath. Around 7:30 there was knock on the door. I opened then there was she again. She said to me come to terrace if i’m free. I immediately went upstairs. There we had a little chat. She was a married female with her hubby working in software company. she was having one 1 year child for that she had a maid in her home. I said her that u really look nice.

she asked me what u r doing tomorrow morning , any other interview? well i was free and i was happy that things were on right track. I said ya. i’ll be at home all the day. She said ok. Then we both kept on some formal chat abt family and my state-punjab. Then after 20 min she came close to me and asked “Ever enjoyed with any girl?” To which i replied,”No..!”.she was really surprised. i hold one of her hand and kissed on it. “Will u teach me all??” She said “Ok but i have to go now. “I said ok”. All that night i was really in thinking process abt next morning.

Next morning my frnds went to office around 8:30am. i was not in mood to get off from bed. Around 10am knock came.i opened it and there was Kavita. Looking so stunning with medium hair open to shoulders, red salwar-kamiz. I locked the door and hold her hand. I kissed on her lips and she replied with long kiss but she had more for me. She asked me if i had taked bath. I said no i was waiting for her. She smiled in most sexiest way. Then i asked her to sit on sofa.. But she insisted to go to bed straight. We were on my bed with arms around each other and kissing softly and slowly. She told me that its going to be really very nice if i obeyed her .I said ok.First she asked me to kiss her slowly. I started with forhead, cheeks and then lower part of ear. Then i kissed all over her return she was busy with my body and moaning all way. Then she ordered me to took off her salwar and helped me lowering my pajama. I insisted her to remove kamiz also to see beautiful and perfectly round boobs but she said later. She caught my cock and planted a kiss on it which was nearly 7 inch at that moment. I was moving my fingers on the legs and thighs kissing from knees to panty curves.

Man ! what a moment that was.(hey u all women is it so??) and same time pressing her boobs with my hands. She was moaning with pleasure. Then she asked me to Lick over her cunt without removing panties. I was learning very fast. I kept on rubbing and hurting cunt with finger and sending some hot air from my mouth on her cunt. It was starting wet there. She said loudly” Lick it “.I kept my mounth over cunt for very first time. what a hot area that was. I still remember it.I raise her kameez and start moving my finger on her stomach and at back slowly and keep on licking cunt. then i lowered her panties. What a view that was. Cunt was shaved and little red one. i put my tounge on it and got a really good taste. She moaned with pleasuring sound. She said keep on going. well it took me nearly 15-20 min to make her responding with sweet shouts and sometimes she asked to insert finger in it. well after some time she asked me that she is coming and i increased my finger moment of loading off her cum..i at once put my mouth on her lucky lips and got hot stream of fluid in my mouth.i ate it all.

She get up and said oh dear it was really wonderful. I also feel the same way. She said that thats cumming in partners mouth is what she really like the most. She hold my cock and start licking it.and i must tell u all..that was reallty superb licking. She got nearly all in her mouth and slowly-2 start licking from bottom.the top of my cock became red one. After some 12-15 min. I jerked off all my load in her mouth. Then we laid on bed with eachother and keep on moving my fingers and applying soft soft touch on her body. Now she asked me to remove all of her clothes . I started with pressing boobs over kameez and kissing all again on neck and lips. Then i removed her kameez. She was wearing a black Bra of 34 size. Her boobs was really perfectly round. I hugged her and start kissing on her right boob over bra. Slowly i removed her bra by opening the hook from behind. I keep on moving my tounge on her boobs not on nipples. This keep on going for 10 min all over her boobs. She was really enjoying it all. Then suddenly i pressed both of her boobs very hard and start both of them moving clockwise direction. She said no don’t do it. I stopped and started with her nipples. I hold her left nipple in my teeth and start pulling it out. They both get erect and touch of tongue also make then red.

Then i put my hand on her pussy and start rubbing it. She then demand for big one. I said ok. I got condom on my cock and she laid herself in the position comfortable for me. I put it on her cunt but was unable to enter it. She knew it and helped me in inserting her. Once i bit in. I pushed my cock slowly 2 to enter her. She was enjoying with pain. Once it was all way thr’ i start pumping her but she said take ur time man. I made constant push inside her. Slowly i increased the momentum. After 15 min we both came together. I laid on her and planted a long kiss on her lips. We rested for 10-15 min on bed kissing and touching each other softly. After that i asked her to join me for bath.. she accepted but it was without intercourse. Only playing and Touching was there thr’ out bath then without wearing clothes. We went to kicthen for coffee. We had coffee on bed lying with each other. Then in noon around 1 o’clock she left for her home After that moment i had sex with her only one time more on same bed. It was really a fine experience for me.

From that moments onwards i Know the true meaning of having sex. Its all abt caring and sharing love. I don’t like to have sex anytime in life when other partner is not ready! Its all for enjoy with maximum time. Only sex without love is nothing but is u add some smiles, love and respect for ur partner then is far far better then u expected.So my advice to all my frnds there that Take care and Use Condoms while enjoying Sex.(Don’t register urself with AIDS).So heres all this. I wanna know ur views abt it. Any Gals/ Married females in ludhiana who only believe in Sex as relation of love and trust can contact me for any sort of help. It would be a nice to learn from each-other. Don’t hide ur internal desires..its also a part of life and a lesson everybody must learn and pass to keep his/her life happy. My Contact is

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