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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

My name is Rehan. I’m 20 years old with a 5.9 height. I’m from Islamabad (Pakistan). I love sex and I’m seeking for a partner. My experience about a girl Suman who lives in my locality. At that time I was 22 yrs old. I’m living in a 2 storied house in Islamabad in my compartment complex had been constructed just beside it so we had 12 new neighbors on the 1st floor was a couple with a daughter in class 10. Her name was Supriya and she was around 5’5” with a figure of 38-32-38.she looked big for her age and to top it she would only wear micro minis and tank tops. All the guys in the locality used to stare at her whenever she passed us and would make us hot. Slowly we were introduced and got to know that she had failed a couple of times in school and that she was 18 years of age.

I don’t know what is there in Islamabad that the girls and ladies have such lovely faces and mind boggling figures.. Anyways back to Suman she would talk to me whenever we met outside and my friends started to tease me about it, believe me at first I never thought of anything with her since she was my neighbor and her parents were very nice to me and I did not want any complications in my locality. She had computers as her subject and would at times ask me certain things which she couldn’t understand and also started to use my pc for her school projects. I would help her by finding all the data and she got an ad in computers as well as her projects which were done by me.

Once we were working on something and she suddenly asked me whether I chat on the computer. I replied yes sometimes, with whom? She asked further and I said friends. Girlfriends? I replied few, mostly my batch mates and cousins all over the world. I asked her what about you do you have any boyfriends? She said no. I replied you expect me to believe that? She became quiet and sad. I asked her what the matter is. She broke down in small sobs and said that she had a boyfriend in the place where she came from but her parents as well as his parents were against the relationship and that she missed him terribly. I asked her can I do something. She replied no. I asked why?

She said that he had dumped her and was now going around with a girl his parents had chosen and was already engaged to her. I said that’s mean. She looked up at me and started to cry. I went forward to console her and held her back and gave her my hanky to wipe her face and she hugged me tightly. I slowly kissed her forehead to reassure her that she was a very beautiful girl and could get anybody as her boyfriend. She said anybody? I said yes. She replied would you be my boyfriend? I was completely taken off guard and became red. She started smiling and started staring at my face. I said i’ve never thought of you as a girlfriend. She became sad and told me why am I not good enough for you? I told her no she was but she stopped me midway and kissed me on my lips.

I asked her what that was. She replied kiss and did it again. I asked her who has taught you all this and she just smiled and said they remember I had a boyfriend once. I asked her what else did you guys do she said everything .I asked what do you mean by that? She said do you want to hear all? I nodded yes, she replied we had started kissing and fondling 2 years ago and past six months they had also started to make love and oral sex and that she missed him terribly when she got horny and that was like almost every day. She told me he would make love to her almost every day and they would spend a lot of time together. I was feeling very horny hearing all this and my cock had started to get hard.

She then looked up at me and said do you want to make love to me? I looked at her from top to bottom and kept quiet she just came into my arms and hugged me. I kissed her on her lips and we were kissing each other for 10-15 minutes and I moved her up from the chair to my bed and started to fondle her breasts .she moaned uhhhh uhhhhhhhh I opened her top and her brassiere and let her breasts out. Wow they were like big and still firm with pink areolas the size of 1 inch and light brown nipples poking out about a centimeter between them. I sucked and fondled them for 15 -20 minutes and the nipples grew bigger she asked me to bite them and I did the same sending her into a deep breath. Now I started to caress her thighs and opened her skirt and pushed it down.

I held her panty elastic and yanked it off her in no time. She had lovely shaven pussy which was completely wet by now.. I kissed her on the pussy and she started to remove my tee-shirt and open my shorts and pulled them down too. Since I was wearing no undies my 8 inch cock sprang out like a hissing snake which she held tightly and moved it up and down. She looked up at my cock and started staring at it .I asked her what happened .she replied its nice and big ,much bigger and thicker than my previous boyfriends and that she was scared it might hurt her. I said no ill take care and she said thanks. We got into a 69 position with her on top and I started to lick her dripping wet pussy while she fondled my balls and sucked on my cock. In between she would suck my balls too.

I was about to explode and told her that I’m going to cum .she said ok and kept on sucking my cock till I came in her mouth in jets .she swallowed all my sperm and said that its very tasty. We then got freshened up and came back to my bed and started to kiss one another In no time my cock started to rise again and she held it and said that this time I want you to cum inside my pussy .I said ok and started to enter her .she spread her legs and I entered her slowly after a few slow strokes I started pumping her like mad. After about 5-6 minutes I asked her to change the position she said which 1 I replied doggy. She got on her elbows and legs and pushed her pussy towards me I entered her from behind holding her hips with one hand and fondling her hanging breasts with the other.

I pumped her for some 4-5 minutes and she said let’s get back to missionary position. I said ok .she turned around and spread her legs. I entered her once again and she held me close to her with her arms and started pushing my backside with her legs crossed around me .after a few minutes she was moaning Aaahhhh and suddenly she screamed aaaahhhhh. I to come at that moment inside her and after some moments of deep breath lay still beside her. She said that she was dreaming for a person like me when they came here and was very happy.

After that she would come to my house every evening for a course in computers and intercourse with my cock .we screwed in many positions woman on top, sideways , standing, we even screwed in the bathroom whilst bathing under a shower but the ultimate was when she had her exams . She had bought a few syllabus CD’s and loaded them on my pc. Now she would stay till 11 pm reading notes and me doing some other work. At times when we felt like I would lick and suck her whilst she was studying and sometimes we made love on the table itself by lifting her skirt and blouse and removing her bra and panty and entering her standing.

She told me not to worry about pregnancy as she started to take pills she used to before with her boyfriend. What more could a boy want? I had free pussy whenever I wanted. Wherever I wanted. Life couldn’t have been better. But alas after her class x, she went to U.S. To stay with her uncle and got admitted there in some high school.

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