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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello my name is Umer and i am from Karachi Pakistan this event was old and its was July when this event of my life occur this is between my friend nida nad me i am not professional and this is my first story my mail addy is sexis4sun_1981 its a hot saturday of july when i wake up at 8 o clock i take shower and left my home for my friend apartment.

We have complete our assignmemnt i recall the website of networking and software engineering we have complete our assignment with in 2 weeks so nida told me that came her home so we finish the assignment so i reached her home at 9:30 she is sleeping aunty open the door and she told me the Umer nida is sleeping so with her permison i went to her room and shoutes near her face she wake up and look at me after some time aunty came in to room and she told to nida “nida u dont know that u have to go wtih me ur aunty is pregnent” so she reply “sorry ammi i forget” and she request me to leave the home coz she is going with her mom and she told me plz dont mind i am forget so i told her that no problem it fine and i stand up so at this movement aunty told me Umer sit down and nida u r so stupid he is no stupid and he came from so far u stay at home and she left the room and shoutes that i am going check the door so nida request me to shut the door after i return the room i saw she is still in bed so i said to her to stand up she leave the bed. she is wearing pink nighty she stand near the mirror for care about her hairs.

Her body is visible from her night i see her as totally naked her nighty is so see-through so i saw her every parts.i ask her nida u dont wear bra in night she look at me and she told me no yar i want to sleep free in night why u r asking so i change the topic nida ur mom is very beautful ans she is sex bomb this word is slip from my mouth she ask me about sex bomb so i say nothing but she insisit me so i told her that she she very sexy and good figure so she thanks me she is so cute now know the actual words. she went to wash room and after return she is wearing same nighty.her father live in usa but they r very nice.i saw her intel camera + webcam and i know she like photography so i ask her why dont took ur picture and not go for modeling she told me that she is shy that other person took the picture and mom has no time so i offer her to take the picture and told her to change the picture when she go for change i told wait tell me where is ur cloths so she ask me why so i told her for picture after change the cloths when she stand i told her plz near me she knows that i am a goog photographer and one of my friend is profesional so she stand near me.

So i open her zip for the shirt and took shirt in the paint she is amaze but dont tell me any thing i took the picture for her digital camera which her father sent on her birthday and after some picture i fold her shirts so some of her body shows. she is very open minded girl and she is belong to high class so i told her to lose ur clothes and take the sheat and i give her the sheat of cloth i am amaze she change the cloth infornt of me and took the sheat i take her pictre and told her so open her leg so she do it so i told her to remove the sheat she hesitate but i told her nida u change cloth infornt of me lost all cloth u want to model so this is the part of modeling and lose her cloth and now include her bra she is totally nude i kiss her face she told me Umer plz dont d this but i kissing her and push her on bed and kissing her now she is response me.

So i lode my cloths and i told her that ready for fucking what is this to i told her wati a min so i take my pennis in her vagina she shouted”ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Umer plz i am in pain but i am not want to come back so with force i am success and after some time she is also enjoynig after some time i pull my pennis coz its full and i told her to drink she drink and ask me what is this so i told her about now my pennis is her mouth and she is enjoy blowjob after some time we went to washroom and again fuck in washroom if u like my story then tell me and any aunty,girl mammy or any lady want sex then plz contact me i fulfill her desire my mail add is i am wait for sexy ladies.

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