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Sex In Uncle Marriage

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hello, Friends Iam Fahad Khalil. (Not real name). Iam very much found of reading stories from Desipapa. It is an interesting site and this is my first time that Iam writing to Iam 18 years old with 7 inches long lasting Rod. I love to fuck girls, women, etc till they get horny and enjoy the pleasure of making love with them. Here is my story, as I was only 16 at the time of happening. I was living in the great city Abbotabad Pakistan and along with my studies.

My father and my family were shifted to Peshawar Pakistan due to some reasons and from that time i was living alone in Abbotabad. This story starts from that time when there came the marriage of my uncle. I went to Peshawar after lots of months so that’s why every one respects me a lot. So on the day of Saturday some friends of my sister came there. One girl named Soni (not real name) was among them. She was wearing yellow Shalwar Kameez.She was 21 year old with brown hairs and blue eyes with a sexy look in them. At night my sister and her friends went to the upper floor (i mean 3rd floor), which is an open-air floor and started their gup shap. I went to them pretending that Iam getting bore and came here for taking fresh air. I went to them and said, May i site here? and they said yes why not. Then we start talking. I asked them about their studies, friends, teachers etc. They asked me about my self and about my friends.

Between the talking my sister told them that he don’t like girls for friendship because Iam very strike at home but soni understood that I love to make love with girls. Late at night my sister and here friends went to sleep but soni remain there by saying this, that i will come after some time and Iam enjoying this fresh air. When they all left we started to talk closely and she asked me about my girl friends. I told her that i have no girl friend. She asked me many question about me and finally she asked me clearly. Fahad i want to ask u some thing if u doesn’t mind. I said yes i would not. She said that have u touched any girl. In a great wonder i said what soni. She repeats her question again and i said NO. She asked me do u want to do so and i answered her yes. I was in great wonder at that time. She told me, Take me to your room and i did so. We both went to my room. Then she told me that where the washroom is and i said on the left of u and she went in. I sat down on the couch and waited for her. After a few minutes, she walked into the room. I was completely shocked; I looked at her and saw a completely naked girl coming towards me. She had huge boobs and darks nipples with thick bush covered her pussy. I started to back away from her, on the couch.

She looked at me, and started to chuckle;” Well, what do you know — a virgin!” I cringed, not knowing what to do. “Please, baby — what do you want?” My body was trembling at that point; it would be obvious to anyone. “Relax, and calm down. I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated our chat earlier, and that I want to share myself with you…” “But, I’ve never…” the words coming out with a nervousness that I’d never had before. “Look, let me show you that it’s ok.” She took my hand and kissed the fingers slowly, then guided it to her body. “This is a breast, and see my erect nipples? Feel how soft and hard they are.” My hand was guided around the mounds. It felt so different, so. So…well, I just couldn’t describe the difference in touch. She moved my fingers onto her nipple, and started to lightly touch them with my hand. “See what you do to me?” she said in a low voice. ” I want you to come here and kiss my breasts.” I was pulled towards her, my head drawn to those luscious mounds. I started to kiss each one; in doing so, i could hear her make different noises. “Suck on my nipples!” she commanded, pressing my mouth onto one of the erect brown beauties.

I started to suck on it, ever so lightly. I wasn’t sure, but i thought that i could taste something liquidy in my mouth that I was unfamiliar with. I guess that after a while, she knew that i was transfixed on something else. I was completely unprepared for this… “Wait, now, I want to let you look at me…” she motioned me away, as she re-adjusted herself on the couch… “This is my clitoris,” she pointed to me with her long fingers and what is right below it is the entrance to my vagina…also referred to as a ‘cunt’. I want you to look at my clit now, and see what you have done to me.” She motioned me towards her again, wanting my face to be in the area of her clit. “I want you to kiss it, just as you did my nipples,” she said in a rather low voice. I bent forward and kissed her clit, and the surrounding areas.”Lick it!” she ordered, as i was kissing her inner thighs. It tasted different, like nothing I’d had tasted before. While doing this, i could hear her moan softly, but it increased in sound as i touched various parts of her with my toungue. She pulled my head towards her, demanding that I place my toungue in her cunt. I was in a fantasy world. Her moans became louder, and i could feel her body start to tremble…All of a sudden, fluids started coming out of her cunt–i jerked back not knowing what had happened…I could see her body trembling, as she held herself and the fluids dripping from her body. After a few moments, the trembling stopped, and I could see that she had a smile on her face. I asked what had happened. She looked at me and grinned; “You made me orgasm, or “cum”. It’s a very pleasurable state to be in. I’ll show you what I mean, and then we can both “cum” together.” She reached over to me and pulled the t-shirt over my head, exposing my upper torso. “See, yours gets hard too, and responds just like mine”, as she bent over and started to lick and suck on my nipples.

A strange feeling was starting to come over me. I didn’t know what was exactly happening to me. I could feel that my ‘thing’ was changing; it was getting hard. She noticed this, and made a comment of now taking off the rest of my clothes. I wasn’t sure what to do, but after all-she did let me see her body. So, I let her unzip my jeans, and pull them down. My ‘thing’ was starting to bounce a little, and i noticed a little wet spot on the underwear. She got on her knees and pulled down my underwear, exposing my ‘thing’ to the open air. “My, what a beautiful, large penis you have. I want to kiss it now.” She moved towards me, kissing my throbbing ‘thing’, ahh rod, with her ruby lips. The next thing I knew, she had placed most of my rod within her mouth, and started to suck on it. I could feel her tongue circling around the shaft, and tracing itself up and down. My body started to shake but didn’t know exactly why. She also started to fondle the two mounds underneath my rod, touching them gently with her fingers. I found that something was building up inside of me, and before I knew it–I felt something coming out of my rod.

I could hear her swallow whatever it was; I never had this happen before to me. After a few moments, the feeling subsided–no more gushing from my rod. I looked down to her, and saw that she was smiling; something white was dribbling from her mouth. “What happened?” She looked at me and said that I had “cum”, just like her. She noticed that I was still rigid. Looking at me, she asked if I’d like to now find out what it was like to “cum” together. She got up, and pulled me with her onto her bed. She lay back on the bed, and asked me to slowly lie on top of her. As I was doing this, she grabbed my dick and placed it between the lips of her cunt. “Now, push slowly, and come to me”, she asked. My rod slowly entering her moist, wet cunt. As I was close to being all the way in, she wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me in all the way. “God, you feel good!” she cried out, as I felt the tip of my rod hitting something inside of her. “Let’s get used to each other for a while”, she moaned in a low voice. “Kiss me, she asked”. So, as I started to kiss her, she turned her head and we kissed on the lips. After a few minutes, something strange was happening; she started to enter and explore my mouth with her tongue. It seemed pleasurable, so I started to respond likewise.

Her legs started to move, something on building up a rhythm method. I started to match her movements, with that of my own. After a few minutes, I found that we were both getting short of breath and moaning…we were both reaching that climax stage. I began to emit the jets of my ‘cum’ again; I guess this triggered something in her, since she cried out “My GOD I’M CUMMING!!!” Both of our bodies became locked–fluids were flowing from the two of us and intermingling. We were locked together for what seemed an eternity; finally, the throbbing went away, and we both collapsed on the bed. I opened my eyes after a few minutes, to look at this beautiful girl who had introduced me to the knowledge of sexual pleasure. Her body was magnificent, and I could only think of reaching over and kissing her again, and fondling her breasts. After some time she left my room and she said to me that all the things not to be told to anybody. After that i fucked her as i got chance. She left on the next Saturday but I am unable to forget that wonderful movements of my life and my soni too after one year had passed. Thank you very much Soni. So if you (soni) read this story, please then call me.

I miss you a lot. Please. Females of any age wanna try me and have pleasure of sucking cunt and breasts can contact me and can call me at ur service. Now a days Iam in Peshawar. My E-mail confidence assured and needed well contact me and have a secret fun!!

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