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Sex With Sexy College Girl Shruthi

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  • August 15, 2015

This is Rajesh from Chennai…This is my first post in DesiPapa stories so please bear my mistakes. Here’s a true story of mine, somewhere in the year of 2011, when I was pursuing my engineering. Our college was located in the outskirt of Chennai, and the final year students had to do an engineering project, and to prepare the project for every little thing we had to visit Chennai around 100 Kms from our college location. So normally we used to go early morning and come back late in the night. All the final year students used to wait for holidays to go to Chennai to finish our projects, which would mean at least 20 -25 students visiting on that very day of college Holiday.

The Bus would start at 9:30 P.M. from Chennai and reach our college by 11:30 PM. The college Boys and girls would prefer to sit together and with the preference in the serial order of same gender, same class and then same college. That day first 2 preferences went against Shruthi and she then chose to sit beside me. She was in Mechanical department and I was in Electronics and Telecom department. We had seen each other in the college more than many times and had a less than a minute conversation, but that was sufficient for her to say hello and sit beside me.
Shruthi was a modern girl of the college and she was the only girl in the male dominated Mechanical Branch in the college. So I had the natural Goosebumps in my stomach as she sat beside me. But she seemed very normal and was least bothered by our touch. This raised my confidence and my tool. Well then I purposely put my hand on the arm rest and extended my elbow closer to her and the bus movement assisted me in soft smooth massage of her beautiful boobs. After we came out of the city limits lights were switched off and curtains on the side window were pulled.

One thing I forgot to tell you, the bus atmosphere has natural romantic mood as this was also the opportunity of the love birds in the college to escape from the prying eyes of the college mates and have fun for the full day in the Chennai and come back to college in the night. While returning these love birds would sit together and continue their love affairs the moment light was switched off.

One of the love bird and a good friend of Shruthi sitting in our adjacent seat started their love affair and slightly more vigorously. So they were acting as a catalyst in my elbow massage. Her boobs were very soft and that touch sparked the sex feeling in me towards her. She might have thought it was accidental and didn’t give much importance to that touch.

But for me it is like a small ignition for a big bomb. Since she didn’t care for that touch much. I touched her boobs with my elbow several times. She would have felt that touches, but would have though it is normal but it seems she was getting hot, so she was fully cooperating me, her cooperation gave me sufficient confidence to continue my massage. The sexy atmosphere built up by our friends in our row of the bus further added the total atmosphere of confidence, cooperation and foreplay at my seat.

After around 30 minutes of elbow massage, I wanted more and hence I folded my arm and now my left hand fingers were behind my elbow and touching closely to her left boobs. I started rubbing my fingers to her boobs and she seemed to be enjoying it, slowly she too folded her arm and kept it on the only single arm rest between us. She started rubbing her left hand with my right hand while my left hand was still rubbing her left boobs. She closed her eyes and put her head on the head rest. This further increased my confidence and urges and I inched my hand toward her shirt button and unbuttoned her top button.

Now my hands were vigorously massaging her boobs and she was in total control of her sexual hormones. I moved the arm rest up and now I put my right hand across her shoulder and pulled her towards me while left hand still kneading her boobs. I took her lips in my mouth and kissed it vigorously she too responding it and sucked my lips my left hand came out of her bra and now rubbing all her frontal body while my right hand at her back and lower back. I unbuttoned few more buttons of her and now I could gulp her tits inside me and started sucking it, I started rubbing my tooth too on it which gave her she was in complete pain and pleasure. In the meanwhile my hands were continuously inside her Pussy rubbing her and inserting my finger into it…

It felt really good, my junior started to grow inside my loose jeans pant and underwear. My fear started dropping down and lust started growing now., she gave a jerk with a feeble voice “ahh…”. It was very hot there, even in the AC bus.

I realized that she got turned ON now by the series of event and this touch, so I didn’t want to waste time. I pressed her boobs slowly few times and then slipped my hand in her pant. As I kept inserting my fingers towards her Pussy, she resisted it for a moment but I continued and she let it go inside, She separated her legs apart and I could feel her body shivering a little bit in anxiety.

I reached her Pussy and touched it with my palm. She completely closed her eyes now and bit her lower lips. My fear completely vanished now and lust towards her grown completely. I put my right hand around her shoulder and turned her face towards me and kissed her lips. She had her eyes closed and responded to my kiss.

Then I started smooching. Initially she was just enjoying and after a minute she started sucking my lips wildly. Wow, I was happy that I unleashed her inner beast. I moved my left hand from her Pussy to her right boob and started squeezing
She leaned backwards and sat normally on chair for me to play with her boobs completely. I pulled up her short shirt over her boobs. Her boobs are struggling so much to come outside the bra. I released the hooks from back side and lifter her bra. It was a heavenly view. Her boobs were tight and firm. I bend and started licking, biting her left boob violently, while squeezing her right boob. She was facing up and slowly moving her body with excitement.

I put both my hands on her jeans to remove it. She suddenly gained sense and held my hand. Her lips uttered, but her eyes asked me to proceed. I just started pulling it; she raised her hips from chair to easily remove. I pulled it down along with the panty. I could see her juices over her pussy hair. Her ecstasy wasn’t allowing her to sit calmly and she was completely hot and started moving her pelvic so that my finger moves deeper inside her and pushing her boobs in my mouth, it seemed all she wanted to push herself into me wherever possible. She got tired and closed her eyes, her hands on either side of the chair. I was standing and enjoyed watching her. After few minutes she opened her eyes, saw me with a fully satisfied look and smiled. I smiled at her. She saw my junior trying to pierce through my jeans. She pulled me holding my belt towards her and unzipped my pants. And the first thing she spoke after our first hello was in my ears “Oh, lose your pants, I want to see your dick!” To ease her, I pulled down my pant and underwear.

She started moving her hand to and fro on my Dick, it seems she wanted to bend and suck it but closely congested seats were too difficult for it, so she carried on with her hand job, I was completely out and I then released my shots in the bus itself. We were completely out of breath and started sweating a bit but our natural cuddling continued, after sometime time Shruthi whispered in my ears, she wants to have sex with me. I too nodded to it and ruffled my hand on her hairs. Then she said I want to have sex today, I told her calmly we cannot have sex here and we will have it some other day and very soon. But she once again insisted I want to have it today itself and she doesn’t want to hear anything more on this. I kept quiet and kept on rubbing my hand on her head and thought she would forget after sometime. As the college started approaching we buttoned ourselves, Shruthi was still lying on my shoulder and I stroking or massaging her shoulder and hairs with my right hand, while my left hand holding her right hand. Some time I rubbed my left hand on her cheeks too

After we reached our college and the bus stopped all of the college students alighted, we came out and she started talking with me. All the girls have to compulsorily stay in the college hostel but boys had the choice of staying outside the college campus, I stayed outside the college premises and Shruthi had to go inside the college, but she continued talking with me outside when her friends asked her to accompany she told them that she wanted to discuss something with me and they may proceed. I was surprised and asked her why she isn’t going inside she winked at me and told to keep quiet for a while and she would tell me in a while. After everybody went she told me to follow her towards the college Hostel.

Now let me tell you our college architecture. Just after the college gate on the left hand side, there was a big playground and after the playground college garden and then the college building. There was road between playground and the garden which lead to the Girls hostel. At this time all the security guards were more in security of college building, laboratory, Teachers colony, boys and girls hostels than in the playground and garden area.

So as we started proceeding towards the girls hostel as we went inside the lane she held my hand pulled me to kiss. I too reciprocated and started kissing her. She then put her hand in my pants and started shaking my Dick, after a few shake it started responding and became stiff, she bent down unzipped my pants and started sucking my Dick, she practically jumped at my hard dick, pushing it deep inside her mouth. Fuck, that girl was wild.

For a few minutes, Shruthi sucked my dick like it had never been sucked before. Seeing those perfect lips around my cock was almost too much. oh I was completely out of control started pulling & Pushing her head, in the meanwhile i also started moving back and forth assisting Shruthi. I was completely Sexited but somewhere I had the feeling this isn’t the right place to do all this and hence I dragged her head upwards, and while she kissed me again. She pulled me inside the playground and I as a silent follower of a master kept on walking till the mid of the ground, needless to tell throughout this time my Dick was pointing upward and my zip open.

As we moved inside the field she asked me to sit beside her and then rolled herself on me and started kissing me vigorously as she started kissing I started arousing she then started to stroke my dick with her hand and was licking my tip, she licked my dick on the side to its full length making it completely wet with her saliva. and then took my whole dick in to her mouth then she pulled down my foreskin and started to suck the mushroom shaped head of dick for some time and I was felt it as eternity and just closed my eyes and was enjoying the action…

With full suction, she was sucking my cock in and out and I could feel my dick head touching her throat, I could not believe this is happening in Playground with such a modern Girl.

She sucked for around 5 minutes and then started opening my pants and pulled it down.

I was lying under the sky in the mid of the playground without my pants and my Dick aiming at the moon. I once again pushed my hand to her boobs but this time from under her shirts by pulling it a little bit up. I was half laid on Shruthi kissing her vigorously and my hand doing its job of massaging and kneading. As if my fingers have little brain inside them, they know what they have to do at this time, without any conscious signal from my bigger brain it just opened up her shirts and massaged and nail massaged her at appropriate time and place. So my hands were massaging her throughout her body and slowly going below and squeezing her Pussy from over her pants.

By this time Shruthi was completely out of control and now I opened up her pants and pulled it down, she too couldn’t control herself and pulled my T Shirt upward, now I was fully nude and she was about to…. I opened her shirts completely and removed her bra, I laid her once again now it was my time to taste the life serum, I started sucking her Pussy, putting my tongue deep inside rubbing her clitoris, I kissed it smoothly and started licking it. She held my head with both her hands through my hair and kept pushing towards her pussy. I widely opened my mouth, inserted my tongue in to her Pussy and rubbed her clit with my upper lips. I was shaking my head quickly in this position. She started moaning “ahhh… ammmaaah, ahhh… ammmmaaah …. “. In few minutes, her body started shivering heavily, she pushed my head to her pussy with full force and cummed in my mouth. I tasted her pussy juice.

Then she started ruffling my hair and pulling my upwards on her as if begging me to thrust my tool immediately inside her and not to arouse her any further as she is not able to control her urges. I came on her and started kissing her sucking on each other’s lips,I put my tool inside her, I realized, Her pussy was dripping wet , I dried her Pussy with the clothes and thrust my Thick medium sized 6.5 inches tool inside her, she came with a loud moan, her Pussy was very tight and hot… but before I start my rhythmic movement I needed to come to my trademark position, so I bent on my elbow, put my palm below her head lifted her head a bit so that she can easily kiss me and then started my rhythmic movement.

After a while Shruthi was in total herself and started moaning, fuck my pussy as if there’s no tomorrow and tear it apart.” saying so she closed her legs around me taking my entire length into hers.

My dick went in without much difficulty and she started to jump up and down and her boobs were dangling . She then took my hands and placed it on her boobs and made me play with them. I was squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples while she was riding my cock. She had kept her legs wide open and bent her legs as well giving me full access to her pussy. I kissed her lips and started to fuck her in slow rhythm and soon I increased my pace and with every thrust, her moans were getting louder and she was like ” mmmmmm….. ooooooooffffff…. yeaaaaaa….. boyyy.y….. u r good….. fuck me….. fuuuucccckkkk meeee….fuuuucccckkkk meeee….fuuuucccckkkk meeee….” the screaming sound was too loud for a barren place thanks to the wind direction which took the sound away from the hostel

I was shouting out ” oh you bitch, you are so fucking sexy.. be my slut forever. I will show u what’s sex..

I was fucking her, so her boobs were moving up and down. On seeing this I got still more horny and increased my speed. Her moans increased “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ….. “ and matched my fucking rhythm. Because of her lubricating liquid, the fucking made sound like “thlap, thlap, thlap…”. Shruthi kept on shouting throughout “Oh god, you fucker.” “Yeah, push harder!” “Make it hurt!”

My movement was deep and rhythmic, but she started her Pelvic movement, her arms holding me from both the side became stronger and stronger and pulled me closer and closer to her, while thrusting continued.

After a while, it seemed as if she had something else in her mind, After few minutes, I was about to cum, she also said don’t stop please.
Shruthi jumped over me she sat on my cock and as she inserted the head, I was in heaven. ride me like a horse. She was moving back and forth which was so so pleasuring and them to make it ultra pleasurable she started jumping on my dick and i could see her big breast which i caught like football and pressed it hard.

she was on top of me and I was lying on the field in the mid of the playground, mid of the 22 yard cricket pitch, juggling, kneading massaging and squeezing her boobs and she pushing herself deep inside my bamboo, her jumping over me and hips gyrating wildly on my cock, and her tits were now pressed against my body. It felt so good, I almost screamed out how much I loved her body!

After some 20 minutes of hard core fucking, both of us reached the climax at the same time and she collapsed on me in an orgasm.. Shruthi hugged me and

She cummed and after few seconds I ejaculated the sperm load into her. She laid over me on the cricket pitch on the Playground. She was caressing my back and kissing my cheek, eyes, ears and lips, while I just lay on ground.

After a while we dusted, cleaned and dressed ourselves, and moved to our destination home, it was one of the best project I did. The other project was only meant for engineering. I have forgotten everything I did in my engineering project, but this project continued to be my lifetime and most memorable one. I still remember everything in it bit by bit and happy to share it with you all…

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