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Sex In Thane Godbunder Road

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  • October 17, 2015

Hello friends, this is Sunil here, age 29, staying in Thane West, Godbunder Road… This is a real thing that happened to me in my life which I intend to share. You can keep in touch with me at

To introduce myself, I am working in an MNC, post completion of my MBA from Mumbai University. I got married 3 years back. I enjoy a nice sex life with my wife but always wanted a bit more when it comes to sex. I think if a married person is involved in relationship with someone then its fine, as long as you know that physical & emotional relationships shall be treated separately so that physical relationship can only stay physical without impacting your normal relationship.

I am sharing my experience that I had in the last year my office colleague named Sneha (name changed to maintain confidentiality) About Sneha, she is fair girl, age 25, with nice seductive face and has a nice curvy figure of about 34-26-34. She has very nice broad lips and nice face. She was unmarried at that time.

She is from admin team while I am in finance department. In my profile, I do need to coordinate with various persons across the organization for some details or future projections etc. So that’s how I came in touch with this girl.

Soon after coordinating with her, I came to know that she also stays in Thane, that’s how we became good friends. Sometimes, we used to have tea together in canteen area.

Once I was coordinating with her (on Microsoft Lync, an internal software for official purposes) regarding some work and she asked me whether when shall I leave the office for the day. By mistake, I wrote “sex” instead of writing “Six”. She replied me by writing “what ??” and I just realized what mistake I did. Immediately I told her that I typed it erroneously and I shall leave by 6pm. She replied with a smiley that its all’s fine.

The other day, I messaged her and reminded her about the blunder that happened the other day after typing sex. She also wrote lol… We met together for tea in the canteen. She told me that it seems you write sex word a lot of times so I typed the same this time. I told yes actually as I search for porn a lot so sex got typed. She told me that do you watch it regularly, I said yes its good than wasting the time on watching any Bollywood movie as these movies get completed and gives u satisfaction also.

To which she smiled. I asked her whether she also likes to watch them, she smiled back and said yes sometimes, I told her that I have lot of porn videos and I can provide me if she needs it. We both began laughing on the talks. She told me yes she shall need it on the weekend to watch it. Actually in our chats, I used to talk a lot about sex and porn movies. I told her that you also seem horny like me, she told me that her parents are searching for a bridegroom but unable to find a perfect match.

I used to seduce her by telling her that I am an good and safe option for her as I am already married so I will not drag her into serious relationship with me, she also started to laugh and said haan haan kyu nahin… . Soon I began to give her porn movies in the pen drive every weekend. I used to download new stuff and give her those on Fridays. I was trying to give her more and more porn so that she can get restless and turn to me for sex. This all continued for a month. I also tried to seduce her by asking her to join me for a movie with corner sear. She just smiled back and didn’t reply to it.

One day, she had a very bad day in the office and told me to join for tea again. She had some issued with her boss, I consoled her to stay calm and winked at her saying that you need to watch a good movie by enjoying with me in the corner seat… Surprisingly she laughed back and said me that Sunil I was also thinking about the same for quite a few days and she also wanted that experience with me till the time she gets married.

I told her that we shall plan for the same on the weekend. She told me that sunil, you would not make me feel guilty afterwards. I told her no and asked why she thinks that I shall make her feel guilty. She opened up and told me that she is not a virgin and that during her college days, she alongwith friends, had been to Goa. And she and one of his friend were tired and in no mood to go for disco so they decided to stay back. And that in the spur of the moment, while she was talking with him, they started kissing and then they had sex. But later that guy made her feel guilty about all that happened that day.. I told her don’t worry I will not all make you feel guilty about all that shall happen between us.

She then smiled back by saying that she shall think what to do next basis the experience during the movie… There was exchange of wicked smiles between both of us.

The day arrived and we met at the High street mall here in thane. She was wearing a sleeveless t shirt and jeans. I booked corner seats. There were quite few people in the theatre. Soon, the lights were switched off and the movie began. We looked at each other and started kissing each other on lips. We both were quite turned on and giving deep kisses to each other. We both were breathing heavily. She was also reciprocating properly.

I took her whole lower part of the lip in my mouth and started sucking it. She was also liking it. We kissed each other for around 20 minutes. I had an hard on and the bulge was clearly visible in the limited light that the theatre had. I wanted to remove my penis out of my pants. I told her in her ear that my penis is very much hard now and I hold her hand and guided towards my penis and asked whether she wants to touch it. She smiled and told me yes.

While her hands were on my dick and she was caressing it, I started pressing her soft boobs from outside her t shirt. It was a very nice feeling. Soon I unzipped my trouser and took my penis out and I was feeling the warmth of her hand on it. It was an awesome feeling as she started stroking my dick slowly. The more she was stroking it, the more deeper I was sucking her lips while pressing her boobs. I asked her how is she feeling, to which she replied that she is enjoying the moment and that her vagina is already wet. I started rubbing her vagina on top of her jeans and she was also quite well aroused which was visible on her face.

We continued the liplock while she was still caressing my dick and I inserted my hand on top of her t shirt and my hands were on her bare boobs. I was having a nice feel of her boobs and I started pressing her nipples gently. The expressions on her face were evident that she is also liking the act. Soon we realized that its time for the interval to happen. So we became bit normal and I also stopped her to rub my dick so that I can zip my trouser again and she also adjusted her t shirt. The interval came and lights were on. I smiled and asked her whether she liked. She smiled back saying yes.

After the movie began again, we both started kissing each other, and I had an hard on again. This time I told her to unzip my trouser and remove my dick. To which she agreed and unzipped my trouser and took my penis out and started stroking it again. I told her in her ears that I want to finger her, she smiled back and said that she has not shaved it and its bit hairy down there. I told her its ok proceeded to unzip her jeans and yes she has pubic hairs on her vagina. I started to move my finger on the clit of her vagina and moving my finger on her cuntline. She started moaning slowly and the expressions on her face was awesome. We both were enjoying the moment very much.

I started to slowly put my finger in her vagina. She was very wet down there and it really was a good feeling of fingering her cunt. Meanwhile we continued to kiss each other. Sometimes, I used to finger her vagina while sometimes pressing her boobs. I told her that now I shall make you feel my testes. I lowered my underwear and guided her hand to my testes. As I was anticipating this all to happen, so I had shaved it quite well the day before that.

I hold her hand and started moving her hand on my testes and sometimes she was stroking my penis. She had a very nice grip on my penis till that time. She was holding it tightly. I was very much enjoying it. I asked her how’s she feeling. She told me that she is liking to have a feel of my manlyhood. We again kissed each other deeply and I was already sucking her lips. Her lower part of the lip was fully in my mouth. We were feeling each other’s saliva. After around 40 minutes after the interval, I told Sneha that I want to cum. She was surprised but then smiled back saying ok I shall do it.

Meanwhile I asked for her handkerchief and placed it on my penis so that I can cum on it. By the time, she had increased her speed to stroke my penis. And I was also on my peak of arousal so much that I was giving very deep kisses to her on her lips. She was rubbing it quite well thanks to all the porn videos that I had giving her to make this all happen. After few moments, my sperms got released on her handkerchief. Few drops of my sperms were on her hands. She immediately took her finger in her mouth and tasted my sperm. I asked her how she felt. She told that she found it salty. We both exchanged smiles.

After that I started kissing her earlobes and she was quite aroused. I fingered her vagina and was rubbing her clit. She was also moaning. I was moving my hands on her boobs and then was feeling her bare arms which were so nice and soft. I then started to suck her finger one by one by taking it in my mouth. We continued the act but then she told me that the movie shall end in sometime. So we adjusted ourselves and were back to normal.

After the movie ended, we had lunch in the mall and I asked whether she liked everything that happened. She replied yes and also told me that she was not anticipating this much all to happen and only thought that there shall be exchange of kisses between us. To which I laughed and told that I knew we shall end doing all this in the theatre.

I then dropped her at her place and we exchanged good bye with wicked smiles.

The next day, we met and she told me that she was thinking about all the things happened between us. I also told her that I really liked the time spent at the movie. She told me that she shall stop all this after she gets engaged with someone, to which I assured her that I will always respect her opinion and shall not at all make her feel guilty about everything we shall do. Soon we again planned for the movie next weekend. This time she had worn a formal short shirt and a slip beneath.

She told me that she worn this one so that I can get easy access to her boobs and I can feel it well. We started with kissing each other and rubbed each other’s genitals. This time when I touched her vagina, I noticed that she had shaved it well. So I was getting a nice feel of her cunt. We really spent nice memorable time together.

We altogether watched around 5 movies in the theatre as the days passed by. We used to inform at our home that we are going to office and that’s how we went to see the movies. We both were sure that we both now wanted to satisfy each other physically as we both wanted sex badly. Meanwhile one day, she told me that her parents shall visit to one of the wedding and shall be not at home since morning till late night. She told her parents that she needs to go to office as she had some office work and that’s how she invited me to her home. We were eagerly waiting for that day to arrive.

That day her parents left quite early to attend the wedding. She messaged me and I left to reach her home. As soon I reached her home, she was wearing a skirt and a t shirt. Soon we kissed each other and I was pressing her boobs. I said her that this was the time I was waiting for. She told me that I am all yours and I can do whatever I wanted to do with her. I lifted her t shirt and started to suck her nipples while rubbing her vagina. Her nipples were brown in color and as she was quite aroused, the nipples became quite erect. The fragrance of the perfume was also driving me crazy. She bent down and wasted no time in unzipping my jeans and took my dick out and started sucking it nicely meanwhile I was playing with her hair and noticing her beauty.

She was nicely stroking my penis and licking my testes and told me that she want to enjoy to the fullest today. After few minutes, I made her lay on her bed and made her full nude. It was indeed nice to see her laying nude on the bed. Her legs were quite fair and hairless even the vagina was nicely shaved inviting me to lick them. I came on top of her and started kissing her on the lips, meanwhile she was holding my penis and stroking it slowly. I kissed all over her face gently and planted kisses on her cheeks and took her earlobes in my mouth and also started sucking them. She was going mad at it and was liking it very much.

Then I moved my mouth towards her right boob and was sucking her nipple while my hand was on her on left boob and I was fondling with them. I tried to take the maximum meat of her boob in my mouth and then I moved my hand to finger her vagina. As I started to finger her cunt, she started moaning. I moved my finger on her cuntline and was rubbing it. I started licking her navel and her stomach part and giving small bites on her stomach. I was very much turned on by her beauty. She was also liking all the act. Then I moved to her cunt. It was nicely shaved and as I tried to finger her cunt, it became already wet till that time. I moved my mouth towards her cunt and took a smelt it. I could feel the smell of her juices.

I couldn’t resist myself to lick her vagina. I put my mouth on her cunt and started to lick it. It was driving her crazy and told me that she want to get her vagina licked badly and she was waiting for me to do it. I was licking it like a hungry dog and she was pushing my mouth more and more deeper in her cunt. I gave soft bites on her cunt area. It was really amazing licking her cunt. She told me that she want to suck my dick so I suggested for 69. I laid on the bed while she came on top of me and started sucking my dick while I was fingering and licking her vagina. She was licking my dick from top to bottom and took the whole of dick in my mouth and was also moving her hand on my testes and started licking them while I was enjoying her cunt. We continued to suck and each other for some time.

Now we wanted to go for the final act. I had already purchased a condom so that we can enjoy the act tension free. She lied on the bed and I stretched her legs and put the condom on my erect penis and I placed on her vagina. She told me that she wanted it very badly and that she has been missing it since the time she had sex with the college friend. I then started to penetrate in her vagina. Even though she was wet and no longer a virgin, her cunt gave a nice grip to my penis.

She started giving out moans while her breathing increased heavily. I was fucking her cunt meanwhile I was kissing her on her lips. I started giving her slow and long strokes so that her cunt can easily accommodate my penis. She told me that after her marriage, if the husband shall not be good at sex, then she wants to continue to get fucked by me. Sex was in the air and we both were enjoying a lot. I was fucking her like a wild horse and increased the speed of fucking her.

As I continued to fuck her, she told me that she is near to orgasm. I continued to give her long strokes in her vagina. As she was moaning quite loudly, I also told her that I shall also cum now inside the condom. We both almost came at the same time. We both laid in that position for more few minutes. I laid next to her after we both came. She was moving her hand on my chest hairs and was playing with it, meanwhile we exchanged soft kissed on the cheeks and lips. I was moving my hand on her whole body and it was nice to feel her bare arms and thighs.

We dressed up and ordered food from outside. Immediately after having lunch, we moved to her bedroom and undressed each other. I told her that this time I want to lick each and every inch of her body. I gently kissed her cheeks and gave her a nice smooch and sucked her tongue and then I licked her neck area and the area between her boobs. She had started moaning. I licked her nipples and her boob area and moved to her navel. I placed my tongue on the inner part of her navel while I started to finger her vagina and moving my fingers in and out.

Then I proceeded to lick her nice thighs, they were so soft and nice to lick. I told her to lay on her stomach as I wanted to explore her bare back and ass cheeks. I started licking her bare back and gave her soft bites on her back area. She had nice amount of meat on her back. I was loving to lick and explore her body. I also gave a bite on her ass cheeks and it was really amazing to hold her ass cheeks in my hand and pressing them gently. The sight of her cunt was very good while she was laying on her stomach.

I made her to lay on her back as I wanted to lick her cunt again. I started to lick her cunt again and she started giving out moans and told me that it’s the best day she ever had. I was licking her cunt and was feeling that I shall not stop doing it. It was indeed a nice moment for both of us. As I continued doing it, she told me that she want to take my penis in her mouth and she took the whole dick in her mouth and was indeed taking my dick quite deeper. She continued to stroke my dick with her hand and gave me an awesome blowjob.

Now again we both wanted to go for the final act. This time I told her that I want to enter her cunt from the rear so that I can get a nice view of her ass cheeks while fucking her. She readily agreed to it. She again laid on the bed on her stomach. I entered her cunt from back and started giving her long strokes. She was liking it very much as she continued to moan. I loved fucking her in doggy style. I then increased my speed of fucking her.

Meanwhile I told her that I am about to cum, to which she replied that this time she wants to take my sperms in her mouth. I removed the condom, then she bent down. I started to masturbate on her mouth but she told that she wants to stroke it. And she moved her mouth near to my penis and started stroking it harder. Within no time, I exploded in her mouth and she took whole of the sperms but she continued to stroke it. I laughed and told that its done. To which she told me that she liked the taste of the cum and wanted it more. We both lied on the bed for around half an hour and stayed relaxed.

Her parents were to arrive at the place, so I left and we agreed to have sex whenever we shall get the space. As we then continued for more than a couple of movie sessions. One day she told me that she had a meeting with a guy for marriage and that she shall get engaged with him and want to concentrate on her new relationship. I congratulated her and respected her opinion but also winked at her saying that I am available for her whenever she needs. To which she also smiled back and said that she is now ready and knows how to turn on guys. She told me not to worry as even if his husband shall not be good, she can now have the best of it from him. We both laughed at the talks.

After her marriage, she left thane and shifted to another place and joined the company where his husband works. We are still in touch with each other but not having that much talks that we used to have.

Hope you all liked my real life experience. Girls / Ladies residing in and around Thane Ghodbunder area, or Thane east or west wanting to have sexual relation or wanting to experience the foreplay act during movies me can be assured that secrecy shall be maintained. You can keep in touch with me at

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