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Sex In Surat A New Story

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi! I am Gujjujolly from Silk city Surat. You are all familier with me now as you have already read my stories in this site. This time the story is a bit different. its my story with my wife and other couple form Mumbai. so just read it and enjoy it. if any couple intrested in such relationship can contact me on my mail address we are very open minded couple from surat and we like such good relationship so do write us. We went to Goa once, me and my wife to explore beaches and ourselves. There in a bar , we saw another couple looking so intimate.

That female was having her hand in the guy’s crotch and keep on squeezing and the guy fondling her breasts. My wife got horny and started caressing my butts. I have small butts and she has large ones. We approached the couple. Her name was meenal and her husband is Raj Mehta. they were recently married and came to goa on honey moon. We can see sex on meenal’s eyes , filled with lust. She took her hand out of raj’s crotch, but my wife was still caressing my buttocks. meenal was staring at that. my wife’s hand is inside my shorts and i was not wearing underwear. meenal can clearly see the big bulge in front of my shorts. We found that they stay in our next room and said bye and went to our room and fucked heavily.

My wife said ‘ hey, i saw that you were staring at meenal’s boobs’. I replied ‘it is milky white and suckable’ She said ‘ oh yeah, even Raj is very white and i bet his dick is thicker than yours’ we both laughed. we looked at each other and a sudden thought came to our mind. we decided to formulate our game plan. my wife wore a t-shirt and mini-skirt with me wearing a dhoti , we went to their room. they welcomed us. meenal was preparing tea and my wife was talking to Raj while i went to kitchen. meenal smiled at me and said ‘ you guys are very naughty’. I asked her ‘ why?’. She said “your wife was screaming last one hour and she must be enjoying’. I smiled and said ‘ i was banging her in front and back’ . by that time i had a sever hard on and my dhoti was forming a tent. meenal stared at this. we went to hall. me and Raj were sitting on one side . meenal and my wife are on other side. my wife spread her legs with her skirt high on thighs giving clear view of pussy to Raj. that guy was cuming on his pants. Raj said he is a good dancer and my wife agreed to dance with him. me and meenal were watching while they dance. it was a slow song and they held each other and danced. Raj hand slowly drifted and touching my wifes buttocks. my wifes boobs are pressing on Raj now and then, I glanced at meenal and she was getting hot. my wife pulled Raj’s pyjama thread and it fell down. he was wearing his wife’s panties thong shaped. my wife slapped his butt hard and asked him to strip dance.

Raj slowly took of his panty and his dickwas swigning and my wife was trying to catch with her tongue. by this time i almost undressed meenal. she was milky white with big breasts but small round ass. meenal knelt on her feet and pulled my dhoti and my 8 inch member sprang and touched her lip. she gasped. she licked the tip with her tongue and cupped my balls. meenal held my dick in a worshipping manner. she slowly licked the tip and bit it lightly. I said ‘ouch’. meenal squeezed my buttocks and inserted my dick further into her mouth. she cupped my balls in one hand and held my buttocks in other hand. meenal ran a finger through my asshole sending shivering in my spine. Meanwhile my wife was having fun with Raj. She was standing and made Raj to kneel and be on all four. Raj lifted my wifes skirt with his head and searched for her pussy. he sniffed at it and said ‘mmmmm’. he started licking her pussy like dog. my wife was playing with his dick with her leg and kicking on his balls. My wife and then told me ‘my boobs and your mouth are free why dont u suck’. I agreed that was great idea. me and my wife were standing and kissing each other and my hands are squeezing her boobs. Raj and meenal are on their knees with Raj licking my wife’s pussy and meenal ferrociously sucking my dick. It was as if they are in race to see who can make the others cum faster. I was sucking my wifes boobs and Raj was licking her pussy with meenal sucking my dick. it was really good as both me and my wife came on their faces.

I shot a load of cum on meenal’s face whick she licked till lat drop and licked my dick clean. Raj’s face was all wet. we were so tired and laid on sofa. my wife said ‘good boy Raj now why dont you go and fuck meenal so that we can watch?’ meenal pushed Raj to ground and sat on his dick. she plugged in Raj’s dick in her pussy and started riding on him. My wife was screaming ‘faster faster’ my wife decided to help them , so she laid her head on Raj’s stomach and started licking the junction of Raj’s dick and meenal’s pussy. Raj came faster and slumped. meenal and my wife are looking at me with lust. I said ‘come on girls, lets get some rest’. meenal said ‘ no way, i may not get other chance, raja , please fuck me now.’. She begged me ‘i need to you to bang and tear my pussy harder, i want to scream louder than your wife’ My wife said’ go and have fun meanwhile i try to get Raj’s dick awake by sucking it’ . meenal was again on all fours. meenal was kneeling and her hands on carpet with her buttocks lifting on air calling my dick. I slapped her ass and licked meenal’s asshold to get lubricated. Then i inserted my dick in meenal’s pussy through rear. she was moaning. i started pumping hard with her hand banging the wall. meenal’s boobs were swinging wild and hitticng each other. I pummped and banged my dick and fucked her . meenal was screaming ‘ fuckkkkkk me , fuck me fuck oh yeah fuck fuck’. I continued for few minutes and was not able to hold on shot the cum on. meenal came at the same time and we were wild. My wife was unable to get erection from Raj’s dick and was playing with it. we were all so tired.

That night i fucked meenal for more three times with two more times in her ass. she was looking like a new woman all to gather. and i love that I promied meenal that we will visit her house whenever we go to her town. she gave me reluctant farewell holding my dick and slowly let it go. Agar aap main se kisi ko aisa hi maza lena hai to muze mare email address per contact kar sakte hai mare email address hai Any housewife, girl, bahbhi or sali want to enjoy this type of relationship with me can contact me at my mail address. Your suggestions are welcome. Mail me regarding other stories. Waiting for your response. Any one want to have good and intimate relationship you can contact me at my email address Jo bhabhiji or uski bahan or nanad jo koi bhi mere sath sex ka naya anand lena chahati hai wo bhi muje contact kar sakti hai main surat main hi rahe ta hu. Kisi ko bhi pata nahi chale ga uski garantee main deta hu. safe sex is a good sex. wait for another story of my sex experience. So all horny bhabhi’s and horny saali’s and beautiful sexy girls bye from gujjujolly. Mail me at : Yahoo Messanger ID : For Safe Sex Use Condom Love Gujjujolly

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