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Sex In Running Bus

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi to all this is Sahil, work as a Country Manager in a reputed firm From Delhi, I am 32 year old now and I am a very regular reader of human digest stories and always wanted to share my erotic experiences over here for a long time, and finally I came with my Encounter. Let me first tell you about myself, I am 5 ft 11 in fair complexion good athletic body and always looked for the best in life even when planned to have sex. This happened last month when there was an urgent Meeting in Luck now, I tried for book a train ticket but unfortunately I didn’t get, so I plan to go by AC Bus. This was my first experience to suffer in a Bus.

Any How I reached at Bus stand around 10.00 PM & boarded in the Bus, I take my seat as directed by conductor, next seat was free, there was around 20-22 in a bus, when he started the bus at that time one lady around 28 year boarded in the bus & she sit next to my seat.

She was so beautiful lady wearied a Black Sari with Sleeveless Black blouse. When She sits next to me, I feel a very good smell, which was her perfume smell. She was very open minded girl, so she started talked with me, she asked me about my Job & Profile & also told me that she is a Marketing Manager in a reputed co. & going Luck now for a office work. I share lot of think with Her, after half an hour Conductor switches off light, so there was dark black in the Bus. So after some times she tried to sleep, so she place her head in my shoulder, I was feeling very good & enjoying this, after some times she slept but I was not able to sleep because of her smell, so I place my hand on her thigh & act like sleep, I was waiting for her reaction but there was no reaction, So I move my hand nicely on her thigh, then she fold her hand and place properly on my one shoulder & again slept, Now my one hand touching her boobs, So my Cock was getting harder, after some times I Move my hand also so that was touching her boobs, I started my hand movement on her bobs sides, I would feel her soft breast and warm body touching my hand, she was also enjoying this movement, So she place one hand on my Hard cock & act like sleeping, I was also acting like sleeping. There was dark in the Bus & other passengers were also sleeping, so I would feel her soft breast and warm body touching me.

I would move my body giving her massage her breast from my hand.

Wow! What a sensation! I used to stay like that whole night. Initially it was just putting hands in between legs and take heat from her thighs. After I grew bolder. I would slide her Sari little up above her up to her thighs from my own legs. I removed my Shoes and move my legs on her legs, it was great feeling, which she was also enjoying but no reaction on her face. I encourage more then I placed my hands on her one Boob, it was so Soft & around 34 D size, I massage her Boob nicely, now she was moaning slowly, Then I understand what she want.

In between she also starts rubbing her hands on my Cock, Now I was comfortable to do whatever I want.

I Open her Blouse button one by one, then she stopped my hand & said please don’t open, anyone can see this. I told her don’t worry every one is sleeping & again start to open her button one by one, Now she was in Bra only, She also open my Zip and put my Cock in her hand. She said Wow its lovely Cock, I want to suck it, I said sure but be careful, and I gave her my Cock. Then she start liking my cock but not able to take full enjoyment of my cock, because of seat then I said that you put your head in my thigh, she did the same, now its easy to suck my cock, she want to take my full cock but not able to do the same because of length. In between I opened her bra hook from back side & she removed her bra, that I kept in my pocket, now she is in only blouse, but I want to remove her blouse also, I said please remove this, she replied yaar anyone can see, I said you can cover it by ur saari pallu, now she ready to do this & its totally naked in from top just cover her body with saari, meantime she was sucking my cock also, Now I laid down in her thighs and started sucking her boobs, In that duration someone was awake in bus & want to go for toilet, so he said to conductor for switch on the light,  then she afraid & said I m naked in my saari, what do I do, I said don’t worry, I Covered her boobs from her saari , & then she laid down in my  thigh & I also put my hand on her stomach to covering her boobs, after some time he came back in bus & conductor again switch off  light, then I again start my activity , Now I put my hand in her petticoat, her panty was totally wet, I insert my hand in her panty, wow its shaven pussy, I really Love shaven pussy, now I start finger fucking & fuck more then 10 min by 2-3 finger, I occasionally shoved my finger inside her cunt hole. I gave her clit specific licking, She was moaning which was exciting me, Now she want to take my cock in her Pussy, it was so difficult but she want to do this, Now I adjust my chair little bit back & said come & sit on my cock, this was really so horrible situation, but some how I manage, she start moving on my cock & after 2 Min she hugged me very tight, then she said Please stop Stop ab mat karna, please don’t move now, I did same & she came down, but I was not satisfied, so she start sucking my cock again & suck very hard and fast, She licked my cock along its length from the bottom to the tip of my glens. She took my fully enlarge dick in her mouth. Its around 7’”. It was hitting her deep throat. She was massaging my tip inside her mouth with her soft tongue. It was mesmerizing. After some times I was also on my peek. She lick my all semen’s. She was so happy, Then after some times I manage my clothes, she also want to wear her bra but I denied to give her Bra, I said please wear your blouse only, I will keep your bra with with me. She did it & wearied her blouse, In morning we reached Lucknow, There We took an Auto & left her destination Then I went for my destination. We also exchanged our Phone No.  but unfortunately we didn’t meet till now again, because she went to hydrabad for official tour for month.

So I am waiting eagerly for next fucking in a hotel Room. Any aunty, bhabi or any girl wanna relation with me can meet me for best sex satisfactions.  Please send your comments

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