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Sex In Romantic Coimbatore

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

When u think of Coimbatore ..u will not miss it’s romantic climate….and sexy girls taking a mindblowing walk in R.S is such a city that its climate alone will induce your sex desires to its heights! Having born in such a city it wont surprise u if i had a very high sex urge!ok coming to the point.

I had been constantly reading stories from desipapa…and it had played a very important role in my sex life.when i turned 16 i was heavily attracted by boobs of girls of my class…its quite naural i thought!but after reading the sex stories in the net…i was especially turned on by incest stories on aunties! So i desperately needed a pussy for my cock!i had three 46 yrs old with 2 sons….she might have passed out of her sex life i thought!so i thought not to try her! The next one is 31 yrs old …she might not have been fed up with her sex life…i guessed my uncle will be still fucking her!she had one daughter 12 yrs i left her out of my list!that narrowed down to the third aunt…. Her name is lavanya.she is 37 yrs uncle is a bussiness he will be out of the town most days of the month!i thought she would be apt for me.she used to come to our house as she will feel lonely at her home.

She used to behave normally till that saturday came . she came to home at 10 clock in the morning..since it was saturday i took a long time to get up…my father was out on an errand.since my aunty was there my mom went to nearby shop…i was out of sleep…but i dint feel like getting up from bed….my aunt came to wake me up….i pretended to sleep.she came near me..shook my shoulders…but it is hard to wake a man who is not sleeping! She sat in the cot and started reading a monthly magazine lying there.i turned to her side i was in bermudas and nothing under it.i made my semi erect cock touch her back (upper part of ass)she must have known what was touching her .she seemed to press slightly hard agaist it? or am i imagining? She turned around and touced my head …i continued my sleeping act…she slowly touched my dick which was still semi erect within the fabric .suddenly she took off her hand and shook me off my sleep.i pretended to wake up for the first time!i yawned and asked her when she came .

She told it was almost 11 clock and u dont want to leave the bed?i got up and went to brush my teeth. i understood that she had unfullfilled sex desire but she hesitates trying it with me!so i thought i can seduce her . As it was saturday i used to take an oil bath!i was with my bermudas and started applying oil when i struggled to reach me spine area se came out from nowhere and offered that she will apply it.i agreed and she applied it there .she did not cross her limits….but i thought she would!i went into te bathroom with a towel around my waist.she came in to pour hot water into the bucket. I slipped my towel off me making it an accident !she looked at it and was mesmerized by my semierect cock ehich was about 4 1/2 inches long.i immediately took my towel and wrapped around me. I think that was too much for her !she came near me and said”naan un athai thane ne enakku kooda kamika maatiya?”(i am your aunt will u not shoe it to me?)saying this she took my towel off .i acted as if shocked!she stroked my dick ,it reached its fuull size and she thought she suceeded in seducing me.!but it was i who suceeded. but never mind who suceed!?

She lowered her mouth and put my dick in her mouth….she sucked sucked snd sucked it….she seemed to be experienced!she told” un mama ippo ellam enna kandukarathe illa”(uur uncle is never fucking me) .she added “unnodathu unga mamavodatha vida perisa iruku”(ur dick is bigger than ur uncle’s)she sucked till i came in her mouth. I was pressing her head towards my cock all these times!i pressed her boobs when she got up over her blouse…she said not to open the blouse as my mom can come any time….she went out. I took a fast bath and came out .but to my dissapointment my mom was there…..her face also showed some dissappointment.she said she was leaving and asked me to come over there if i find any free time….oh it’s always freee time i thought!she was going and my mom told me to drop her at her house as i was at home!what a jackpot i thought! But my aunt acting causual told “its ok i will go myself” .I told i had no important work so it wont be a problem for me to drop her.on persistent compellsion of my mother aunt accepted.i thought she had a great career if she could get inte the cinema field! She was pressing her boobs on the back….i could’nt wait for it….hot hotter hottest i became…… when we reached her house immediately after shutting the door …i sprang on her removed her saree ,blouse ,bra….i saw her nipples her breasts for the first time….i caught it with my hand i played with it,i sucked both her breasts…..i was hot she was tooo.

Her hand moved to zipper of my pant .she took out my dick sucked it as before but more relaxedly. I removed her bottoms…she had ahairy pussy…u cant expect a cleanly shaven pussy at the first time itself!i sucked it ,toungue fucked her .she started moaning in pleasure “ohhhhhh ahhhhhh appadithan nallla nalla ulle udu ….ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh”(thats it ohhhhhh do it do it ahhhhhhhhwell inside ummmmmmmmmdeep inside) She said “i want ur cock inside…soon…” i obliged to her and took my cock in hand… she brought out her hand and took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy…i stoked it in for the first time……what a great feeling it was!i slowly slided it in and ut ….she was moaning….fast fast…..i increased my pace….i felt like cumming….i told her she allowed me to cum inside……. She was happy I was more than happy! I fuck her regularly….. She is happy with her all sex desires satisfied. any females of any age can contact me for comments,suggestions,real safe sex,oral sex… etc can contact me at Ok bye friends have nice time.

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