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Sex In Pune Apartment’s

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Let me first introduce myself, I am Raj from the city PUNE…. I am 22 Male. I am 5′ 5″ tall with whitish skin & black hair & black eyes. I have athletic body because of my involvement in many sports. Due to every day shagging my penis are also well build 7”, thick like an iron rod.


Ok let start with my Real First Time Sex Story. I live in an apartment alone and next door lives my new neighbour 2 hostel girls on rent basis, my old neighbour had shifted to Mumbai. Ok the 2 gals 1st Pooja 20yrs old 32 28 30 & 2nd Rita 21yrs 34 28 32 both are real Hot Bitch to whom all will dream to fuck for whole Day & Night. They where new in Pune they came for educational purpose from Gujarat. It was Hot afternoon my apt bell rang I Open the door this beauty gals was standing in front of me I was very happy, They ask me for a some area address I thought this is the right time to make friendship with them so I welcome them in then guided them for the Area they where looking for by drawing a map on a paper they said thanks then I told them they are always welcome as you are new here you will always need a help just come to me or give me call by the way I am Raj at any time I am always there for you. They both smile and went off for there search.


After that day they where regular in touch with me and many times I go to there room for Chit Chat. One morning day I was feeling bore so I went to there room Pooja open the door and welcome and offer me a Coffee I except it, I ask here about rita she told me se was taking bath as there Bathroom & Balcony is attach to there bedroom. I got an idea I told Pooja lets go to Balcony and have our coffee she accepted it. After a 10Min Rita came out of bathroom with a White towel around here sexy body she did not know that I was there in there Apartment, so she went to bedroom to wear here cloth se close the bedroom door but she did not close the Balcony door with was attached to bedroom. I was with Pooja but my ears was towards Rita I heard the door noise then I came to know she was in the bedroom after a 2min I enter the bedroom from the balcony door she was shock to she me she was totally blank she was just in her black Bra & Panty she quickly cover her self with the towel she shouted me what r u doing here then from back come Pooja and told her all about I then told her sorry and went off. Friend I tell se was looking so hotttttttttt my rod was so hot but I control it. For two days I didn’t went to here room and the next day they call me in there room and ask where I was been for 2 days I just said I was busy in my work. They identify my liar and said me it all ok it happens Rita said u saw me in Bra & Panty I did not bother me forget it with a naughty Smile.


The next Day the Real Day my Dream Day…Regularly I went to there room for chit chat Rita the door and welcome me with a sexy smile I ask her where is Pooja she told she has gone to fix here vehicle and will return within 1 to 2hrs, Now naughty brain started to work with double speed now which idea is going to work we where sitting in there Hall room and normal chit chat began I quickly jump on my Fav topic. I ask here do u have a Boyfriend she reply no I did found any like u, she ask do u have any girlfriend I reply no I did found any one like u…Now we both where silent for a while and looking in each other eyes. Then a build my courage and said here I like u in reply she said me2. Then I get closer to her place my hand on here face and started to smooch her she close her eyes and to breathe heavily she was giving me good response then I started to press her both boobs with my both hand now her breath was getting bigger and heaver then I quickly remove her T-shirt & White Fancy Bra and started to suck her tits this went for 15min. After I remove her Jeans she reply not here in bedroom I lifted her with my both hand on my arms and took her to her bed room then I remove her Jeans & Her White Fancy Panty…Oh I then realise I did not brought Condom I quickly ran to my room brought KamaSutra condom which I brought 2 weeks before I know its going to happen some or other day…


Then again ran to her room she was laying on her bed I quickly became naked and apply condom on my rod started to fuck her I ask r u virgin she said yes I am I said me2. First it was pain for both for as but latter we where enjoying every moment of it she started to morn ahhhhhhhhhhhhh………Yesssssss……………Harderrrrrr…………..Fasterrrrrrrr……………Deeperrrrrr………………………

Yes go on I am cuming we cum at the same time but still we want more we gone for second one we forget about Pooja we where in our own world she even forget she had the second Key for there door lock and fortunely she came at the same she open the door with her key when she enter she heard the morn sound coming from bedroom she came inside she was shock to see her best friend fucking….. She said what the hell is going on you can’t do that Rita alone I too what to do it then rita said jump in then pooja quickly under her jump in oh my that was a real Dream Cum True… she started so suck my cock she first remove my condom gave me big Blow Job mean while I was sucking Rita’s Pussy which was wet with her first Cum Then apply a new Condom and fuck both her one by one we three of us loose our virginity there it self on the same bed………..I fuck them 4 time each……………for the whole night…………….


We had a great Threesome………….. After that we had Threesome sex every night This continued for 3 months after they shifted to there college hostel  which was far away from my apartment so we can’t meet(Sex) after that but we do meet in public place but can’t have sex but we where the best friend then after……….


So that’s THE END of my real story I hope u like it and ENJOY IT!!!!

Bye!!! ENJOY SEX!!!


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