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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hello! Desipapa readers, This is Sudha Gopal wishing you all the happy fucky life. This is for the first time I am writing to you all. I am happy to meet you all readers through this site. I am writing this experience for the enjoyment of the readers. As I said I am Sudha, 23 years old and married to Gopal. I possess an attractive figure with vital stats of 34-27-32. My self and my husband both work in a MNC companies. The thing is that I work in day shift, where as he is in the night shift for one fortnight and in day shift in other fortnight. Because of this our togetherness is hardly five six days in a month. Because of this whenever he has night shift either I go to my parents’ house or I ask them to come to me. Not only that whenever I am at home my father drops me to my office, as his office is en-route to my house and office.

It is one such night two months back, that I was in my parents’ house and we all enjoyed that night and after having dinner we went to sleep. I slept in my room, which was mine when I didn’t get married. Radha, my younger sister, who is 19 years and in senior inter has a separate room for her in the first floor so that her studies must not be disturbed. It was around 10.30 in the night or so, when I was not getting sleep and I came out of my room to have a glass of water. As I came out I heard some giggling sound from my parent’s room. I was bit surprised to hear that sound as I knew what kind of sound I ist, and I got a kind of curiosity to peep into their room. I forgot about water and simply went the other side of the hall that leads to a five feet width passage and a window opens that side. Luckily the window was not closed and slowly I adjusted the curtain and peeped in.

Lo! What I am seeing inside caused a lot tingling in my whole body and goose bumps formed on my body. Inside my father is pulling mummy’s saree and she is giggling and resisting it. My father and mother still young, I mean he is only 46- 47 where as my mother is around 42. I saw my father pulling her saree fully and now she stood in her petticoat and in her blouse. Her fine globes were jetting out from her blouse. “Don’t you have shame to play such things when grown up girls are at home particularly when Sudha is here. What she thinks if she hears our sound”. By the time dad pulled her closer to him and put his both hands on mum’s bum and dragging her closer to him and said “she is married girl now and Radha is also grown up girl… they know what their mum and dad are doing and they don’t think other wise” and he took her lips in his and started kissing her. Mom moaned with joy and sucking him for a while and said again “but must be careful…”

“Don’t worry.. Sudha might also have enjoyed her husband’s dick in her cunt…” I was surprised to hear such words about me from my dad. Mom also said the same “Don’t you have shame to talk like that about our own daughter. “What wrong did I say…. Isn’t she married? Didn’t she have a pussy… and you know pussies are for fucking and she will get fucked.. Isn’t it?” My mom didn’t argued much and started cooperating with him.. dad removed moms blouse and bra and she is totally naked above her waist. Dad bent his head and took mom’s boobs in his mouth and sucking her nipples while with his right hand he is playing with her another boob. By seeing this my whole body is on fire.. and unknowingly I took my boobs in both my hands and started squeezing them and pinching the nipples. My shapely thighs were quivering. I mesmerized, and stood there and seeing the game inside.

“It seems you are already ready … your dick is poking” mom saying so pulled dads pajama knot and it fell at his feet… my … my… what a big tool he has “woffff..” it is like a big stout cucumber… I have never seen such big one… specially my husband’s not so thick nor long.. Though I have not got fucked before marriage, I handled two cocks who were my classmates during my degree in the college.. even those were not like my dads.

Dad pulled moms petticoat and she is totally naked.. and she sat on her knees and took dad’s hot meat in her mouth and started sucking. While sucking, mom was moving her tongue around his bulbous knob and playing with his heavy balls. By looking at this my boobs became more robust and swelling further and further… my nipples stiffened… and I kept my right hand on my crotch… my… god how swollen it became and I grabbed my snatch in my palm and rubbed it hardly… then I inserted my finger in my fuck hole which became totally wet with juices.

“AAAhhhh…grrrrrr… oh.. suck.. suck.. hard take it fully in your hot mouth… oh… you are still very young.. dear.. ooohhh..” and my dad moaning and moving his dick in and out of mom’s mouth… “Oh! Why are you making so much of noise… Sudha is here and in down stairs if she comes and sees us what will she think of us…” mom said. “Why are you worried about Sudha… she knows the desires of man and woman… ok… let her come and see… what is wrong in it … if she sees she will learn how to satisfy a man… come let me fuck you hardly..” and he placed her on her back on the bed.

By this time mom has also become very hot and she opened her thighs for him and said, “Are you not going to eat my cunt?”

“You have so much of hair there and you know I like it hairless to fuck and suck first let me give you good pounding then I will eat your Pussy” dad said. Really mom had a thick black moss there. Dad started rubbing his bulbous knob on mummy’s cunt… “oooohhhh..” mom moaned as dad rubbing his meat.. “Oh! Dear … don’t waste at the gates… enter in deep… oh!” And dad gave a big thrust into her Pussy… “ssshhh ohhhh my you are still have the same tightness in your pole as you had at our marriage…” mom said and raised her bum up to meet his dick… “You are also maintaining the same tightness in your pussy dear..” dad said and moving his pole in and out of her fuck hole. As dad was moving in out of mom, she is wriggling her ass .. and grunting with joy.

My God… how she is taking it in her… how lucky she is to have such big cock for her own” I thought and looking at their love game. My hands still in my cunt, and on my firm boobs. My nipples become stiffer like dry dates, which I am pinching and playing with my wet juicy twat. Because of the lubrication my dads cock is glistening in the light. “aaahhh enough dear don’t push much … ahhh you know I cant’ take yours totally… oohh..” I saw that around 2, 2 ½ inch is still left out mom’s cunt.. and dad want to thrust it in… and mom putting her hands on his chest stopping him… and I thought how nice to have such a big one in my sweet pussy… ohh.. how it will be if it goes in me can I have it full… ooooh.. I moaned silently.. thinking about such a big and stout tool in my hole.

“Ohhh… I am coming… take it ohhh…” dad was panting and speedily moving in and out mom. Don’t shoot in me.. you are not protected and I am not in safe period you may make me pregnant again” When mom said that I was much excited and I think dad was also excited and I saw his dick still bulging when it came out of mom..” “So what dear, Ek bar phir se maa banjao”.

“Besharm kahin ke, Don’t you have shame to say…. Having girls of 20 years of age, and if I become mother what people think? You know..?” While talking like this they both fucked two times. And I stood there as if I am in trance and watched their game. While their game is going on through their conversations I came to know that (1) Dad had fucked mom’s younger sister with the help of mom and they are planning to have a threesome again. (2) I also came to know that mom’s chacha had fucked her and her sister and even at the age of sixty he is fucking my aunt.. and expresses his desire to fuck mom also.. dad encouraged her to have his dick while dad watches them (3) The most important is that dad says if any one us sisters would have been the boys he would have encouraged mom to have an affair with us. This gave me an idea that dad may be having a desire to fuck us and he indirectly expressed his desire like this.

–x– –x– –x—

After seeing my mom and dad fucking so lovely and listening to my dad, I have decided to get fucked by my dad’s big stout pole my god.. how big it is.. how it will be in my cunt… I started imagining it in my fuck hole and my whole body tingled with desire.

Once I have decided to have my Dad’s in me, then onwards I started revealing most of my parts to my dad whenever we were alone… either by bending in front of him with low neck garments so that he can feast his eyes with my perfect BOOBs or sat in front of him with low skirts to reveal my soft thighs and inner parts or wearing sleeveless blouses and tying the sarees to exhibit my navel and smooth belly. Many a times I imagined about my dad’s dick in my pussy.

Very quickly I found the result also. Whenever dad is with me I saw his eyes shining and always peeking at my parts. He started putting his hands on my body as if casually happened and tried to pat me on my back, or pinch my cheeks as if I am a small child or put his hands on my shoulders and put some pressure etc. I am excited to be touched like that now I know he is expressing his intensions like that, and always I dreamed of his dick in my chink.

Once I was confident, that now I can open my thick juicy cuntlips for my dad, and he will not hesitate TO THRUST HIS STOUT SAUSAGE IN MY SWOLLEN JUCY SLIT, I thought I must act now, so that it must be confirmed that he is also thinking of shoving his dick in me. Generally while going to office daddy drops me also at my office. That day also he came in his car and entered in to the house and said “Sudha are you ready?”

“Yes dad please be seated … I am coming..” I said. I thought he sits in the lounge but I heard his foot steps in my bedroom. Then I had an idea of feasting him with my naked ness. At that time I was in the attached bath. After two, three minutes I came out of bath totally naked water droplets dripping from my golden body… And acted as if I have seen him just then “Oh!..I am sorry dad…” I said and immediately I took the towel went behind the curtain to change. The curtain is of see through material because of this he can see my naked ness clearly. My back was towards him and I noticed in the mirror that my dad was feasting his eyes with his daughter’s naked beauty with gape. Then I turned towards my right revealing my heavy firm conical breast to him. I changed my self very leisurely as I am the only one at home and came out wearing saree. “Sorry dad… I didn’t know that you are here” I said meekly. I noticed that his trousers were bulged between his thighs.

Another day it happened the same way. When he asked whether I am ready I said “Yes Dad… I am ready will you come into the room” I called him. At that time I was in front of the mirror I wore a green silk saree and sleeveless blouse with deep neck and back. I saw dad at the door and he said “What baby?” “Dad it seems my bra hook had been reversed and causing lot of inconvenience.. would you please correct it”. Dad came stood at my back and started opening the blouse hooks. And lo what I expected is happening, and I smiled my self for my success. I felt that he is rubbing his daughter’s ass with his thick dick.. ‘hurraaahhh… Success’ I thought my self as I felt his cock on my bum.. I moved forward to avoid his touch, and to know what he does. Immediately he pulling me backwards said “don’t move forward the hook will be tightened.. come closer” and I leaned on him totally feeling warmth ness of his cock on my bum. He took his own time to adjust the hook and I am sure he might be enjoyed his daughter’s soft, smooth fleshy bum. After he had corrected the bra hook, “thanks dad” I said and I turned towards him, hooking my blouse stretching my hands backwards. My saree had fallen and hanging. My firm perfect tits were jetting forward and I found daddy greedily looking at them.

“Hay! dad! What are you looking at?” I asked at him teasingly. He might have seen my eyes glowing “You have lovely knockers baby” saying so he quickly caught one of my boob and squeezed. “Oh daddy… you are naughty… come it is already late for the office”… I said seductively smiling at him and asked him again “did you liked them Daddy?” and moved out “Really you have a lovely pair with a fine cleavage.” He said again looking deep into my eyes. “Oh Papa you are so sweet, Thank you.” And I gave a warm kiss on his cheeks, and we moved off. With that I was sure that if chance comes he is ready to shove his big meat in his daughter’s (my) hot pussy.

A week later I went to my father’s house for dinner. While mummy was preparing Dinner in the kitchen, my self, daddy and my younger sister Radha were watching TV in the lounge. Radha was slightly away from me and I was sitting beside my dad to his left and our thighs were in contact with each other. He encircled his left hand around my waist and dragged me near to him and started asking questions about my husband, my job and general things. While talking he placed his right palm on my smooth thigh and soothing it, now and then gripping it. Where as his left hand which was on my waist slowly raised high and came under the armpit and slowly started pressing the side bulges of my boob. I looked at my sister she is totally engrossed in watching TV.

With my right hand I took dad’s hand and pulled it front so that it rested on my robust BOOB. Dad squeezed my tit hardly and “Ssss…hh” I moaned. “What happened Didi?” Radha looking at me asked. Immediately dad removed his hand from there and I said “Nothing it is cramps on my leg.” My whole body tingled and I started imagining his long fuck pole in my juicy hole. Once I noticed his hand on my thigh my whole body tingled with desire and goose bumps formed on my body. I felt that my breasts are becoming heavy and nipples stiffen.. Between my thighs my pussy started wetting, and oozing the preliminaries. His hand on my thighs was moving upwards towards my inner thighs over my silk saree. When his hand came almost up to thigh junction and his left hand under the armpit caught my whole boob and squeezed and looked into my eyes for my reaction. I smiled and I put my hand over his hand to stop his movement. Dad looked at me and I also looked at him and gave a smile. All these things happening, in front of my sister and my mother in the kitchen.

By that time mom called us for dinner and we had dinner while chit chatting this and that. At this time Radha said.. “Mummy don’t you think that there is a change in Didi?” My heart thumped with a kind of anxiety “what do you mean?” I asked. “You have been wearing a variety of dress and the way of dressing also changed. Now-a-days you are wearing more of sleeve less, and low neck and backs.”

Mom also said the same thing and said be careful while I wore such dresses when going out. I said OK… then after another 10 minutes or so I took leave from them. Dad wanted to drop me back in his car but I said not necessary and only accompany me up to the main road which is 50 feet away to find an auto.

It was dark in the lane the single streetlight is also not glowing. In another ten steps or so we will be on the main road. Daddy said “Don’t worry about mom’s words you wear dresses according to your own choice… now you are a grown up girl and married also.. as long as your husband doesn’t object there is no problem… but one thing I have to say … you are too cute in these dresses.”

“Oh!.. thanks dad… you are sooo goood..” and I garlanded my hands around his neck and raising on my toes I put my lips on his and had deep French kiss. As if waiting for a chance and indication from me… dad dragged me to him and put both hands on my fleshy bum and squeezing it, rotated his tongue in my mouth… Ooooohhh … I was almost wet in my pussy and it started dripping.. However I controlled and whispered in his ears… “Daddy, come home for the dinner tomorrow…I will serve you a special dish” and I got separated.

— x — — x — –x—

Next evening I came early and prepared delicious dinner and waiting for daddy’s arrival. I don’t know what was dads position but I am much excited thinking about the adventure I am going to have. I am sure that dad understood what special dish I am going to serve him, and he is going tear my pussy with his stout fuck pole.

As he entered I hugged him and brought him in. He was very charming in his grey suit. He handed me a packet. I asked “What is it dad?” “Look, You will know…” he said .. Wow.. what I found in is dark red colour latest fashion Gown, which only had thin straps to hold the gown on the shoulders, and oval shaped opening at the waist with zig zag edges. I took it inside and wore the gown my how good it is.. the upper edges of the gown is hardly covering my honey colored circles of the breasts and remaining portion is totally revealed. At the sides most of my slim waist is naked because of oval shaped opening. The edges the bottom of the gown is short in front and back while conical edges on the sides.

Along with the gown there is also pink colour bra and panty with blue colour laces around it. I wore only panty and came out and said “thank you dad… this frock is cute”. “You are too cute in this gown dear” my father said. “is it so…” “Yes….” He said and stretched his hands. I fell in his hands and he pulled me onto his lap and put his mouth on mine and started kissing. MMmmm…mmnnn..” I moaned with pleasure and encircled my hands around his neck. My soft smooth buttocks were in touch with his bulge.

“Dad .. want to have a glass of wine..?” I asked. “Yes ..” he said “provided you give me company” I took two glasses and wine bottle came back sat at his side and poured wine in the glasses gave him one and took the other. “Three cheers for the cheerful baby” he said. “Cheers for the night” I said and started sipping. “You are very cute in this dress Sudha..” he said. I only smiled at him and was sipping wine talking general things.

After the first round of wine he poured another in his glass and pouring in my glass while I was holding the glass. Seeing the opportunity I tilted the glass towards me and lo… the wine dad was pouring fell on my boobs spoiling the gown…”Ohhhh… dad .. what did you do my new gown is spoiled” I said. “Don’t worry dear I will buy you a new one..” dad promised.. “not only that … You have to wipe my TITS dad..” I said and looked at him seductively… “ohh.. sure baby …it is a pleasure..” he said and kept his glass away and came to me. I also kept my glass aside and looking at him. Dad came to me and removed the shoulder strips of the gown and pulled it down.. My fair and firm semi circular globes with stiff nipples and honey coloured circles were in front of him.

With eager and excitement dad started licking the tits. His rough tongue is running on my boobs causing tingle in my body and further swelling of my boobs. “MMmmmnn… ssshhh.. uuff.. I moaned with joy and wriggled my ass on the couch. “What happened baby..?” he asked. Oh!.. It is sooo gooood dad… don’t stop.. lick .. lick.. clean it properly..” I said and pulled his head to my swelling boobs.. he became busy again with my TITS now licking and sucking the one nipple and his hand came on my other swell and squeezing.. and pinching the stiff nipple. I became so horny .. I said … “SSSssfff.” And I pressed his head with one hand to my boob and with the other I started pushing my boob into his mouth. I was in seventh heaven…I closed my eyes …and enjoying his actions on my body.

After few minutes he lifted his head from my choochis and said… “Sudha … tumhare choochiyan tho bahut mazedar hai… na jaane tumhare choot kaisi hogi…” he said and kissed my cheek…. “You want to see your daughter’s pussy dad..” I said teasingly and looked into his greedy eyes. He didn’t say any thing, but I found the gleam in his eyes and I went two feet away from him and slowly started removing my gown from my body slowly pulling it down. He was eagerly looking at my figure. Teasing him and smiling at him seductively I removed my gown from my legs and stood in front of him totally naked except the pink panty, which clung, to my pussy. It was so perfect fitting that the swell of my cunt and the impression of vaginal lips are clearly visible.

While I was removing my gown, dad removed his coat and opened his zip and took out his long stout pole and fondling it. “How is my figure daddy…?” while biting my lips and keeping my right hand on my swollen pussy over the panty I asked walking towards him.. “you have perfect figure dear” he said.. “Better than mummy’s…” I asked. “Yah.. much better than mummy’s”

“It is very bad on your part that you are fondling your ding .. while I am here papa…” I said and knelt on the carpet and opened his trousers and pulled it down.. Dad raised his bum to help me pull down his pants. I held his thick, hot meat in my fist. It is so long that I measured it with my fist and lo… it is three fist full and I started moving it up and down.. his pink bulbous knob is glowing.. “My… my… how big it is papa… oh.. I want to have it fully in me.. can I have it fully in me? And I rubbed the knob on my boob’s circles and nipples. Then I kissed it and took it in my mouth and started sucking it. Dad is grunting and making a lot of funny sounds as I am sucking him.

After sucking dad’s cock for while dad made me stand in front of him and started pulling down the panty. It started sliding down my waist to my bum and hips and then slid over my well carved thighs revealing the most secret treasure of my body i.e my pussy to my dad. “Ooh…! My.. what beautiful cunt you have dear…… how pouted your cunt lips are.. and how smooth it is just like your cheek..” dad said and stamped a warm kiss on my hairless twat. “You like hairless pussies isn’t it dad? I asked. “How did you know? He asked but I didn’t give him any answer rather pulled his head to my twat. Before putting his lips to my twat he grabbed the total swell of my cunt in his palms and felt the swell of it. Then he took out his tongue and running it along the pussy lips. “Ssss…fffof..” I moand silently. “What Sudha? What happened?” dad asked me looking into my eyes.. “Nothing Papa.. you carry on” and pulled his head to my wanton crack. Dad started licking again. His rough tongue is brushing against my ever-wanton lips causing a lot of tingling sensation in my body.

“Wait daddy.. let me sit on the couch so that you can have better access to your daughter’s crack” I said pushing his head away I went and sat on the couch placing my Bum on the edges of it. I slightly reclined to the back. My cunt lips were slightly opened and Dad eagerly put his mouth on it again. “How is the dish daddy..?” I asked raising my butt to meet his tongue. “uff.. oh.. don’t ask… it is so sweet and tasty…mmmnmn…it has been a long time that I had such a tasty dish.” And he licked his lips which were smeared with my juices.. “Wait papa.. let me make it more tasty…” I said and took the wine glass, which were kept aside, and pouring the same on my belly. The wine was sliding over my belly to my abdomen to my cunt. As I am pouring dad started licking and drinking the wine from my pussy.. as he is licking and sucking his daughter’s cunt I started gyrating my bum according to the movement of his tongue and moaning more violently… and finally said… “Oh.. dad.. I can’t bear the itch in my cunt… please fuck…me… see how your daughter’s cunt lips are opening to have you in them… come give me that stout pole which was entering into my mom’s cunt..”

As I said this, he stood and took me in his arms and headed to my bedroom. I garlanded my arms around his neck and kissing his lips while I encircled my legs around his waist. His both palms were on my bum cheeks and squeezing them.. I felt his hot erect pole touching the outer lips of my pussy.. my thing is fully lubricated with the juices.. and dripping over my lips. He made me lie flat on my back. I also lying back opened my legs and then opening the pussy lips with my fingers and winked at him. He was bowled over by my actions and jumped over me. I folded my knees and widened as he came over me and my hands were on his shoulders. Dad took my lips and rubbing his thick knob at the entrance of my love box.

“Ohhh.. papa… please don’t waste time at the entrance push that hot rod of yours in me.. I am dying to have it.” I said and raised my buttocks to have his tool in me. When I said this he pushed his palms under my buttocks and pressing them he plunged in. “Ohhhssff…” I felt that his fuck pole is stretching me.. and his knob was in. I felt the warmth ness of his dick. Then one more and I felt the rod smoothly entering in me. He stopped for a while to see my reaction and I was raising my bum to have more… and he gave a final push of his total rod in me. I felt the juices which were released were dried up and his tool is brushing the dry lips. For a while I felt that I can’t take his full length. I was disappointed that I can’t have my dad’s full meat in me.

“Oh.. my.. my.. I just can’t believe it..” dad said in unbelievingly , He looked deep into my eyes.. and kissed them affectionately.

“What happened daddy…?” I asked.. “Oh.. Sudha.. my darling daughter… my sweetie … my how deep your pussy is.. it has taken full length of mine. Even today your mom can’t take my full length.. oh…oh” And he took one of my BOOBs in his mouth and kneading the other and pinching the stiffened nipple. “What…?” I said in disbelief and stretched my hand to my pussy and found that papa’s is in me up to hilt. His and my crotches were rubbing each other.

“Oh! Papa I am so happy to have yours full in me.. I too had doubt when I saw yours first.” I said.. by this time my cunt started secreting the juices and I lifted my bum up. “What baby.. want me to start? Dad asked, and I raised my bum to say yes. Now daddy is freely moving in out of me. And “Puch…puch..thup..” sounds were echoing in the room.. dad is grunting and I am moaning with joy and meeting his thrust.

“Aaahhh.. beti aur upper uthana apni gaand daddy ke liye… baapre.. kya bur hai.. salee itna mota lund leelgayee… le.. le.. papa ka lund kaisi hai… mazaa aa raha hai na” and he increased his tempo. His dick is coming out of my cunt up to the knob and entering in again up to the hilt. “Ohh.. papa.. aur jorse.. jorse chodo.. apni beti ke choot ko…uff.. daddy.. deep… such bahut mazaa aaraha hai..aapne chachi ka bhi aise his chodthe the na” I started grumbling while papa’s dick is moving in and out of me. “Acha to salee us raat tum ne hamri baatein sunee hai … chup chupkar dekhneka aur sunne ka tumhe punish karma hoga” and he gave a deep hard push of his dick in my stretching pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoying the nice fuck. Daddy also enjoying the fun with his daughter’s choot. He is playing with my bum, buttocks, choochi ki ghundi masalne lage.. gaand mein ungli karne lage… really I am enjoying the game.

The room is echoing with the sounds of my moans, with dad’s gruntles.. and the fucking sound of puch.. puch..thup.. etc.. his heavy balls were hitting my bum as he thrusts it in.

“Daddy… oahh…ohh.. aur jorse.. apni beti ki choot ko aur maro… papa.. meri tight hai na..tumhe mazaa aaraha hai na papa…” I raising my bum to meet his move asked. “such beti bahut tight hai… bahut jamana ho gaya itna tight choot marke … aahhhh… beti.. meri khalas hone wali hai…”

“Abhi nahi daddy… ek do minute aur ruko… tahro… mujhe peechese lo…” and I pushed him up and turned on my fours. Raising my firm taut buttocks up…dad came behind me he ran his palms on my smooth buttocks and pushed his dick deep in me from back. I moved my bum back to meet his shaft. He stretched his hand and took my heavily hanging boobs and playing with them started fucking me.. “Aaahhhshsh… dad… I am reaching the climax… now you can shoot.. come come in me.. dad.. let me feel the warmth ness of your cum..” I moaned and fell down on my stomach.. And started releasing my juices.. and at the same time dads warm thick juices flooded my cunt.

After five minute or so we got up and freshened ourselves.. we both were very happy.. we sat at the dining table and we both were still naked and I am in my dad’s lap. While playing with each other we had our dinner. While dinner dad said.. “Sudha.. really you have a deep and tight cunt.. so far only your aunt could take my full dick.” “How did you fucked aunt daddy..with mom’s help only no?” I asked. “Yes! with her help only I could fuck her younger sister. It has been long time I fucked both of them together.” “Dad” I called him. “What baby?” he pressing my heavy boob asked. “I want to see you fucking them both daddy” I said. “Oh… that’s all.. I can arrange for it when opportunity comes I will inform you… you can see.” He said and kissed me and said again.. “baby you have to help me.” I looked at him enquiringly. ‘I have a friend Gracy… she is willing but.. can’t find the place.”

I understood what he wanted but some one getting fucked in my home I too didn’t liked like mom… “What is the problem daddy.. Can she come any where?” I asked. “Yes” dad said. “Then take her to a resort.. now a days resorts are safe places for such things.. of course if you want I will also accompany you..” I said. “Oh! That will be nice of you then we can have a three some but I will introduce you as my friends daughter..” “I also wanted to tell you the same to you daddy that you must not introduce me as your daughter. That is good idea introducing me as friend’s daughter and I must be careful not call you as Dad.” Dad thanked me for this suggestion and kissed me again. And he was about to leave for home I said “Daddy want to have quick fuck again?” It is actually not he but I wanted. There is some itch in my cunt again. “Oh! Tho hamari beti ke choot ki pyas nahin bhuji hai.. chal chudakkad ek bar aur chod detha hoon. He made me bent on the window sill and raised my frock up. I didn’t wore the panty again. Daddy dropped his trouser and holding his thick meat he came at the back of me. He had a quick fuck from back while I bent on to the window sill and bid goodbye to me. “Daddy are you going to tell this to Mom?” “No.. not now” and he took my lips and rotated his tongue in my mouth, then left.

So dear readers.. this is my first incest story… hope male readers enjoyed while holding their dicks in their fists and lady readers were fingering their choots.. bye… bye.. meet you again with some more narrations in future, as now I have a lot of future plans. Bye till then. Yours sweet juicy cunt, Sudha.

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