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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi friends to all the readers of name is rahul,25 from Manipur,India. I live in capitel city Imphal. I m about 5.4 ft. tall and slim in figure. This is my frist time to writting this letter.It happened about 3yrs back. That time I m doing a job for a co-op. society for selling milk as a delivery man house to house. As a daily routine i go delivers 1 of my costomer give me a add. for delivering milk and i start delivering at that house too.The house owner was a advocate and his wife was a M.D. and they have 2 girl child. and a house servant named Sujata.from daily going to thier housei became well known to each other and every member of that family specialy the maid Sujata because everytime I bring milk to thier home she came out from the kitchen and collect the milk handed me the coupon for recriving we touch each others hand daily.

As time pass by we became good friends talks to each other everything accept sex. As became a good friend she asked for bringing magazines and new hindi movies. i intentionally bring erotic hindi mag such mathurkathayen(because she only read hindi). Hey sorry friends for not to telling you about her. She around 21 that time. She looks fair in color, long black hair below the beutiful round shaped buttocks. She has good attractive figure.She has a body of 34,28,32 size.I giving her erotic mags.because I want to see her reactions on me. After few days she return me the mag. and said it was very nice. From that moment I know that she can be fuckeble. So, I am looking for right moment. And a 1 fine evening around 7p.m. came to deliver the milk i found that she is alone in the house cos her boss family is gone for a party and came back late in the night .When seing her alone i gave her a naughty smile and also she return me a naughty smile.

Then i give milk packed and she gave me the coupon as a daily routine than I suddenly grave her hand and start rubbing she didn’t said a word then I start rubbing her long black hair with my left hand after some moments she lay her head at my chest then stepped away and said someone will be watching in the window and start doing her works. And I also came back home without doing anything with her. After that day I have not get a chance. After not getting any chance to do anything with her Idaily go to her room quitely not to seen me (because her room is in the back side of the main building) for finding her underwear garments but luckily I find some erotic mags. and I opened the mags. page by page then i seen pics of some love making positions in the mags. then I quickly bring the mags. and got out of the room because I was not to be caught . And I go to the toilet and masturbate thingking of Sujata (beside her room there is a latrine and a bathroom) in the bathroom I founds some cloths of Sujata in a bucket then I seach inside the bucket and find a Bra and Panty of Sujata all wet due to water in the bucket. Then I bring the bra along with me(because I love to wear the ladies weared undergarments to wear in the night and masturbate).i always masturbate in ladies undergarments and fiil very good.I have dosens of BRA’S and PANTIE’S of defferant ladies(because I deliver the milk from evening to night so I bring does undergarments from the lawns of defferant houses and defferant ladies hanging for drying ).

One night I bring a Bra from a ladies room in darkin the roomby searching totally blind and quitely that time my hearth was beating very fast that I can hear it luckily I have not been caught by anyone and that bra I bring was also a black in the color.Back to the sujata one night I found again she is alone in the house and luckily that day was also loadsading day and as a routine I gave the milk and she give me the coupon that time I didn’t do anything with her then start talking to each other then suddenly phone rangs up and she answered the call then drop the phone to the receiver. I follow her and stand behind her and I caught hold her from the behind and start masseging her she refused try run away but I hold her tightly and pushed her in a stool then I start kissing at her cheeks earlobs and my left hand is on her left breast inside her shirt over the bra her breast was very soft over the bra. She said thadok-o thadok-o(leaveme leaveme) but I didn’t leave her I continue kissing and massaging than suddenly caught hand free herself from me but she is in the stool. than she said looking angrilyto me nangdi fatte, nungside(you are bad ,hat you).I leave her for some time then I get the courage because the room aws lighting up by a single candle so there is not enough light in the room.

The n I unzip my pant and take out my cock from my underwear then I hold her one hand bring near to my cock. When her hand touched my cock an electric current is flowing in my body the n suddenly she freed from my hand ran down stair to the door. I followed her she was sitting at the door she said very angrily chatlo chatlo natradi mee tanaba laogani(goaway go away if you not gone I will sought to hear the poeple).In fear of poeple I quikly cane back home. Next day I was fear in my mind that if she tell everything to her boss then what will happen to me but insteed of fear I have to go there to delivery the milk.When I was entering to the kitchen Sujata is standing there and washing the dishes.I fearly said sangom(milk) she turned and looking at me with a naughty slime she didn’t spoke nothingI also spoke nothing after collecting the coupon I came back from there house.

After that incident I got one more chance that day was cool winter night that night when I entering the room she was alone and she was trying to start the char-cole set on a stool I also sit there and start talking I asked her whether she like to see the xxx movies then she said she didn’t like to watch. then again I asked whether she like to read erotic mags. she said yes. Than I said to her that I also like to read erotic mags. so give me some this she said that all of my mags. are taken by you and then why you asked. I didn’t tell her that I take her all mag.

Instead of it she knew that I take her mags. because of my behavier she didn’t mention about the bra I also too. by asking all this I massaged her inner thighs she refused it and her hand splased on my hand but then I ran my both hand to her back and unhooked her bra .Then she said don’t do that then hooked her bra .I asked her will you like fuck? She said I will alow only kiss in lips. From hearing this I kissed on her lips passenately she didn’t response at frist latter she responsed.I try to massage her boobs and thighs but she didn’t alow me to do so.It is very late time to coming of her boss I came back home and that night in the bed I dreaming aboutSujata I fucked her in my mind in every possible ways I hand job my cock 5 times thinking of Sujata.Latter that day I have not get any chance because I left that job.And from that day I never met Sujata.

But i steel thinking about her in my mind. Well how is the story tell me. Any girls marriedor unmarreid,couplewho has unstisfied with sex relationand who wants to enjoy with me are invited specielly widows. Secrectcy will keep 100%. I am steel a viegin who wants to take ny virginity they can contact me very soon . MY email ID is  By for now I will waiting for your reply.

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