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  • September 13, 2015

Hi everybody, I am great fan of desipapa stories section. This site has helped me to fulfill my dream. This is real story. I am ashish 26 years old. I am basically from Kolkata am 5’8”, brown complexion and average built. I am doing my master’s degree. I love ladies having nice boobs and butt. This incident took place last year in the month of November at Kolkata.

This story is about my sexy aunty (mother’s sister-in-law). Her name is Varsha. I had a great sex fantasy towards my sexyyyyyyyyy auntyyyy when I was in 10th class. She is a perfect sex Goddesss.Her look is mind blowing. No male can control its manhood once he sees her. She is 38 years old. She is very fair,with long hair. Her figure is 36D-32-38.Her boobs and butt are mind blowing. her boobs were very juicy and big like melons. When she walks her bbutt drives me crazy. She is a widow with two sons. She is a perfect sex idol.

We all stay together after the death of my uncle. In the family everybody likes my aunty because of her caring and loving nature. But I like her because of her sexy figure. I used to masturbate in my dreams thinking about her sexy figure. from my school days I used to watch xxx movies and watch nude sites. I was very afraid to touch my aunty. If any body comes to know about it then I will be dead. So I was not having the guts to go ahead. But I was becoming very irresistible.

One night I was not able to sleep. I was trying to sleep but could not do it. I was thinking about my aunty how to seduce her and had sex with her. I was becoming very restless. Suddenly I heard some voice. I thought some thief has entered into the house. So slowly I went outside to see but there was no one. I went near my aunt’s bedroom to see her in sleeping position, as her 2 sons used to sleep with my mom. As I approached towards her room I heard a male voice coming from it.I was bit confused. I tried to peep through the hole of the door. I was astonished to see my father and my aunt fully naked lying on each other. My father is passionately kissing and fucking my aunt and my aunt is responding it passionately making erotic sounds. I could guessed that my aunty is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for sex. From there I got the courage that I would fuck my aunty one day whatever may be the consequence.

It was the month of November.I was having my winter vacation. my aunty was looking more gorgeous as usual. my parents decided to go to Mumbai for a holiday trip. I refused to go saying that I have some important assignments to complete. So my parents with my aunt’s elder son went. Now we were three persons at home, me , my sexy aunty and her yonger son. At night my aunty used to sleep in my bedroom as there was no one at home. My bed room is bit bigger than compare to other bedrooms in our house. so my aunty used to sleep in the big bed with her son while I used to sleep in my bed.I usually sleep late in the night. I used to browse different sites, watch some movies & then used to go to sleep late.

One night  I was watching a XXX movie in my system while my aunty and his son is fast asleep, suddenly my eyes fall on my aunty’s sleeping position. I was amazed to see what I was longing for a long time. I saw my aunty’s saree has move up to his thighs and her pussy hair is clearly visible. I could not control myself and started masturbating. The whole night I spent thinking how to fuck my sexyyyyyyy dream girl. In the morning I got up it was 5am in the morning and saw my aunt has already waken up.She is an early riser.That night I was not able to sleep thinking about aunty. Her son was still sleeping. I went outside to see what she was doing. she was brushing her teeth near the basin. she was wearing a sleevless white blouse no bra. Her boobs were in a firm size and shape. On seeing that my dick stood up. My aunty got a glimpse of it. Then suddenly she covered her boobs with her saree.At that moment I was becoming restless. I gathered some courage went near her and caught her from backwards, and started moving my hand from stomach  towards her boobs and slowly started squeezing it.At that moment my dick was touching her asss and it was giving me immense pleasure.She felt my hard dick pressing her ass cheecks. She hesisted and asked me to stop doing that. But I didn’t listen to her words. I continue with more vigour. Then she said in a very soft voice please ashish its not right, I am ur aunt. But still I continued and said littile more please aunty. Then she pushed me and said NO.Then she went to take bath.I could feel the sexual arousal in her. she was breathing heavily. Because of my lust of seeing her naked I peeped into the bathroom door and started to watch the scene. She quickly undressed her and start the shower and stood under it.  Her booooooooooooooooooooooooobs were looking more juicy than before after my squeezing. She started to rub her boobs by applying oil on it. seeing that my dick became red like a rod. Then I was stunned to see that she started finger fucking her pussy.I could no longer control my manhood and masturbate in my trousers. she was looking like a sex goddess while taking bath.The whole day I was not able to concentrate on anything. Everywhere I saw I found my aunty sexy figure infront me.That day I masturbate 3 times a day but my dick was not in controllllllll.No longer I could wait.It was afternoon my aunt was in the kitchen.Her son has gone outside to play with his friends.There was nobody in the house except me & my aunty.So I went near my aunt.My aunt was not looking at me nor was talking with me because of my morning deed. I went close to her she was cooking something for the lunch. Then slowlyyyyyyy I grasped her from her back side and put my hands on her boobs.She suddenly become frightened and she left the spoon fall down on the ground making a noise with which she was cooking. Angrily she said what r u doing ashish? You have planned to kill me.She said I told u in the morning this is not right thing that u r doing.But I didn’t listen & I continue my work. while I was pressing her boobs my dick was pressing her ass.After some time her hard voice got converted to sounds as ah ho hooon unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Those sounds of her make me crazy and I started pressing her boooooooooooobs with more vigour.I started kissing her lippppppppps, her neck, her cheek, & her stomach. She was enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyinggggggggggggggg & respondinggg every bit of it. she was not saying anything but her noises were making me realize that she was enjoying every bit that I was doing with her. Then I started to move my hand downward I slowly lifted her saree,suddenly she oppose it. Then I hold her hand and parted a long hotttttttttttt kisssssssssssssssssssssss on her lips which made her collapse and she too responded to the kiss with full passion. Then I started rubbing my hands on her tighs, her tighs were very silkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy & softttttttttttt. I was slowly moving my hand towards the entrance of her womanhood, suddenly the door bell rang and she became aware what was going on and she pushed me and went out to see who was on the door.The dish that she was cooking was fully burnt.My dream became unfulfilled again.I became very upset.My aunt also became very upset and she didn’t talk to me the whole day.I was thinking that she would narrate everything to my parents after they return. I was very much frightened. That whole day I  was very upset. The night came she had cooked the food. Then we all sat down for the food. I was so frightened that I could not look at my aunts eyes. We finished our dinner and went to sleep.That night my aunty did not sleep in my bedroom.She went with her son to sleep in her bedroom.I became more frightened.I don’t know what to do? I played a XXX movie in my system and started watching it.There was a fucking scene came I started dreaming about my aunt and me having fucking lesson together. During which my dick became very hard and some liquid have started to flow. But I was very busy in my dream. Suddenly I woke up from my dream when I heard some sound outside. I heard the sound of the footsteps.As there was no body at home I thought it to be my aunt.So, pretending to know nothing, I continued to watch the movie.After a few minutes I got up to see what was going on.I was shocked to see my aunt standing behind me and was watching the movie.She asked me in a very hard tone what is this going on.I fumbled and said nothing and started to turn off the computer.Her voice changed and she said in a very sexyyyyyyyy manner don’t turn off.You are a grown up boy.Do u mind watching this movie with me?I could not believe my ears .with full courage I said NO.I would love to watch this movie with you.Then I put another CD then she went and locked all the doors and windows.After she had locked  she came close to me and untied her long hair which fell till her butt.My GOD she waslooking damm sexyyyyyyyyyyyy with the outfit she was wearing.She was wearing a white netted bra,pink panty & blue semi transparent slevless nighty.My dick became arouse to its full extent.I have never seen her wearing a nighty before. I thought that my dream girl is in full mood.That night will be a memorable night for both of us. Then we sat down to watch the movie.It was 12pm in the night.Then some fucking and sucking scene came in the movie.We were watching it very seriously.By that time my dick has arouse to its full extent.there was a bulge in my trousers which was clearly visible.she had a glimpse of it.Then she stood up slowly she came close to me and started rubbing her hands on my erected prick and started kissing my chest.I was in 8th world at that time.I could not think what to do.Then I caught hold of her ass bring her close to me and parted a kiss on her lips very passionately.she too responded very well.Our lips were entangled for about 10 mins.Then I started kissing her neck,her check,simultaneously I started pressing her boobs which made her irresistible.She was holding my hair very tightly and were making sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy noises. I slowly removed her nighty from her sexy body.She was looking damm sexy with the bra and panty. I squeezed her boobs over her bra and started playing with her nipples. She was breathing heavily and was becoming hotttttttt. I slowly unhooked her bra buttons.The boobs were getting restless to get free from the clutches of the bra.The moment I unhooked the bra buttons the juicy, fleshy boobs sprang upon the bra and were looking very juicyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and it seemed as if they are inviting me to play with them. I immediately pulled her towards me and started playing and fondling with the boobs and at the same time I started sucking her nipples very passionately.My aunt was holding my hair tightly and was shouting like anything.She was shouting with excitement pressssss it harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ashish suck itttttttttttttttttttttt u r greattttttttttttt squeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttt moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………… This words of her was making me more horny to go further with her sexyyyyyyyyyyyy & hottttttttttttttttt bodyyyyyyyyyyy. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her when I could feel some pain in my dick. It has become so hot that it fighting to come out of my trousers.It has become so erect that it was quite visible on my trousers.On seeing that my aunt parted a kiss and slowly moved towards my trousers and slowly unzipped it.Then she pulled down my underwear and my dick came out with a jerk and stood like a red rod. My aunty was very happy to see. She said u have a very hot and sexyyyyyyyyyyyy lunddddddddddd. At that time we both were fully nude. Slowly my aunt took my prickkkkkkkkk in her mouth and started kissing on top of it.Then she put it in her mouth and started sucking it like a hell. She was doing it like a professional. A type of shock was moving inside my bodyyyyyyyyyyy when she was sucking my dickkkkkkkkkkk and playing with my balllllllllllssssssssssssss. Then I said I want to cum she said cum inside my mouth I want to taste u. Then I loaded my cum inside her mouth and she drank it with full force without letting a drop to fall on the ground.Then I pulled her towards me and parted a kiss on her lips and started playing with her clitoris which made her veryyyyyyyyy hot  again. Then I started to rub her pussyyyyyyy which was making her irresstibleeeeee. While doing this herrrrrrrrrr assssssssssssssss was touching my dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and was making meeeeeeeeee hotttttttttttt.Then I lift her in my arms and move towards myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beddddddddddddd.I throw her in the bed I jumped upon her and started kissing her pussyyyyyyyyy. She was uncontrollable. She was making sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soundsssssssssss but she was enjoyinggggggggggggggggg every bit of what I was doinggggggggggggggg. While  kissing and playing with her pusyyyyyyyyyyy some liquid started flowing from her pussy without wasting any time I started licking it. Then gradually I drank her orgasm which she  released veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shortly. Then I moved towards her boobs and started playing with her nipples. Then I slept over her and started kissing her on her lips.during this my whole nude body was touching her nude body and was making us very hotttttttttttt and exciteeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Then she slowly told me I wanna ur manhood inside me my pussy is waiting for it. I said my dick is also waiting to kisssssssssss urrrrrrrrrrrr pusyyyyyyyyyy. Then she said lets do it baby don’t make me wait do it quicklyyyyyyyyyyyy. I got very excited on listennnnnnnnnninggggggggggggggg to her words. Then I slide down towards her pussssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy parted a kiss and was readyyyyyyyyyy for the action.She also cooperated with me by lifting her legs on to my shoulders. Then I kept my dick near the mouth of her pussy and started giving small jerks. As her pussyyy was wet I could easily enter into her hole. She became veryyyyyyyyy exciteddddd and said jorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maroooooooooooooooo darlinggggggg.then I increased my speeddddddddddddddd. More I was fucking the more sounddddddd she was making.Then within no minutes my whole dick was inside her pussy.when I was giving strokes my balls was slashing with her ass and the whole room was filled  with erotic sounds .Simultaneously I was squeezing her boobs and she was enjoyingggggggggg it veryyyyyyyyyyyy much.then I said I wanna to cummmmmmmmmm she said unload it inside my pussyyyyyyyyy I wanna to fulfillllllll my desireeeeeeeee of having urs it darlingggggggggggg…………fulfilllllllllllllll my desireeeeeeeeee. On hearing that I became very happyyyyyyyyyyyyy and unloaded my cum inside her.The fucking session last for 15 mins.Then she also released her orgasm. Then I took out my dick from her hole and get  ready to fuck her in 69  position and as well as in doggy style. She also became ready for the action. After fucking her in different position I really became tried as well as she also. I laid down by my aunty darling side. Slowly my aunty came close to me and slept in my arms. She slowly moved her fingers in my hair and said “THANK YOU DARLING”you have satisfy me to my whore. She said she had a dream of having sexxxxxxxxx with me but could not dare to approach me. She said that u r  perfect sex satisfier.

I turned towards her gave a kiss and said darling tell me whose dick has satisfy u the most, mine dick or my dad dick. She was shocked to hear this from me. She said what r u saying? Your dad is like my brother. On saying this she got up from my arms and went out of the bed in the naked state. Then I went near her pulled her and said I know everything, I had seen both of u having sex in ur bedroom. Then she said u know everything. I said yes I know. Saying this she went near the window and said, my late husband had never sex with me. I used to wear very sexy dress to seduce her but he never gets affected with all that. If I would forced then he would make me naked squeezed my boobs and just gave me a kiss. He had never fucked me. So I was always hungry for sexxxxxxxx. I always had a dream that some one should satisfy me to my whore. I knew that u like me. I have seen ur dick while u r sleeping. I was a great lover of ur dick. So I always had a dream to have sex with u. But I could not do so. So I used to seduce u by wearing shot sexy dresses and exposing my private parts. I knew that u are also having a desire to sleep with me. But one day ur father saw me massaging my boobs. From that day onwards he used to touch my sexy parts and call me for sex.But I had refused many a times. That night while I was sleeping all alone my body was semi-exposed. He quietly enter into my room shut the door & slept near me and started playing with my boobssss. I  suddenly woke up & was shocked to seem him in my bed. I tried to ignore him but he pulled me and started playing with my body. I resisted a lot but he didn’t leave me. He tore apart my blouse,he opened my sari and petticoat and he also tore my panty and started playing with my pussy.i was continuously opposing him but he seem to be like a wild animal that night.I was afraid that any body could see us.But after a long oppose I finally cooperated with him for the night. That was my  first sex with ur father after my hubby death. But I only love u and love to have sex with u. Ur dick is the best one.No other dick can be compared to it. Believe it Darling. Then after hearing her story I went near her gave her a kiss on her lipsssssssss and said I am sorry darling. She responded with another kiss and said from today onwards I am ur sex partner .I pulled her towards me,lift her up in my arms and went to the bed and said darling I want to fuck ur ass.i love it very muchhhhhhhhh.She smilingly said I am yours now every part belongs to you, you do whatever u want to do. I was pleased to hear that .I said ok darling, I kissed her ass slowly inserted my dick inside it, but it was very tight, so she screamed loudly with pain. I  also felt some pain. So I pulled it back. Next time I was getting ready to enter she stopped me and she went near the dressing table and got some Vaseline. She kissed my dick and applied some Vaseline on my dick and made it erect and red, and gave me to apply on her ass. She said horny it is ur property don’t damage it.Do it slowly. I gave a kiss on her lips and said don’t worry darling I will not damage our property. She was happy and got ready for the action. With one push I tried to enter her ass but it entered half and she started screaming loudly with pain. She was saying stopppppp ittttttttt darling I am going to die. But I didn’t listen and said little bit more baby.with this I gave a big blow & I entered the whole dick into her pussy. She shouted a little and then she feel relaxed.i started giving strokes for 10 mins. Then when I was ready to cum I cummed inside herrrrrrrrrrr. She was very pleased and gave me a kiss.Then she immediately bent down and started licking my dick.Oh my God, I was in heaven.then she started making to and fro motion with my dick and started playing with it. After sucking for some time I was getting ready ready to cum again I said darling I wanna massage ur boobs with my cummmmmmmmmmm.please lets do it. Then she immediately took out my dick from her mouth and put it on her breasts. There I cum on her boobs and made her laid down on the bed and started massaging her boobs with my white oil with full vigour for 15 mins. She was enjoying it very much.Then I laid down upon her.That whole night we were very tried. We had 5 times fucked session. We were dead tired.It was going to be morning. So we both gathered courage to get up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. There we cleaned ourselves in warm water. We spent some time together inside the tub. Then I gave a kiss to  my sweetheart rubbing my dick with her ass and squeezing her boobssssssss. We were in the tub for 30 mins. Then we wipe each other. We were shivering the moment we came outside the bathroom as it was very cold outside. It was the month of winter. We both wrap each other with the towel and I lift her in my arms and went to the bedroom. I said to her darling wear ur dress or else u will catch cold. But she said I am shivering with cold I want some hot. I could understand what she was upto, but I said darling it is already morning ur son will woke up. You should be with him or else if he sees both of us like this then our secrets will be exposed. She came close to me gave a kiss on my lips and said don’t worry horny he will not get up now. She said she has given hin some sleeping syrup he would get up late. On hearing that I became happy puller her towards me and parted a kiss on her lips. She pulled of the towel from her body  and said come on honey please make me hot, I am feeling very cold. Then I also threw my towel held her tightly and jumped into the bed and pulled the blanket and started making the cold lady hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…………………………………… .


The sex session continued for the next two weeks till my parents returned from their trip. She send her son to his grandparents house for the next two weeks. The next two weeks were the sex weeks for both of us. She said I am not his son anymore I am his sex partner. Every day we used to have sex whenever we feel like. The most interesting thing about our relationship is that our private sex parts have increased a bit more than its usual size. My sweetheart’s boobs is looking more promient,more fleshy, & more juicy than before.Her ass size has also increased and nowadays it seems more attractive than before. After the week  her figure size has changed to 38D-32-40. she is looking more sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy than before. When my parents returned from the trip, my father was astonished to see my aunty in a different form.His eyes couldn’t believe it.But my darling was maintaining distance from him. But I could see that my father was searching an opportunity to have sex with her but he could not do so.

For the last one month I have come down to Orissa.I am staying at BBSR. Before coming down to Orissa I had a sex with my darling and told her that whenever she feels like having sex  with any body she can have it and quinch her thirst. I am missing my sweet heart veryyyyyyy much. She is also missing me. We are always in contact either by phone or by mail. Nowadays she is having sex with my father but she still miss my dick.  My darling and my father both are very happy.

Now I am at BBSR.Any unsatisfied ladies,bhabies, mom, (married or divorced), girl,feeling lonely and want to have sex please feel free to contact me at Secrecy is 100% assured. Satisfaction 100%. I am always open to new suggestion and feedback. Come on I am waiting for your reply. Please remember I am not doing this for money but just for satisfaction

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